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Cannabis Trends in the Future

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I was sitting here at my local Starbucks and started wondering what the cannabis market will be like for 2020 and beyond. So I did a little research. I will also include some of my personal thoughts, and I’d like to share five cannabis market trends with you. Let’s look at each one together:

CBD Strains and CBD Concentrates

I personally know this trend is already slowly getting popular, but it’s definitely trending faster than I anticipated. An example is HappyFlowerCompany, a brand new startup that produces quality terpene-rich, high-CBD hemp cannabis. The company was co-founded by the popular blogger, “The Stonermom Kathryn,” and her partner, David. I am personally a CBD fanatic, and it makes me excited when I see more CBD strains available in the market. Now, you and I will have more CBD flower options to choose from than ever before. She loves our bongs! Click here to check out her video and blog post about VITAE bong.

Baby Boomers 

I was at my favorite dispensary in San Francisco a week ago (if you know me well, you definitely know which one). The entire store was filled with baby boomers. It was definitely eye-opening, and it happened not once, but multiple times when I visited the store.  I spoke with one of the older gentlemen (in his late 60s) who purchased a bottle of full-spectrum CBD oil. He said the oil had saved his life because it has helped him with insomnia. But he has also purchased some THC infused tea. One beautiful woman who is in her 70s (who looks like she’s in her 50s), bought a CBD cream for muscle relaxation. But she has also purchased THC infused chocolate for her sweet tooth. Baby boomers love to have fun and have a good time too, and Cannabis is one way to elevate that experience. Plus, they are most educated about Cannabis than other age groups.


Since I have just mentioned education, let’s discuss a bit here. Studies show that some regular cannabis users do not know the difference between CBD and THC. I mean come on, seriously? You gotta be kidding me. But here is the good news. There will be more and more education platforms such as Grass x Grass, a collective to inspire, educate, and empower Asian Americans to work with, heal with, and openly enjoy Cannabis. It’s great to see more companies educate and change the current stigma and become more like a lifestyle. Most of us are smoking pot just in the same way a guy would take a drink. I’m just using it to calm down a little bit, or I just want to relax or help with sleeping. It's not a big deal, and there is no issue. 

Ganja Yoga/Meditation

I love yoga and meditation. Yoga keeps the body healthy and happy. It increases balance, endurance, flexibility, and strength. Meditation relieves stress and anxiety and keeps our minds sharp. Combining it with Cannabis elevates the whole experience. Just ask Brittany Russell, founder and certified ganja yoga instructor of elevatedyoga. She just recently shared her first blog with us. Please check it out here. We will continue to see more people combining meditation with cannabis in the near future.

Time flies! As we closely approach the 22nd century, we will continue these trends to increase in the next few years. I can't wait to give you an update for future trends.

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