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The Evolution of the Bong

Modular, interchangeable pieces designed for an experience like no other glass before. Easy to clean, travel with, and looks great in any setting. Build it as small or as tall as you'd like. This is the last bong you'll ever need.


As seen in

Modular pieces

Designed so you can enjoy smoother hits compared to regular bongs.  

Create a bong that fits your smoking style. Whether you like small bongs or big ones with many percolators, you can build it all here.

Made with non-porous borosilicate glass, they will not absorb odors or chemical residues. That means you can have a healthier pull every time. 


Effortless Cleaning

The detachable parts make cleaning safer, easier and up to 3X faster.

Ideal for cleaning difficult to reach areas, from stemless to water chambers


Travel Friendly

Take your bong with you on all of life's adventures. So you can smoke confidently, wherever you happen to be. 


Environmental giveback

To help combat climate change and offset the carbon footprint of each piece.

We plant 1 tree for every glass module sold. The taller your piece, the more trees is planted on your behalf.

Together we can make the world a greener place. 

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Featured Sets

Our most popular items, ready to use.

Includes bowl, cleaning caps and cleaning plugs.


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