How to Celebrate 420 During Quarantine

How to Celebrate 420 During Quarantine

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It is 2020, which means you have been living under a rock if you haven’t heard the excitement from the Cannabis community about 420 being celebrated all month long. We had events, seshes, and so much planned for the big green month that we couldn’t contain our excitement. However, reality has hit us hard this year and while COVID-19 has officially stopped us from having in person celebrations, it doesn’t mean that we can’t celebrate in good old creative stoner fashion. So, let's talk ideas on what we can do at home to show our appreciation for just how far Cannabis has come in the world. 

Random Smoke Roulette

This is the 420 version of prank phone calls and is a little unique.  Hop on your social media of choice and call an unsuspecting random follower or friend.  Let them know that its puff puff pass time and it's their turn to toke it up. After, the person you called now has to call another random follower or friend to keep the circle going! 

Try 4 New Strains of Weed

With so many strains to choose from, why not make 420 the day you find your new favorite? Since most states have approved cannabis dispensaries to remain open during this time of chaos it is the perfect time to pick up some of that dank you have never tried before. Most shops are doing online and curbside pickup to stay safe so be sure to do your research on what is available before you head out to pick up your order. 

Movie Smoking Game

Watching stoner movies on 420 is something I am sure we all have done or make a staple for our 420 celebrations even during normal times. So, lets add a twist, shall we? We all know about that drinking game and watching movies where there is a set of rules before the movie starts that tell you when to take a shot of alcohol. What if we did this with some green? Grab some friends on a watch party, pick your favorite stoner movie, and lay out some rules to puff on your stash whenever they call for it. 

Go for a Highke

Social distancing doesn’t mean we can’t get out and get some fresh air in our lungs, mixed in with a little cannabis too. Take a toke and head our for a highke (high hike) around your neighborhood or somewhere that isn’t crowded so you can keep your 6 feet of distance! Bonus points call a few friends on video chat and have them take a 420 hike with you virtually. 

Become a Master Chef

Seriously, if you don’t take the month of 420 to create some amazing munchies are you even doing it right? This is the time to dress up those ramen noodles or add toppings to a pizza that don’t normally go together but taste oh so good. Need some tips? Check out some Scooby Doo episodes, him and Shaggy always had the most mouthwatering munchies to pull ideas from. 

Build Your Own Dream Bong

VITAE Glass Build a bong

What kind of party would 420 be if gifts weren’t involved? Whether it is a gift for a friend or simply for yourself, building a dream bong is a great idea. At Vitaeglass, we have taken the guess work out of it. Each of our sets come with a bowl, cleaning plugs, and cleaning caps. All you have to do is pick the style of wood wing you want and BOOM your dream bong will be ordered and, on the way to help you celebrate all month long. 

Whether you are planning a day to yourself or joining virtual seshes, we hope that this list gives you the creative boost you needed to have an enjoyable 420. With all this green and the cannabis community around the globe stepping up to celebrate anyway that we can, we are sure that this year will still be one worth remembering. 

Be sure to smoke a bowl for us during your celebrations. Happy 420!

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