Can you drink bong water

Can You Drink Bong Water? Short Answer Is 'No' But Why?

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Have you ever been at a party, passed the bong around, and someone dared you to drink the bong water? Now if you did drink it, don't worry we get it. Everyone has been young and dumb at some point. But if you paused for a moment and thought to yourself "can you drink bong water" before declining the dare, well done you did the right thing.

And here's why.

What's In Dirty Bong Water

Bong Water

When you smoke a bong the water in the base becomes dirty; this liquid is bong water. It acts as a filter, trapping heavier particles and water-soluble molecules from the smoke that's drawn through it.

As time passes, the water in the bong collects various things like ash, plants, smoke particles, and tar. It also gathers black mildew and possibly harmful things like bacteria, fungi, and mold.

Because of these factors, you should not drink bong water.

Besides all the health worries, these components give bong water a notoriously gross smell and disgusting taste. It is unlikely that you will find a pleasant experience from drinking it.

But what happens if you do drink it? 

What Happens If You Drink Bong Water

Drinking bong water

Drinking dirty bong water exposes your body directly to contaminants like toxins and is a breeding ground for bacteria. These can lead to immediate effects like nausea and vomiting, therefore drinking dirty bong water is not advised.

As humans, we are naturally curious. However, this curiosity can sometimes make us do foolish things that could harm our health.

Dirty bong water has harmful elements that can cause severe ailments and infections. Some of these include bronchitis, respiratory infections, sinus complications, digestive problems, strep throat, and other health issues.

Bong water also houses carcinogens that could potentially lead to cancer [1]

Debunking Myths About Drinking Bong Water

The idea that drinking bong water can improve your high is a common myth. In reality, this does not happen.

Another widespread belief is that bong water has some medicinal properties. This isn't true either—drinking it won't provide health benefits but may instead cause discomfort or harm due to the toxins present.

We advise against this practice because of potential negative health impacts such as nausea and stomach upset [2].

Does Bong Water Get You High?

Rumor has it that drinking bong water can get you high, with the rationale being that THC and CBD molecules might still be in the water. While this concept may sound plausible in theory, in practice, it's nearly impossible [3].

THC and CBD are almost entirely water-insoluble. Take THC for instance; it can dissolve at a maximum rate of just 2 micrograms per milliliter of water. To experience a high, an average adult requires approximately 5 milligrams of THC. After we do the maths, you'd still need to down at least 2.5 liters of bong water to feel any psychoactive effects.

But if you drink that much bong water, you'll probably feel sick from the leftover ash, smoke, tar, bacteria, fungi, and mold, instead of getting high.

Drinking bong water does not get you high.

Can Dirty Bong Water Kill You?

While dirty bong water is dangerous to your health if you drink it, it will not kill you [4].

Most likely you'll feel sick and want to throw up. If you drink enough dirty bong water you will vomit.

So if you're reading this after you Googled "can you drink bong water" because you did drink bong water, don't worry you're not going to die.

First Aid Measures After Consuming Bong Water

If you or someone else does drink bong water, it's crucial to act quickly.

Follow these steps:

  1. Start by drinking lots of clean fresh water to help dilute the toxins
  2. If you still feel nauseous try to induce vomiting by following these instructions
  3. Contact Poison Control at 1-800-222-1222 and follow their guidance closely
  4. If the signs remain or become worse, get medical help right away

Preventive Measures Against Drinking Bong Water

Clean and dirty bong

Keeping bongs out of reach is a simple way to prevent accidental ingestion. Store your bong in a secure spot when not in use, preferably out of the reach of children in a bong case.

An even better measure is to keep your bong clean after every use and throw out the water. This means your water pipe won't be sitting there with foul-smelling bong water.

To keep your bong clean, empty the water after each use. Rinse the bong with hot soapy water or a specialized cleaner. To prevent harmful bacteria and mold, regularly disinfect the bong with rubbing alcohol.

Keeping a clean bong can also help you extend its lifespan and avoid any bacterial or mold buildup. Be sure to empty, rinse, and dry your bong after every use to keep it in pristine condition.

How To Get Rid of Dirty Bong Water

The best way to dispose of bong water is by pouring it down a sink or toilet. Don't pour it onto the ground, as this can leech toxins into the environment and cause harm to local wildlife.

Cleaning a modular bong

The Science Behind Why You Shouldn't Drink Bong Water

The water in your bong isn't like regular H2O. It's been used to filter smoke from burning cannabis, which leaves behind harmful toxins.

Rather than dissolving in the bong water, THC, the psychoactive component of cannabis gets absorbed by the lungs of the smoker. So drinking bong water won’t get you high—it’ll just expose you to nasty contaminants.

For help, if someone drinks bong water accidentally or on purpose, contact Poison Control.

Can You Drink Bong Water FAQs

Is bong water good for anything?

Bong water's main job is to filter and cool smoke, not offer benefits. Reusing or repurposing it isn't recommended due to the buildup of toxins.

What happens when you accidentally drink bong water?

If you swallow bong water by mistake, expect nausea and stomach upset because of its dirty nature. Reach out to a health professional if symptoms persist.

What does bong water taste like?

The flavor of used bong water is foul due to resin buildup and tar from smoked cannabis - think stale ashtray mixed with dirty tap water.

So, Can You Drink Bong Water? The Answer is Obvious

Can you drink bong water? A firm 'no' is the answer.

While it may seem like a harmless dare or a silly joke to get high, drinking dirty bong water is neither safe nor beneficial.

Water in the bong filters out substances like ash, tar, resin, and harmful pathogens from smoke as smoke passes through. If you consume it, you will be exposed to harmful contaminants. This can cause immediate health problems like nausea, vomiting, infections, and cancer.

The common myths about bong water getting you high or having medicinal properties are just that - myths. THC and CBD are nearly insoluble in water, making the possibility of getting high from drinking bong water virtually impossible. Not to mention how disgusting it tastes!

Prevention is always better than cure, so keep your bong out of reach, clean it after every use, and dispose of the dirty water responsibly.

Remember, your bong is for a smoking experience, not for drinking.

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