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Best Places to Smoke in San Francisco

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Oh! San Francisco, the city that raised me. Over the last couple of years, you could sniff weed by strolling around neighborhoods in San Francisco and public areas like bus stops, financial districts, and tech hub. San Francisco isn't called the cannabis paradise for anything. Surprisingly, even my neighbor (who turned 80 this year) started smoking weed, and it's incredible! Now I could smell it just by walking around the block. In this article, I will share my favorite places to smoke in San Francisco.

Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks | VITAE Glass

This is one of the most spectacular places to smoke weed in San Francisco. Great for those who love smoking during sunrise or sunset. Smoking amid other smokers will make you stand out of the crowd.

Hippie Hill

Hippie Hill | VITAE Glass

In fact, eight thousand people attended the 420 events at Hippie Hill in 2019. It was insane! Interestingly, lots of people come here to light up their joints during weekends! So if you are feeling lazy over the weekend, invite your friends to Hippie hill and have a good time with your joint or bong.

Bakers Beach

Bakers Beach | VITAE Glass

This Iconic area is known for its unique attractions. It's not surprising why many people consider Baker as one of the most iconic beaches in the Bay Area. Baker Beach offers the best views of the Golden Gate Bridge in all of San Francisco. You can bring your bongs here to enjoy smoking while admiring the gorgeous vistas.

Most cannabis connoisseurs visit Baker Beach to light up a joint and enjoy the views, but you'll also admire the fishermen in the ocean. You can even smoke while sunbathing at the beach, but due to rip tides and rough surf that have claimed many lives here, swimming is not advisable at Baker Beach.


Moe Greens | VITAE Glass

Dispensaries are one of the safest places to smoke weed. In San Francisco, you'll find Lots of dispensaries such as Urbana and Moe Greens, which offer lounges for customers to use after purchasing any cannabis products at the store. Enjoy a good smoking session and meet new friends! Talking about Urbana dispensaries, check out and rip our detachable bongs on Urbana Geary and Urbana Mission.

San Francisco, my beloved city of residence has seen some changes with the tech hub and artists moving out. However, one thing for sure is San Francisco will be in full swing during cannabis events like 4/20. If you're want to light up your joint amid thousands of fellow stoners on Hippie Hill, or if you'd prefer cruising around in a limo while visiting the best dispensaries in the city, San Francisco got something for you. 

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