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Silicone Bongs Vs Glass Bongs

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Choosing a bong for yourself can be a sacred decision; it is a tool that is going to help deliver plenty of fun & memories for you and your friends. Historically, bongs have been around since the 16th century, so it is no surprise that you can find bongs in all sorts of shapes and sizes on the market.  

Indeed, as technology advances more electronic vape pens are going to surface in the booming Cannabis market. However, bongs remain one of the best and most favorite way to consume Cannabis for this sole reason: it hits you the HARDEST.  

Besides, vape pens are more personal. Sharing a giant bong with some friends sounds like more fun too! 

Grandmas Smoke Weed | VITAE Glass

Always a good time with bongs regardless of age. Source: Cut:Youtube

With that said, silicone and glass bongs are the most popular choices for modern smokers. As people become more conscious about saving the environment, acrylic bongs are getting phased out and replaced by silicone bongs, which arguably is more environmentally friendly.  

Bongs made out of glass, though, leave the least carbon footprint on Mother Earth, as glass is for most parts recyclable and made up of natural raw substance like sand.   

We have listed down a couple of pros & con

Silicone Bongs 

Silicone Bongs | VITAE Glass

Roll-a-bowl silicone bongs. Source: Fortune3 


If you are a frequent traveler but still want bong hits everywhere you go, getting a silicone bong is a viable option for you. It is almost indestructible; you can even fold the bongs in half and pack it on the go. Silicone bongs are cheap & lightweight too. 


The taste of your flowers gets compromised when smoking through a silicone bong. No, it does not matter how you clean it; the taste comes from the material itself.  

It is non-toxic, but if you just spent some money on a quality dank, it is probably not the best option to smoke it off something that would alter the taste of that beautiful cannabis grow!  

Glass Bongs 

Regular Beaker Bong | VITAE Glass

Regular glass beaker bong. Source: google  


Traditionally, glass bongs have always been the go-to for the majority of cannabis smokers and deservedly so, because it is the least harsh to smoke as compared bongs made out of materials like silicone and metal.  

If kept clean, with every hit you get to taste the freshness of your flowers, no less. Aesthetically, as compared to its plastic counterparts glass bongs look way more attractive too.


Glass bongs do not work too well on frequent impact and may be fragile. Good quality glass is going to cost you a bit more too. The chunky nature of conventional glass bongs may also make it difficult to travel.


Silicone or glass, ultimately they serve you the same purpose of getting you baked. If you are on a tight budget and need a temporary fix, silicone bongs are the way to go. They are excellent for jet-setters as well.  

However, if you are thinking of picking up your first proper bong or want something that is going to look good and stay functional (if you take good care of it of course!), a good quality glass bong is a timeless classic that is worth investing in the long run.  

No matter which type of material you decide to go with, below are two picks we feel are excellent starter pieces: 

Eyce Beaker from Eyce Molds | VITAE Glass

Eyce Beaker from Eyce Molds 

Price: $69.99 

Nothing beats a product that offers a lifetime warranty. They are also rugged and offer some interesting features on the Eyce Beaker: 

  • Large Hidden Stash Container 
  • Hidden Rolling Tray 
  • Magnetic Ring Lighter Holder 
  • Ice Catcher 

Triple honey comb bong | VITAE Glass

The Tri-Portal from VITAE Glass 

Price: $249

Featuring a triple honeycomb disc (Tri-Comb) base and a portal mouthpiece, this beauty is held together by a unique connector ring that comes in various wooden accents. Yes, that means this whole glass bong can be disassembled. This revolutionary design solves plenty of issues that traditional bongs face: Its detachable nature makes it easier to clean, easier to store, and easier to transport. The glass pieces are also made out of laboratory-grade thick borosilicate glass. 

Looking for a smoother, durable, and healthier bong? VITAE Glass is perfect for you. It is designed especially for daily and busy smokers.

VITAE Glass Build a bong

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