How to clean a dirty downstem

How to clean a dirty downstem

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Cleaning Downstem

Since the downstem of a bong is located closest to the bowl, it traps a lot of sticky resins and can clog up quickly. Regular cleaning of your downstem is recommended to ensure a great smoking experience every time. In this article, I will show you a simple way of cleaning a downstem. 

Dirty Downstem

    Cleaning Downstem

    The following items are needed:

    90% isopropyl alcohol; or cleaning solution
    Coarse/Fine salts
    Medium-large Ziploc bag
    Pipe cleaner

    1) Soak the downstem

    Food Container

    Fill the ziploc bag or food container with iso+salt solution. Submerge the downstem for an hour. This allows resins to break down for easy cleaning later on. 

    Resolution Cleaning Gel

    Other options:

    Consider replacing regular tap water with formulated water such as Resolution. It keeps your downstem and bongs as clean as the day you bought them.

    2. Brush & scrub downstem

    Use a small brush and scrub off any stubborn resins left on the inner and outer downstem walls. 

    3. Rinse and dry

    Rinse downstem thoroughly with hot water to clean out the remaining dirt and alcohol. Let it be completely dry before inserting the downstem back to the bong. 

    Bonus: It might worth investing in a pair of cleaning gloves as it has a better grip when cleaning the glass. 

    Bong Water alternatives

    Lastly, for future smoke sessions, also consider substituting regular tap water with scientifically formulated bong waters like Piece Water® Solution, or Toke Tonic.

    Piece Water

    Toke Tonic

    These bong water alternatives are a great way to not only cut down on the resin buildup in your glass bongs but also enhance your overall cannabis smoke experience. Now that the downstem is clean. Let’s briefly talk about why do we need to clean the downstem?

    When resin builds up inside the downstem, it starts to decrease the number of bubbles and the hits would not as be as smooth. There is a chance that the downstem will get stuck in a bong. It is a frustrating experience. 

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    VITAE Glass Build a bong

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    This article is written by Ashton Leow, a cannabis and soccer enthusiast

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