Cool bongs for smokers

Cool Bongs For Every Type of Smoker

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Whether you're a seasoned smoker or new to the scene, everyone wants to own a cool bong. Cool bongs do just that... they make you cool. Who doesn't want that!

However everyone's definition of a "cool bong" is different. For some, it's about aesthetically pleasing pieces that blow the mind with stylish designs. Others it's about the humorous element with funny bongs. For those who crave adventure, some crazy bongs push traditional boundaries.

Cool bongs come in all shapes and styles but we've found the coolest bongs for you to choose from.

The Coolest Bongs Available in The Market

Cool modular bongs

The coolest bongs in the market are not just about aesthetics. They are a blend of functionality, craftsmanship, and innovation. These pieces are designed with the modern smoker in mind, featuring advanced filtration systems, durable materials, and striking designs.

One noteworthy piece is our own 16 inch Voyager Bong. This cool looking bong is made from high-quality borosilicate glass and features a beaker base design with a UFO percolator. What makes this a cool bong is its modular design allowing you to detach each piece.

This makes for easy storage, but the best part is easy cleaning. No more struggling to reach the deepest parts of your bong.

Another standout is the Tsunami Glass Showerhead Perc Water Pipe. This sleek piece boasts a series of percolators that filter and cool the smoke, delivering a smooth and flavorful hit.

Moreover, the market is also teeming with eco-friendly options. The Bamboo Bong, for instance, is crafted from sustainable bamboo and is perfect for those seeking a greener option. With cool bongs, you get a blend of style, innovation, and sustainability.




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Funny Bongs That Spark Conversations

Pickle Rick bong
Star Wards bong
Rubber Duck bong

Smoking can be a fun and social activity, and what better way to lighten the mood than with a funny bong? These pieces are designed to make you smile and are sure to be a conversation starter at any gathering.

Take the Pickle Rick Bong, for example. This hilarious piece is inspired by the popular television show Rick and Morty and is sure to tickle the funny bone of any fan.

If you're a pop culture fan, you'll love the Star Wars-themed bongs. From a stormtrooper helmet to a Darth Vader design, these funny bongs are perfect for the Star Wars enthusiast.

This one's for those who appreciate nostalgia mixed with their smoking experience bright yellow, a rubber ducky-shaped bong sitting on your table might tickle your funny bone.

Regardless of your humor style, there's a funny bong out there that's sure to make your smoking experience more enjoyable.

Exploring Crazy Bongs for the Adventurous Smoker

Glow in the dark bong
Octopus bong
Gumball machine bong

Adventurous smokers often seek out bongs that break the mold, combining unconventional designs with unique functionality. The world of bongs is not just about functionality; it's also a playground for creativity and innovation.

Crazy bongs push the boundaries of design, showcasing the artistic potential of these smoking accessories.

These pieces not only provide a distinctive smoking experience but also act as conversation starters and showpieces.

For instance, the Lava Lamp Bong merges the nostalgic design of a lava lamp with the functionality of a bong, creating an eccentric yet functional piece. Then there's the AK-47 Bong, a piece that mimics the design of the famous assault rifle.

When it comes to crazy bongs, the sky's the limit. From designs inspired by famous landmarks like the Eiffel Tower Bong to pieces that mimic everyday objects like the Coffee Mug Bong, these crazy bongs show that when it comes to design, imagination is the only limit.

Weird Bongs That Defy Expectations

Glow in the dark bong
Octopus bong
Gumball machine bong

Intriguing shapes and materials define this category of weird bongs. Have you ever seen a glow-in-the-dark bong from Session Goods? These unusual choices challenge what we expect from our smoking gear while offering an unforgettable experience.

One such piece is the Octopus Bong. This intricate design features a detailed octopus wrapped around the bong, combining an unusual design with top-notch functionality. Then there's the Gumball Machine Bong, a fun and quirky piece that looks just like a vintage gumball machine.

Weird bongs are not just about aesthetics; they also offer a unique smoking experience. The double chamber bong, for example, features two chambers for water, providing double the filtration and a smoother hit.

With weird bongs, you can enjoy a unique smoking experience while showcasing your individual style. 

