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What to Expect in Ganja Yoga

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Ganja Yoga | VITAE Glass

When I meet newcomers to a cannabis enhanced yoga class, I am always very excited! Some of us who find cannabis enhanced yoga are avid cannabis users but have never tried yoga. Others may have a strong relationship with their yoga practice but not cannabis. I have also met many students who attend cannabis enhanced events who do not consume cannabis at all, but enjoy the relaxing atmosphere and the intuitive practice. It is very inspiring to meet people who are willing to step out of their comfort zone and explore different modalities of healing.  As with all styles of yoga and instruction, each teacher has their own “thing”, their own vision and creative spin on the class. I encourage you to try a variety of cannabis enhanced yoga events to find what works for you! If you’re located in and around Oakland, Ca and you’re thinking of attending a Ganja Yoga Oakland class, here are some helpful insights:

What to bring?

The two main things to bring to your Ganja Yoga class are the ganja and your yoga mat! Pack up your favorite cannabis strain and your mat and/or props. I like to bring my own mat and props, but usually at each Ganja Yoga class there are a few extra mats, blocks or blankets. A large part of personalizing your practice (making it the most beneficial practice for your needs) is knowing what props you like to use in order to feel comfortable and supported during your practice. For example, our floor in the studio is a bit hard, so I always like to fold a blanket and place it under my knees for cushion. If you are unsure of how to use yoga props, do not worry! The instructor is always there to help and as you continue your yoga practice, you’ll discover what’s best for you. Using blankets, blocks, bolsters, straps, massage therapy balls, it can all be a bit overwhelming if you’re just starting a practice – but one of those props may be your favorite after several classes of uncovering what feels best in your body!

Ganja Yoga | VITAE Glass

What style of yoga is it?

The type of yoga poses and pace of the class is individual to each instructor, however, many of the certified Ganja Yoga instructors who I know and have taken class with, guide attendees through a restorative and slow paced flow. Ganja Yoga Oakland classes are all beginner friendly! I incorporate principles from Yin Yoga, time and stillness, into my Ganja Yoga teaching.

How is Ganja intertwined with the practice?

The usual flow of the evening begins with a smoke social. We take time coming together, bonding over cannabis, hanging out on our roof deck, laughing and enhancing in whatever way you choose. I have some students who enjoy a pre-roll, a vape pen or even bring their own bong. With the VITAE bong transporting so well - that’s super easy to do! After the smoke social we move into our yoga practice. There are options to enhance during your practice as well. I have many students who use vape pens throughout class, especially right before savasana (our final relaxation pose) as a way to dive a bit deeper into meditation and relaxation.  

Ganja Yoga Oakland meets Tuesday night’s and Saturday mornings. Bring your favorite strain and your VITAE piece to our next class and I’ll see you on the mat!

Sound healing workshops, cannabis enhanced dance classes and private lessons are also available! Visit for our current class schedule! Connect with Brittany on insta @elevatedyogini or email

Ganja Yoga VITAE Glass

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