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Best Places to Smoke in Chicago

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Best Places to Smoke in Chicago | VITAE Glass

From hotdog buns without ketchup, to a river that turns green on St Patrick’s Day, Chicago is nothing short of culture. Contrary to popular belief, Chicago was not nicknamed “Windy City” just because of the frequent chilly breezes that flow from Lake Michigan into the city. In fact, Chicago is not even the windiest city in the U.S! 

Photographed by: Grace DuVal 

Researchers have debated that “Windy City” might be a metaphorical term to describe the boastfulness of Chicagoans, but they have every right to be proud. At first sight, Chicago is a concrete jungle surrounded by historically significant buildings that are perfect for visitors who want to nerd out on architectural brilliance.  

Chicago Pizza | VITAE Glass

Up close, locals offer an array of Chicago-style food like the deep dish pizza that is well-known worldwide and is sure to make visitors leave with a happy gut. On January 1st, 2020 the state of Illinois also began the sale of legal cannabis after passing a HB 1438 bill on May 31st, 2019.  It is no wonder Chicago is set to keep up the title of “most popular midwestern cultural hub” in the United States of America.  

Before you dive into munchies haven in Chicago, be wary that like in Las Vegas, consumption of legal cannabis is still prohibited in most public places, even in casinos and barsBut if you are in this part of town for a food adventure and want to whet up your appetite even more with some cannabis, there are still ways to consume your herbs safely.  

Best Places to Smoke in Chicago 

If you must do it, your best bet is to do it discreetly! As long as you stay in your own lane, it's not something frowned upon here so chances are you are not going to run into trouble with the authorities. However, it is also most advisable that you do not drive under the influence of cannabis.

Below are some spots that we found in Chicago that not only offer amazing Chicago-style food, but also “secret spots” for you to sneak a hit before you satisfy your hunger!

The Redhead Piano Bar | VITAE Glass

The Redhead Piano Bar 

The 50-year-old Redhead Piano Bar goes according to its name. A piano surrounds the place with some seats around it. There's a large bar that is large enough to cover the front part of the establishment. Most importantly, this place is very convenient for smokers to light up their joints. However, this bar was not designed for smoking. Users are not permitted to smoke in the bar during hours of operation. Nonetheless, cannabis enthusiasts can use the Redhead has a patio area outside the backdoor to light up their joints.

The Redhead Piano Bar | VITAE Glass

The Redhead also offers drinks for those who want a mixture of alcohol and cannabis. You need to go to the bar, order your drink and go outside and enjoy your cannabis. Before lighting up a joint, you must be 15 feet away from the door.  

Sullivan's Steakhouse | VITAE Glass

Sullivan's Steakhouse 

The Redhead, located in Ontario Street, is one of the best destinations for stoners who want to smoke at night. Sullivan's Steakhouse is a significant restaurant situated in about four blocks south of the piano bar. This restaurant offers a smoking area in an unheated patio on Hubbard Street. This place has enough space to relax while smoking. Furthermore, you can enjoy some dinner after smoking without having to move. 

Also, this area offers full service for its clients. The customer service serves you drinks. While you light up your joint, each table is filled with the double-bedded cigar ashtray on the table, which is beautiful and useful to touch. 

Clark Street Ale House | VITAE Glass

Clark Street Ale House

Another right place to chill after a long day in the office is found on Clark Street, where bars are bars. Clark Street Ale House has a setting of a non-fancy area which offers a great beer selection. It has around 40 seats placed in the form of outdoor metal tables. The table has ashtrays for easy toking, and there is also the presence of a large air-conditioning compressor to help reduce temperatures. 

Clark Street Ale House | VITAE Glass

The Clark Street Ale House has the setting of a bar that you visit after a long, warm night in Chicago. It has space for you and your friends to smoke and talk about your "glory days."  

South Loop Club 

South Loop Club | VITAE Glass

The South Loop Club is widely known as "an intown bar and grill with neighborhood flair." This is an excellent place for a lowkey smoke if you reside in Chicago. To get stoned, you must sit on the small, unheated patio, which is surrounded by several tables on the sidewalk. Two doors also border the SLC on either end of the courtyard. 

South Loop Club | VITAE Glass

This area also offers full customer service; however, there are specific rules on smoking cannabis in the lounge area. 

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This article was written by Ashton Leow, a soccer enthusiast and cannabis advocate.


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