Walnut Ring - VITAE Glass
Walnut Ring - VITAE Glass
Walnut Ring - VITAE Glass
Walnut Ring - VITAE Glass
Walnut Ring - VITAE Glass
Walnut Ring - VITAE Glass

Walnut Ring

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The walnut tree is known for its delicious walnuts that it produces, but did you know, the wood is prized amongst woodworkers and is often used in high-end cabinets, flooring and gun stocks for its fine grain lines and dark lustre.

One of the most sought after domestic hardwoods and we can clearly see why. 

It’s reversible. Which means there’s no wrong way to attach to the glass.

  • 1 x Walnut Ring
  • 2 x Rubber Gaskets
  • Exterior Material: Walnut Wood
  • Inside Thread: ABS Plastic
  • Diameter: 2" (50mm)
  • Height: 1" (25mm)

  • For a tight seal, make sure glass and ring is free of water before using.
  • Twist ring onto glass thread until semi tight.
  • Do not over tightening the ring, over tightening could break the ring or the glass.
  • All shipping Carbon Neutral.
  • All packaging made from recycled materials and is recyclable.
  • All rings are interchangeable. 
  • You will need 1 ring between every 2 pieces of glass. 
  • 2 pieces = 1 ring needed 
  • 3 pieces = 2 rings needed 
  • 4 pieces = 3 rings needed 

  • Images are for reference only.As each piece is individually hand-crafted, slight variations can occur.
  • Prices are subject to change without notice.


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