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Preserve potency and minimize waste in your smoking session with our premium weed grinders. Any cannabis connoisseur must have these grinders. You can choose from a metal weed grinder that slices or opt for a wooden weed grinder to enrich your smoking experience.

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KLIP Pro Grinder by HØJ - VITAE Glass
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KLIP Grinder by HØJ

KLIP Grinder by HØJ

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Rosewood Grinder | VITAE Glass
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Rosewood Grinder

Rosewood Grinder

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The Ultimate High With Our Custom Weed Grinders

Weed Grinder

Use Metal for Higher Quality High

Savor the experience, don't just smoke. Choose a metal weed grinder that's designed to finely slice your herb, thus enhancing its potency and minimizing trichome damage. With our efficient, custom grinders, enjoy a more potent high and reduce waste.

4 Piece Weed Grinder

Wooden Grinder for Purer Highs

Our wooden weed grinder, designed to respect Mother Nature, transforms nuggets into a fluffy blend to maximize potency and ensure a smooth, even burn. Plus, the multi-piece design with built-in kief catchers does not waste anything, so you get the best smoke every time.

Metal Weed Grinder

Maximize Your High, Minimize Waste

When it comes to your smoking sessions, every nugget counts. Use our multi-piece weed grinders to grind your herb, store it, and capture all your kief. You'll enjoy increased potency, suffer less trichome damage, and waste significantly less, maximizing your high every time.


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Rosewood Grinder | VITAE Glass

Rosewood Grinder


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6" Protective Mood Mat


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Leaf Bowl - VITAE Glass

Leaf Bowl


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What Is a Weed Grinder?

Weed grinders, also known as herb grinders or cannabis grinders, work by using a simple mechanical action of rotating teeth, or blades, to break down marijuana buds into smaller pieces. These finer particles are easier to use when rolling or packing a bowl.

How Do Weed Grinders Work?

Using a weed grinder is a straightforward process that increases the efficiency and potency of your smoking or vaping sessions.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use a weed grinder:

  1. Breaking Down the Nug: Prior to placing the weed into the grinder, it's essential to break it down into smaller pieces. This helps with even grinding and reduces the risk of overloading the grinder.
  2. Loading the Grinder: Open the top lid of your grinder. Place the smaller dry herb pieces inside the grinding chamber, which is part of the grinder with the 'teeth'. It's important not to overfill the grinder, to ensure a uniform grind.
  3. Grinding the Weed: After loading, close the top of the grinder and rotate the top layer. Do this about 5-10 times as this action causes the teeth to break up the weed into smaller pieces. Most grinders are designed so that the ground herb falls through small holes into a lower chamber.
  4. Collecting the Grinded Weed: Finally, the ground weed is collected in the bottom chamber of the grinder. Some grinders also have a small screen that sifts out fine particles, often called 'kief', which can also be collected and used.
  5. Cleaning the Grinder: It's important to clean the grinder regularly to prevent residue buildup that may affect its performance. Use a soft brush or toothpick to remove any remaining pieces from the grinder's teeth.

What Is a 4-Piece Weed Grinder?

A 4-piece weed grinder contains four main sections or compartments that each play a role in the process of grinding weed. The lid contains the teeth. The first chamber to house the cannabis nuggets. A second chamber to collect the smaller pieces. A screen to sieve the ground weed. And Kief catcher.

Here's a breakdown of each section:

  1. The Lid: This is the top section of the grinder that contains sharp teeth or pegs designed to break down the cannabis buds when the lid is twisted.
  2. The Grinder: The first chamber, which is directly below the lid, also has sharp teeth and is where nuggets are placed. When the lid is twisted, the teeth from both sections work together to tear and grind the cannabis into smaller pieces. These then fall into the second chamber.
  3. The Screen: This piece acts as a fine sieve. After the ground cannabis falls into the second chamber, the screen allows only finely ground cannabis to fall through while larger, unground pieces remain.
  4. The Kief Catcher: This is the bottom section where the very fine particles or 'kief', a potent part of the cannabis plant, are collected after falling through the screen.

What Size Weed Grinder Is The Best?

The best size for a weed grinder depends on your individual needs, the amount of weed you prefer to grind at once, and whether you prioritize portability or capacity. Weed grinders are available in various sizes, typically ranging from 1.5 inches to 4 inches.

If portability and discreetness are your primary concerns, a smaller grinder, typically around 1.5 inches to 2 inches, might be the best option. These grinders are compact enough to fit into a pocket, and they're ideal for grinding a small amount of weed at a time. They are perfect for personal use.

Medium-sized grinders, around 2.5 inches to 2.75 inches, are considered the 'standard' size. They offer a balance between portability and capacity, which can be useful if you frequently consume. These grinders come with a larger storage capacity and often come with a kief catcher.

Larger grinders, typically 3 inches to 4 inches, are best for heavy users or for those who like to prepare a larger volume in advance. These grinders can handle a significant amount of weed at once, and they usually come with more features, such as multiple chambers and screens for kief collection. However, they're less portable due to their size.

Which Is Better, a Wooden or Metal Weed Grinder?

If you're after a grinder that's durable, highly efficient, and easy to clean, a metal grinder is the better choice. However, if aesthetics and the natural feel are more important to you, you may prefer a wooden grinder. Investing in a higher-quality grinder, either wooden or metal, can provide a better experience overall.