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Best Places to Smoke in Los Angeles

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Cannabis enthusiasts in Los Angeles can freely buy cannabis at storefronts with ease. But the only question asked is about the best places in the city to smoke cannabis.

The city of Los Angeles has different rules when it comes to smoking in public. Buying legal marijuana from any Los Angeles Recreational Dispensary may seem like a new norm, but users should ensure to smoke weed following the law. Here are the best places to smoke cannabis in Los Angeles.

Cannabis Cafe

Cannabis Cafe Los Angeles

America's first cannabis cafe where you can eat and smoke at the same time! Every item on the menu is amazing and the light bass music really sets the tone for a relaxing experience. The cafe is so popular that they only take reservations. Remember! No walk-ins! Bonus: Try our VITAE Glass bongs when you visit. I guarantee you will have a great time!

Cannabis Cafe Website

Address: 1201 N La Brea Ave, West Hollywood, CA 90038

Venice Boardwalk

Venice Beach, Best Places to Smoke in Los Angeles | VITAE Glass

The Venice Beach Boardwalk is an original hotspot for cannabis consumption and its ideal for those who want to light up their bongs and relax by the ocean. Smoking at the Venice Beach Boardwalk gives you a sense of ease and relaxation. Individuals can freely smoke cannabis while perusing the shops and various stands, including the Santa Monica Pier. The place also has many restaurants that can satisfy your munchies. 

Runyon Canyon

Runyon Canyon | VITAE Glass

This is one of the best spots for bong enthusiasts to enjoy their weed in LA. This quintessential Los Angeles hiking spot is found within the outskirts of the city. People usually go there to cleanse their minds while enjoying some fresh air and breathtaking views of this location. You can even bump with some celebrities like Snoop Dogg.


Best places to smoke in Los Angeles | VITAE Glass

Smorgasburg is a location that offers a tremendous experience for bong enthusiasts. If you like smoking for the munchies then this is preferably the best place. Smorgasburg provides the combination of the best of food, shopping, and drinks, which can be enjoyed after toking up. You can quickly bring your bong and share among your friends while trying a number of the delectable food for sale.

Silver Lake Reservoir

Silver Lake Reservoir | VITAE Glass

The Silver Lake Reservoir is a favorite when it comes to outdoor smoking. This location is a prime spot for those who want a water-focused paradise without visiting the beach. Freely light up your bong and stroll through the path that snakes around the water, while enjoying the greenery, and basking in the beautiful sunny skies. When the sun goes down, you can stay back and smoke some weed while strolling around the surrounding neighborhoods for some food and shopping.

Griffith Observatory

Griffith Observatory | VITAE Glass

Griffith Observatory offers one of the best views in the city of Los Angeles with its fascinating and beautiful locations. The place provides a lot of fun activities to enjoy with your friends while using your bong. You can either visit the hiking trails or the lookout points that bring even the beach into focus.

The Broad

The Broad | VITAE Glass

The broad contains multiple modern art wonders which provides a beautiful experience for bong enthusiasts. When you smoke in this area, you begin to wander in each room, always inspired and in awe.

Point Dume, Malibu

Points Dumb | VITAE Glass

Malibu contains numerous beautiful beaches that are made for those who want to get the feeling of relaxing while smoking weed. Point Dume is perfect for toking up in the evenings, and it's still among the best Malibu beaches along the coast.

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Where is your favorite place to smoke? Share with us by leaving a comment below. Please check out our other awesome blogs below:

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