Our Cause

 “Let's make the world a greener place” - VITAE 

All around the world, the core goal of most businesses is to maximize profits and minimize expenses, while philanthropic ventures come in right at the end.

At VITAE, we like to be a little different, we believe that our planet comes first and that’s why giving back and reducing our global carbon footprint is our primary goal. For every purchase that you make, proceeds are taken out and given to trusted organizations such as

One tree planed VITAE Glass amazon california

At VITAE, we have pledged to their one for one challange, where we plant 1 tree for every glass piece sold, with a goal of 1 million trees by the year 2025. On top of that, we also work towards reducing our usage of single-use plastics and non-recyclable materials throughout our production line wherever we can.  

Our boxes are designed for durability so that we can reduce the amount of bubble wrap used during shipping. We are also looking into replacing our plastic components with hemp plastic as soon as the industry is ready for it. It’s all these little things added together that makes a difference.

 One for one tree planted VITAE Glass

As a small company just starting out, this is a hefty task as it increases the cost of many items, but overtime, we believe that the Earth can benefit from our efforts and hope that we set an example for other companies too.

We cannot plant a forest in a day, but we can plant the seeds today so that our future generations can reap the benefits and together, we can change the world.


With respect for all beings, 

Gordon Loi

Founder of VITAE



Seen below are some of the volunteers and firefighters working with to replant trees for California.