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Can you travel Internationally with a bong?

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I have read a lot of debates from various forums and blogs that it is not safe to travel internationally with a bong. But these posts are outdated since most of them were published a couple of years ago. Well, things have changed, and I want to give you my personal experience in traveling with a bong to US cities like Denver, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York, and internationally like Vancouver.

Recently I traveled internationally with my VITAE bong from San Francisco to Vancouver. This was my first experience in moving with a bong. And truth be told, it was a successful one and I could fly with a bong. US Customs even lists it on their website.

But let’s not stop here. Let’s talk about how to pass TSA and customs with a bong every time successfully.

Travel Bong | VITAE Glass

Protect your Glass

I know the pain that comes from breaking a bong. That’s why protecting our beautiful bongs is a priority. I wrap the pieces with my clothes and towels. Keep in mind that you must make your beautiful bong easily accessible for Custom officers who will like to take a look at it. I place my bongs in the main compartment of my luggage.

Go to the Airport ahead of time

Go to the airport ahead of time just in case Customs want to pull you over and have a chat. There could times where they will ask about the equipment in your bag. In that case, be honest with them and say it is a bong. It’s not a big of a deal, and they will let you pass.

Thoroughly Clean the Bong

US Customs doesn’t like a dirty, filthy bong. Ensure to clean your bong after using it carefully. If you need help, we have another article on how to clean a bong like a pro.

Detachable Bong | VITAE Glass

Detachable Bong Helps

Finally, I genuinely believe that detachable bongs dramatically increase your chances of getting through customs. When you detach your bong entirely, Custom officers might think it is just regular glassware since they cannot determine the type of equipment. That’s one significant benefit of having a detachable bong! :)

There you have it! Unusual ways I use to travel safely with my bong. Have you tried flying with a bong? How was it? Share with us below and other viewers, and I would love to hear from you.

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Martin is the Co-Founder of VITAE Glass. He is a CBD strains fanatic but loves THC once in a while. He loves to be in the ocean and mountains whenever he can.

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