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Can you put your bong in the dishwasher?

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The question on how to clean your bong will always be up for debate; whether by using the old-school iso+salts combination or new-age formulated bong cleaners, keeping your bong sparkling clean is vital and should be as ritualistic as your wake and bake hits.

Not only do you get to appreciate the full terpene profile of your flowers when you smoke off a clean glass bong, you are doing your lungs a huge favor by smoking clean, smooth hits.

Additionally, if you have invested a fair bit on a nice glass bong, you would want it to function at its peak performance and keep it presentable.

The last thing your smoke session needs is a dirty bong filled with murky water being passed around the circle!

Can you put your bong in the dishwasher
Would you smoke off this?

We are now in the year 2020. Thanks to many years of technological advances, many mundane daily tasks have been made easier. At this age, we are blessed to have things like automated robots that clean the floors of your home, and even cars that drive on its own!

Gradually, as we get used to getting things done in the shortest amount of time, efficiency is key in the modern world.

We constantly seek simpler and faster ways to clear off tasks on the agenda and if you are a cannabis smoker, how to clean your bong faster and more efficiently should intrigue you too.

Let’s admit it, bong cleaning will always be a chore and a pain in the ass for most of us.

Most people are either too busy or lazy to clean their bongs regularly, and this has pushed many to start looking for shortcuts like using a dishwasher and other types of alternatives for fast cleaning.

Now the question beckons:

Can you put your bong into a Dishwasher?

Can you put your bong in the dishwasher
Inventor Josephine Garis Cochran and the very first dishwasher.

One revolutionary technology that has been around for ages is the dishwasher. It was first invented in 1886 by a woman named Josephine Garis Cochran, though it only got mainstream later in the 1970s when German company Miele spearheaded the dishwasher industry.

If you have the luxury of having a dishwasher at home, this question probably came up on your mind more than once. But perhaps paranoia always gets to you after your last big bong rip you decide it is not worth the risk to leave your bong to wash in a dishwasher.

What if the bong breaks under the heat and pressure, right? Nobody wants their dishwasher to end up smelling like dirty bong water. It can be quite a tedious task to rid the smell/stains if that happens!

The true question is: Can your glass bong handle the pressure and size of a dishwasher?

Can you put your bong in the dishwasher
Bong in dishwasher: Yay or nay?

Fun fact: Inventor Cochran was a rich woman who entertained guests often and wanted to devise an equipment that can wash her dishes faster than her servants, without breaking any of her expensive China. So she invented a dishwasher.

Logically speaking, popping your glass piece into a dishwasher should be as straightforward as your regular dishwashing load. If your bong is made out of high-end quality borosilicate glass, the risk of it being shattered in a dishwasher is LOW.

However, since the majority of dishwashers come in standard sizes while the types of bongs come in all sorts of heights and shapes, users might have to reconsider if they can really fit their 24” glass bong into a stock-sized dishwasher all at once. Unless you own an industrial dishwasher… or even better, a modular glass bong!

Can you put your bong in the dishwasher

VITAE Glass modular bong collection

You often see luxury clothing come with care labels that indicate “Hand wash only”. There is nothing wrong with using a washing machine, though you might risk expediting the wear & tear process.

The same can be said for your Illadelph or VITAE glass collection; if you want to keep your valuable glass piece in pristine condition for a long time, it is strongly advisable to always hand wash your bong!

If your bong does fit into your dishwasher, then comes the next debate: Will it be 100% clean? Leftover terpenes can be very sticky and stubborn to remove, especially if your glass has been unwashed for a period of time. Typical household dishwashing liquid might not hold enough grease-cutting strength to fully clean out nasty resin residue in your bong.

Can you put your bong in the dishwasher
VITAE Glass percolators

What about bongs that are slightly more intricate and have percolators in them? Unlike a traditional straight-tube or beaker bong, bongs with built-in functional designs can have plenty of nooks and crannies which a dishwasher might struggle to clean.

It is best advisable to revert to the traditional iso+salts formula, or invest in a cleaning solution that contains a substantial amount of alcohol and other cleaning agents to break down stubborn terpenes on your glass. Keep a variety size of cleaning brushes to clear out trapped particles in small or awkward corners of the bong.

Can you put your bong in the dishwasher resolution coCan you put your bong in the dishwasher formula420

Two of the best specialized bong cleaning solutions in the market.

Besides, with the legal cannabis market growing, there are plenty of bong washing solutions out there in the market that make bong cleaning effortless. Brands like Formula420 and Resolution provide excellent cleaning solutions that have proven to be highly efficient & effective.

These cleaning solutions on the market essentially only require you to pop the liquid into your desired choice of dirty bong, soak, shake, and then rinse. They also do not leave any sort of alcohol stench on your glass, so your cleaned glass is ready to go right off the bat.


Washing your bong in a dishwasher is something you can consider if you really have no time, but our stance is that unless your glass bong is of high quality and of simple design, it is perhaps not worth the risk to do so. Even if your glass can withstand the pressure, we would not recommend it being a long-term cleaning option. Anything other than a straight-tube/beaker bong would not be fully cleaned in a dishwasher. The exterior will be cleaned pretty well, however, the inside will be more questionable. 

Consider upgrading your iso+salt solution to professionally formulated cleaning solutions, cleaning your bong will become such a breeze. As with cleaning regular glass products, preferably wear gloves and handle with care.

But if you really, really must… below is a list of steps to guide you through the process!

How to Wash Your Bong in the Dishwasher

Cleaning a bong with a dishwasher is a simple process. 

The bong should be the only piece of glass in the dishwasher. (Do not wash your bong with other kitchenware)

Remove bowl (and downstem/connector rings if applicable)

Place the bowl and other accessories in the silverware section; make sure they are secure

Place bong upside down like a cup

Insert desired cleaning solution/pods

Power on the washer and allow it to run

Once your cycle is completed, check to see if your piece is clean. If so, congratulations, you have successfully cleaned your bong in the dishwasher, if not, we recommend cleaning it using the traditional cleaning methods which you can learn more about here

Looking for a smoother, durable, and healthier bong? VITAE Glass is perfect for you. It is designed especially for daily and busy smokers.

VITAE Glass Build a bong

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Martin is the Co-Founder of VITAE Glass. He is a CBD strains fanatic and loves to be in the ocean and mountains whenever he can. 

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  • This would be a great method for those tube collectors out there 💨 I enjoy my hand cleaning routine. Part of the ritual 😋

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