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Take your sessions to the next level with our percolator bongs. Designed for superior filtration, using the power of tiny bubbles to capture impurities, giving you a clean, smooth vapor every time. Choose from our single and double percolator bongs - the Ferrari of the bong world.
22" Voyager + Dual Perc Bong - VITAE Glass

23" Voyager + Dual Perc Bong

23" Voyager + Dual Perc Bong

32 reviews
23" Trinity Bong - VITAE Glass
Sold Out

23" Trinity Bong

23" Trinity Bong

4 reviews

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20" Voyager + mini perc bong | VITAE Glass

20" Voyager + Mini Perc Bong

20" Voyager + Mini Perc Bong

143 reviews
22" Alpha + Dual UFO Perc Bong - VITAE Glass

22" Alpha + Dual UFO Perc Bong

22" Alpha + Dual UFO Perc Bong

6 reviews

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What is a Percolator Bong?

A percolator bong, often referred to as a “Perc bong” is a specialized type of water pipe that contains an additional water chamber called a percolator. This increases the filtration and cooling of smoke for a smoother, more enjoyable smoking experience.

The percolator is designed to distribute the smoke through the water in the bong more evenly by breaking the smoke into smaller bubbles. This increases the surface area of the smoke that comes into contact with the water, improving the cooling and filtration effect by removing inpurities.

There are various types of percolators available like the tree percolator, turbine percolator, UFO percolator, matrix percolators and honeycomb percolator; each providing a unique experience and level of filtration.

How Do Percolator Bongs Work?

Percolator bongs work by using a system of bubbles to filter out harsh impurities, like ash, and cool smoke, providing a smoother, cleaner, and more flavorful experience.

Here's a breakdown of how a percolator bong works:

  1. Filling and Lighting: The process begins when you fill the bong with water and place your herb of choice into the bowl and lighting it with a flame.
  2. Inhalation: As you inhale through the mouthpiece, the suction created forces the smoke from the burning herb through the downstem into the base containing water.
  3. Bubble Creation: The smoke then enters the percolator, where it gets broken up into tiny bubbles therfore increasing the surface area of the smoke that will be filtered by the water.
  4. Smoke Filtration and Cooling: As the smoke bubbles pass through the water, harmful toxins and particulates are filtered out, while the water also cools the smoke.
  5. Diffusion: After filtration, the smoke then travels up the bong, often through another percolator for further filtration and cooling (in case of a double percolator bong). This process, known as diffusion, further enhances the smoking experience.
  6. Final Inhale: Once the smoke has been filtered and cooled, it enters the mouthpiece where it can be inhaled by the smoker. The result is a clean, cool, and flavorful hit that is less harsh on the lungs.

Which Type of Bong Percolator Is Best?

Which type of bong percolator is the best depends on the individual user's preferences, as different percolators offer various features that may or may not be ideal for everyone's needs.

There are many different types of percolators, and each type has its own distinct set of characteristics. Here are a few popular ones:

  1. Tree Percolator: This is a classic type of percolator that is sometimes referred to as a “Jellyfish” perc. They feature multiple 'arms' or 'branches,' each of which has several slits for diffusion. The more arms, the better the diffusion, but it also means the drag will be greater.
  2. Honeycomb Percolator: Named for its resemblance to a honeycomb, this percolator features numerous small holes where smoke is diffused and filtered. This type of percolator provides the most diffusion of bubbles compared to other percolators and therefore the most drag.
  3. Showerhead Percolator: This percolator, also known as a dome percolator or “UFO” perc, resembles a showerhead. It offers excellent diffusion and filtration without a significant increase in drag.
  4. Matrix Percolator: These perc feature both vertical and horizontal holes for increased filtration. The additional tiny chambers for smoke to pass through also help to cool smoke faster.
  5. Disc Percolator: This is considered one of the most efficient percolators in terms of diffusion. It has a multitude of tiny holes that create numerous small bubbles during the filtering process, leading to a very smooth hit.

Are Percolator Bongs Easy To Clean?

Fixed percolator bongs are not the easiest cannabis smoke accessories to clean, however, modular perc bongs are very easy to clean due to their detachable design.

Modular multi-chamber bongs allow for the water pipe to be disassembled allowing for the intricate perc system with its many nooks and crannies, where resin and grime can build up, to be reached and cleaned effectively and quickly.

To clean a percolator bong, you'll need a few special tools, including pipe cleaners to access and clean the interior of the percolator. Additionally, you’ll also need to soak it in a cleaning solution. 

Do Percolator Bongs Get Your More High?

The main purpose of a percolator in a bong is not to intensify the effects of the cannabis, but rather to filter and cool the smoke. However, their ability to facilitate larger, more enjoyable hits may allow users to consume more smoke, potentially leading to a more intense high.

The level of 'high' one experiences when using a bong, percolator or otherwise, is primarily dependent on the strain and quantity of cannabis used, the user's tolerance, and the method of inhalation.