High-Tech Bongs for the Modern Smoker

Embracing technology, modern types of bongs are not just about smoking. They embody the perfect blend of functionality and creativity, transforming smoking into an art form.

Today's advanced bongs deliver not only smoother drags but also simplify maintenance and offer meticulous control over the heat, right at your fingertips.

Innovations in Filtration and Cooling

Recent technological breakthroughs have transformed the methods of smoke purification and temperature reduction, enhancing the overall experience.

For example, water filtration systems now use intricate percolators that diffuse smoke across a wider area, making each hit buttery smooth.

Artisans crafting glass have ingeniously incorporated frost holders, enabling aficionados to savor cool puffs that retain their robust taste and strength.

Smart Features for Enhanced Sessions

New age bongs come equipped with features like LED lighting for ambiance and Bluetooth connectivity for tracking usage patterns. Some models even offer mobile app integration letting users customize their experience down to the last detail.

This blend of aesthetics and functionality means you get not only an effective tool but also a centerpiece worthy of any collection.

Modular Designs: Built to Last

The appeal of modular bongs lies in their longevity and ease of use. These bongs, designed for durability, sidestep the inefficient process of discarding whole items when there is damage by allowing the individual bong parts to detach into specific components as needed.

Embracing this design approach conserves your wallet in the long run and mitigates environmental depletion. When components wear out or break, you simply swap them out instead of tossing the whole thing away.

How to Choose the Right Cool Bong for You

Finding the perfect cool bong can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. But, with some know-how, you can zero in on one that hits all your sweet spots.

Aesthetics Matter

Cool bongs transcend being merely a tool for smoking; they embody your personal flair and aesthetic sensibilities. Whether you're into sleek and modern designs or prefer something quirky, make sure it reflects your personality. This way, every session feels more personal.

However, it's crucial not to be fooled by appearances alone. The coolest looking bongs might not always offer the best experience. Balance is key.

Functionality Is Key

The best bongs blend form with function seamlessly. Consider features like percolators for smoother hits and ice catchers for cooler smoke. Modular options allow customization to fit any preference or need, ensuring both efficiency and enjoyment.

Rethink what matters most to you: ease of cleaning, durability, or maybe size. Let these guide your choice.

Maintaining Your Cool Bong for Longevity

Looking after your bong goes beyond mere cleanliness; it's about securing its durability and optimal functionality. Here are some essential tips.

Cleaning Is Key

Keeping your gear regularly scrubbed stops the accumulation of gunk that can mess with the flavor and gentleness of each puff. For a deep clean, use isopropyl alcohol and coarse salt. Shake the mixture inside your bong then rinse thoroughly with warm water.

For daily maintenance, running hot water through your bong after sessions helps prevent residue from hardening.

Proper Storage Solutions

Avoid leaving your bong in places where it might get knocked over or exposed to extreme temperatures. A cabinet dedicated to smoking accessories keeps it safe and out of direct sunlight.

If you need to transport your piece, consider investing in a padded case specifically designed for glassware protection.

FAQs About Cool Bongs

Who makes the coolest bongs?

Artists and brands like VITAE Glass, ROOR, Session Goods, and Grav Labs lead with innovative designs that turn heads.

What type of bong is best for lungs?

Glass bongs with percolators filter smoke better, making them a smoother choice for your lungs.

Are bongs better for lungs than joints?

Bongs cool and filter smoke more effectively than joints, reducing harshness on your lungs.

What are the features of a cool bong?

Cool bongs boast unique designs, advanced filtration systems, durability, and sometimes even tech integration for precision hits.

Now You Know The Cool Bongs To Be Cool

Stepping into the world of cool bongs opens doors to a personalized smoking experience. Witnessing the fusion of aesthetics and utility, from masterfully crafted creations to sustainable options, showcases how tailored your smoking journey can become.

Remember, finding your perfect match means considering what speaks to you in aesthetics and innovation. Whether it's humor that lights up your sessions or tech that smooths each draw, there's something for every smoker.

Keeping your choice in prime condition guarantees its durability and optimal functionality. Clean regularly, store carefully.

So start with curiosity, explore with enthusiasm, and choose with confidence. Elevate every smoke session into an extraordinary experience.

If you're ready to transform ordinary moments into memorable ones with a bong that matches your vibe... The journey has just begun.

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