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16" Voyager Bong - VITAE Glass
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Bowlzofficial Black Magnetic bowl | VITAE Glass
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16" Classic UFO Bong - VITAE Glass
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16" Alpha Bong - VITAE Glass
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18" Swiss UFO Bong - VITAE Glass
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16" Tri-UFO Bong - VITAE Glass
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The Matrix Mouthpiece - VITAE Glass
Matrix Mouthpiece
Rosewood Grinder | VITAE Glass
Rosewood Grinder
6” Rubber Mood Dab Mat - VITAE Glass
6" Protective Mood Mat

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From modern glass modular bongs to premium bowl pieces and grinders

Vitae-Glass is your one-stop shop for the best glass bongs and weed gadgets, made and designed for the modern smoker. From beaker bongs and straight bongs to multi-percolator setups with customized ash catchers, find the best glass bong built for your personal smoking rituals and elevate your smoking experience to whole new heights.

Choosing the best modern glass bong...


The size of your bong is the most important factor to consider when shopping for modern glass bongs. A larger bong will allow for more smoke and smoother inhalation but can be inconvenient to store or transport. Smaller mini bongs are better suited for travelling but may lack filtration and water capacity.

Straight Bong vs Beaker Bong

The shape of modern glass bongs also plays a role in your smoking experience. Straight bongs are typically more comfortable to handle and provide a strong hit, while beaker bongs can hold more water and have the advantage of being able to clear the chamber easily.

Percolators and Ash Catchers

Percolators are a great addition to modern glass bongs, as they filter the smoke through water and provide an even smoother hit. Meanwhile, ash catchers help to keep any unwanted debris out of your bong while also adding another layer of filtration.

What makes Vitae Glass's bongs the best in the market?

Premium Material

Made from non-porous laboratory-grade Borosilicate glass that will not absorb odors or chemical residues, Vitae Glass’s wide collection of build-a-bongs takes minimal effort to keep clean, fresh, and clear for years to come. Our thick and durable glass also enables our bongs to hold up to the heat produced when smoking and be much more resistant to shattering even if accidentally dropped. The premium quality of our products blows most other glass bongs out of the water, let alone the homemade and handmade bongs that you might be using now.


Modern stoners demand a more flexible smoking experience, which is exactly what a build-a-bong can bring you. Each build-a-bong comprises individual parts that can be replaced or customized according to your specific needs. You can easily try out different setups with different types of percolators and mouthpieces without having to spend on multiple expensive glass bongs. You can also turn a big bong into a small one when travelling or take the glass bong apart for easier storage and handling.


It's clear to us that the best modern glass bongs should not only give the smoker a lot of joy and convenience but be as friendly and responsible to our planet as possible. We partner with organizations like One Tree Planted and make donations every time a bong is sold.

In addition, we have pledged to work toward reducing the usage of single-use plastics and other non-recyclable products in our production line in any way we can. We also have eliminated the use of bubble wrap and increased the durability of our shipping boxes. And, as soon as the technology is available, we plan to replace all plastic shipping components with hemp-based plastic.

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