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How to Clean A Bong Like A Pro

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it's good to smoke a clean bong

Why waste a good hit and expose yourself to respiratory and other health issues as a result of toxic tars and resins accumulating from uncleaned bongs? Not to mention it just looks yuck! I like my stuff clean, and my bong is no exception. Anywhere from friends, business partners, and potential customers, I try my best to provide the best smoking experience to everyone. So how do I keep it clean and fresh? I’d like to share with you these excellent cleaning tips, and now coupled with VITAE GLASS detachable bongs, it’s even easier than ever to apply:

Rinse Your Bong | VITAE Glass

Rinse your bong at the end of the day
I rinse my bongs in the evening before I go to sleep, especially after having taken them to live demos and events. Why every day? It is a lot easier to clean with a fluid shake than wait till days after the dirt has baked onto the inside of the glass. I do a quick rinse with WARM water and let it dry. VITAE pieces are detachable, which makes the cleaning and drying process easy and safer to store. This has become a relaxing evening ritual that allows me to pick it up the next day cleaned and ready to use. Plus, I don’t want to smoke out of overnight bong water for various health reasons (will write an article about that soon.) I even set myself a reminder every day because this is such an important tip. If ashes start to stick and I can’t rinse it out, continue to read below on how to get the stubborn stuff out.

Invest in Cleaning Solutions
Use bong cleaner solutions like the Formula 420 bong cleaner. There is a reason why it gets 4.5 stars with over 1000 reviews via Amazon. It is the fastest, cleanest, and easiest-to-use solution in the market. This product WORKS like a charm, and I have been using it for years. If you are on a budget, you can save the solution for the heavy lifting days, and alternate with table salt and isopropyl alcohol solution of 90% or higher. However, there are risks to using alcohol to clean as it is highly flammable and salt can scratch your bong, especially if it’s made of acrylic. It remains a popular method, and if done properly is a good alternative.

Cleaning Caps/Plugs
I used to have Res Caps before we developed cleaning caps exclusively for VITAE Glass. So how does it work? VITAE cleaning caps can be twisted on easily to provide a full seal so I can shake the bong hard and in all different directions to get the solution in every nook and cranny. Every set comes with 2 cleaning caps for the mouthpiece which has 2 ends, and you can use the same cap for the base. I don’t have to worry about splashing spoilt water/solution/alcohol all over the floor and reduce the risk of damage since my hand isn’t trying to cup the piece in an awkward position while cleaning. Mix it with cleaning solutions to get the maximum result. You can purchase our cleaning plugs here.

Invest in cleaning brushes
You may have bongs with added filtrations such as honeycomb, inline and percolators – good for you as those provide some of the smoothest rips – but can be tricky to clean especially if you’re not consistent about cleaning (see tip #1). Invest in cleaning brushes! How does it work? The brushes come in different sizes and are flexible so you can reach even the most difficult spots. You can find it relatively cheap via Amazon

Purchase detachable bongs
The impetus for how VITAE Glass was founded, was stemmed from our Founder’s frustrations and fears that came with cleaning his bong which was a traditional one-piece water glass that wouldn’t fit under the bathroom sink. Read our story here. With VITAE Glass, all our bongs are detachable, and it makes cleaning so much easier than traditional bongs; you can save money as you use LESS solution, LESS TIME, and can now easily get to the before impossible to reach areas and reduce REPLACEMENT COST by significantly reducing the risk of breakage.

Beautifully Cleaned Bong | VITAE Glass

And there you have it! A couple quick, easy tips I use to keep my bongs sparkling fresh, clean and ready for the next smooth rip! We all know the awesome health and mental benefits of smoking weed, let’s not jeopardize that by smoking out of a filthy bong.

For a detailed cleaning guide on how to clean VITAE Glass bong, please read it here.

PS: I was not paid by these 3rd party companies to endorse their products. These are products I like to use that are inexpensive but have given me a lot of value and makes the cleaning process effortless. I hope these tips bring you the same value it did for me and adds to an elevated lifestyle! Happy Smoking!

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