Ash Catchers

Not only do ash catchers serve as a necessary accessory, but they also maintain a clean water pipe for those who use them. These attachments actively defend your glass bong against ash and other smoking byproducts, keeping your bong top shape.

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Keep Your Bong Pristine With Ash Catchers

 Enjoy a Cleaner Smoke Every Time

Use this nifty bong accessory today to prevent nasty residue from entering your water pipe. Ash catchers ensure a cleaner, purer smoke every time and keep your favorite bongs significantly cleaner for a smoother draw.

Personalize Your Bongs Style

Ash catchers keep your water pipe significantly cleaner, but they also add a touch of personalization. Find the perfect glass ash catcher in a 14mm size and various styles to suit your personality and enhance your bong.

Smoother Hits Begin With Ash Catchers

Designed to filter smoke before it hits the main water chamber and percolators, you'll enjoy smoother hits every time by trapping ash and catching nasty residues, ensuring smooth puffs every time.


18" Swiss UFO Bong - VITAE Glass
18" Swiss UFO Bong - VITAE Glass

18" Swiss UFO Bong


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What is an Ash Catcher?

An ash catcher is a bong accessory that acts as a preliminary filtration system preventing ash from entering the main chamber of the bong. It gets its name from its primary function, which is to catch ashes and debris as smoke passes through.

Ash catchers are typically made of glass and contain percolation systems to further sift and cool the smoke for a better smoking experience. They are designed to fit onto the bong's joint and have an additional joint where the bowl can be attached.

By using an ash catcher, you not only enhance the purity of your smoke but also maintain the cleanliness of your bong, reducing the frequency of extensive cleaning sessions. However, it's important to clean your ash catcher regularly to ensure it works well.