Bongs With Cases

Our bongs with cases offer an easy and stylish way to transport your glass piece. Choose the detachable bong you like and for added ease of travel, a durable bong case will be included with each purchase.

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Voyager Bundle set ($425 Value) - VITAE Glass
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Voyager Bundle set ($425 Value)

Voyager Bundle set ($425 Value)

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Modular Bong Plus Custom Weed Grinder Set
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Voyager Bundle set ($429 Value)

Voyager Bundle set ($429 Value)

$375.00 $429.00

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Build A Modular Bong

Protect Your Bong With A Case

Keep your bong safe and secure with our bong cases. Each bong set with case includes custom-cut foam boxes to secure each modular piece allowing you to transport and protect your bong easily.

Easy To Clean Detachable Bong

Enjoy Portable Smoking Bliss

Don't settle for just any bong case. Our modular bongs come with their own personalized case to keep your glass pieces protected. Keep all your favorites in one place, ready to enjoy, without the fear of breakage.

Medium Sized Bongs

Environmentally Friendly Bongs With Cases

Keep your bong safe while also doing your part for the environment. Our bongs with cases are made from eco-friendly, biodegradable, and recyclable materials. Invest in a bong that is protected during travel and reduces your carbon footprint.


VTAE Glass Modular Bong
16" Classic UFO Bong - VITAE Glass

16" Classic UFO Bong


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22" Alpha + Dual UFO Perc Bong - VITAE Glass

22" Alpha + Dual UFO Perc Bong


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Slitted Downstem - VITAE Glass

Slitted Downstem


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Leaf Bowl - VITAE Glass

Leaf Bowl


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Dual Matrix Percolator - VITAE Glass

Dual Matrix Percolator

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Universal Cleaning Plugs - VITAE Glass

Universal Cleaning Plugs

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How Do Our Bong Cases Provide Protection?

Every bong purchased comes with a case that includes custom-cut foam boxes to secure each detachable piece of the modular bong. These foam boxes, along with the hard shell exterior, absorb any impact protecting the glass.

Are The Bong Cases Odor-Proof?

Unfortunately, the case is not odor-proof. It was designed for easy travel and protection of the glass bong inside. We advise you to clean the bong before storing and transporting it in the bong carrying case.

How Do I Clean And Maintain The Bong And Case?

You can clean any of our modular bongs that come with a case using the traditional way of isopropyl alcohol, soap, and warm water. To clean the bong case, remove all the bong pieces, including foam cutouts, and using a damp cloth wipe clean the case. Store the case in an area with minimal footfall traffic to prevent accidental damage.

What Are The Dimensions Of The Glass Bong With Case?

  • Material: Recycled cardboard paper
  • Dimensions: 14.7" x 10.5" x 7" (37 x 27 x 18cm)
  • Recyclable: Entire box except for handle and velcro

Can I Add Additional Modular Pieces To My Bong Set With Case?

Yes, when you purchase additional modular pieces for our bongs each will come with an included foam cutout that can be added to your bong case. You can place 2 to 5 pieces within the bong case! This makes it easy to get all your glass pieces in one place-and keep them there.