16" Voyager Bong - VITAE Glass
16" Voyager Bong - VITAE Glass
16" Voyager Bong - VITAE Glass
Medium Sized Bongs
16" Voyager Bong - VITAE Glass
16" Voyager Bong - VITAE Glass
16" Voyager Bong - VITAE Glass
16" Voyager Bong - VITAE Glass
16" Voyager Bong - VITAE Glass
16" Voyager Bong - VITAE Glass
16" Voyager Bong - VITAE Glass
16" Voyager Bong - VITAE Glass
Medium Sized Bongs
16" Voyager Bong - VITAE Glass
16" Voyager Bong - VITAE Glass
16" Voyager Bong - VITAE Glass
16" Voyager Bong - VITAE Glass
16" Voyager Bong - VITAE Glass

16" Voyager Bong

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The Flagship + UFO Mouthpiece

Soon to be your prized possession; the crème de la crème from our current collection. If you’ve ever dreamt about going to space, this is the closest experience we can offer you in the comfort of your home. Unreal functionality, sleek and uniquely designed, we are confident you and your friends are going to space out after a hit from this piece.

With an inline downstem coming in the Classic beaker base, followed by a large honeycomb, and finally a UFO mouthpiece. 

Explore the universe.

Plant 2 trees

Save over $40 when buying the set which comes complete with everything you'll need.


    • 1 x Flagship Base 
    • 1 x UFO Mouthpiece 
    • 1 x Connector Ring of your choice
    • 2 x Cleaning Caps
    • 2 x Cleaning Plugs
    • 1 x Leaf Bowl
    • 3 x Custom Cut Foam Boxes

    • Total Value $370 (if bought individually)
    • Glass Thickness: 5mm
    • Material: Laboratory Grade Borosilicate
    • Base Thickness: Reinforced 20mm Thick Base
    • Total Height: 16" (40cm)
    • Total Volume: 29 fl oz (860ml)
    • Bowl Size: 14mm

    • This product is made from a high-quality, non-porous borosilicate glass that will not absorb odors or chemical residues.

    • We highly recommend filling each piece individually. It will be both easier and less prone to accidents. 
    • Fill your base so that it completely covers the inline stem and just below the honeycomb. When you pull your piece, the water should start bubbling over your honeycomb. Adjust until you have the honeycomb filled with at least 1/8-1/4" of water. 
    • Fill mouthpiece so that just covers the last slit. Filling it with too much water can cause backsplash, pour out some water if needed. 
    • Adjust the water level according to personal preference. 
    • PS. The inline downstem has a wider first slit which allows loose material to exit easier.
    • By purchasing this product, you will help plant two trees.
    • Trees planted by Onetreeplanted.org.
    • All shipping Carbon Neutral.
    • All packaging made from recycled materials and is recyclable.
    • Images are for reference only.As each piece is individually hand-crafted, slight variations can occur.
    • Prices are subject to change without notice.

    Easy Assembly

    Vitae glass one tree planted

    Effortless Cleaning


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    Q: Are 16-inch bongs the best size for me?

    When it comes to size, the bigger the bong, the bigger the hits. For high-tolerance smokers looking for pure one-hit-KO power that can send you to the stratosphere, bigger bongs (such as the 23” Voyager) are the way to go. However, their larger size also takes up more space and makes them less portable and discreet.

    For most smokers, medium-sized bongs (8 to 16 inches) are usually the safest bet as they offer more balanced hits with better filtration. 16-inch glass bongs like this one can satisfy most users’ smoking needs and are pretty much the one-size-fits-all gold standard. 16-inch bongs are also easier to handle for intermediate and less experienced smokers than other bigger options.

    Q: Are beaker bongs better than straight tube bongs?

    Our 16-inch Voyager is a modular glass bong with a beaker-style base. The wider water surface area of the beaker base allows it to create bigger bubbles than a straight tube which in turn gives you better filtration and smoother hits.

    Straight tube bongs, on the other hand, are an excellent choice for those who prefer crisper and cleaner hits. The hits are easier to control with a smaller chamber and you don’t have to pull as hard to fill or clear the bong. Newer straight tube bongs can also offer filtration that is comparable to beaker bongs through the addition of percolators. Our 16-inch Tri-UFO Bong, for example, comes with 3 honeycomb disc percs and a pristine UFO that can provide smooth hits that can stand toe-to-toe with any beaker bongs on the market.

    Q: What’s so special about the Voyager’s design?

    The Voyager’s innovative combination of percolators creates a high level of filtration that few other 16-inch bongs out there can ever match. Smoke begins to diffuse from the time it passes through the inline downstem into the water for cooling down. The honeycomb percolator then breaks down the smoke into smaller bubbles before allowing it to reach the UFO percolator above for further diffusion. This process creates a heavenly smooth hit while keeping draw resistance at a bare minimum.

    The modular design of our 16-inch glass bong also means it can be easily dissembled for cleaning and storing in your luggage when you travel. It also allows you to add in or change parts of your bong anytime you want.