Smooth Hits That are Fresh N’ Fruity

Smooth Hits That are Fresh N’ Fruity

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A large part of Cannabis smoking is all about the experience. This does not just include the experience of the “high” but also the actual journey it took to get there as well. No one has ever taken a rough rip from a bong and said “Hey! I love the way that felt, load me up another!”. Plus, as we learn more and more about the entourage effect we learn that taste is a huge part of the cannabis journey as a whole. Let’s talk about a couple of other creative ways to achieve a smooth hit we haven’t mentioned before. 

Fruit Bowls Anyone? 

We don’t know about you, but we must admit fruit bowls are delicious! Get some strawberries, pineapples, kiwis, and mango topped off with yogurt and you have yourself a yummy, healthy, sweet morsel of mouth-watering deliciousness right at your fingertips. So, why not add the same taste to your glass bowl? You can achieve this in several different ways. One of which would be getting fruit-flavored water drops to add to your regular bong water. Another way would be to infuse your own fruit and herb water and then use it as bong water.  

Of course, the third way is adding the fruit to your bong directly but this can be tricky as you don't want to get fruit stuck in your glass to mold and ruin your piece. Therefore we recommend using frozen fruit in the ash catcher with some ice, it comes in smaller pieces and once you have taken a few hits you can remove the frozen bits safely without worry about pieces getting stuck there forever.  

Care for a Cup of Tea? 

Adding ice tea to your bong water is another great way to achieve a tasty and smooth hit. By ice tea we mean ICED, add some ice to the tea or make some tea ice cubes to add to your regular bong water. Be sure to not add any sugar because that can get your bong all gunked up and we don't want to make cleaning it any harsher than we want the smoke on our lungs. You can however use a flavored tea of your choice, for example, lovely chamomile and lavender tea would pair nicely with a heavy-hitting Indica. 


This popular alternative to bong water will have you tasting your favorite sports drink flavor with the first few inhales. It has to be changed out regularly and due to the sugar content, we recommend cleaning out your glass every few bowls. While the taste is amazing, it can get annoying cleaning your piece that often so we recommend this one for small seshes with friends or when you want to change up your palet from time to time. 

There you have it! A few extra ways to make your next bong hit smoother and tastier. Stay tuned for some more tips and tricks as we test them out!

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