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Best Places to Smoke in New York City

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All in all, what are the best places to smoke weed in New York City? Perhaps the purported weed vans in NYC are pretty much bunk, yet whether you're a deep-rooted New Yorker or a visitor going through, this guide will demonstrate to you the best New York brings to the table—while you're on an extraordinary outing.

Christopher Street Pier

Situated on Manhattan's west side, the Christopher Street Pier offers a one of a kind perspective on the city's horizon and the quieting swell of the Hudson River.

Generally, the Pier has a notoriety for being a spot for individuals from the LGBTQ people group to gather, so in case you're one of them and need to use your bong chill among your peeps, this may be the spot for you. It will, in general, be packed during the day so that the Pier may be better for a night smoke.

Smoking Area Outside the Bowery Ballroom

Bowery Ballroom | VITAE Glass

If you love smoking weed with music, this NYC milestone setting may be the spot you've been searching for. Furthermore, even though the Bowery Ballroom has a firm no re-entry policy, it doesn't have any significant bearing to their outside smoking area. Bong enthusiast can book for their preferred band and get a lifetime experience.

Green-Wood Cemetery

Green-Wood Cemetery | VITAE Glass

While it may appear a bit dreadful to toke up in a memorial park, it may be the best experience. In 1838, this Brooklyn-based burial ground was structured as both a cemetery and a garden park, making it an incredible spot to smoke for an effective high.

It's an incredible district for history geeks, as well. You can discover the graves of acclaimed New Yorkers including gangster William "Bill the Butcher" Poole, who was put on the map by Martin Scorcese's film "Gangs of New York."

You can also find the graves of writer Leonard Bernstein and craftsman Jean-Michel Basquiat. Keep in mind that Green-Wood shuts down at 7 p.m. daily, so if you get high and forget about time, then you might end up being locked up in the cemetery. Although this is a cemetery, it is probably the best spot to light up a bong in New York City silently.

Williamsburg Bridge

Williamsburg Bridge | VITAE Glass

It probably won't be as beautiful as the Brooklyn Bridge. However, the similarly as-acclaimed Williamsburg Bridge has its very own arrangement of charms.

Many bong enthusiasts consider the WB as perhaps the best spot in the city. In case you're in the temperament for a refreshing smoke and a walk, this is the spot to do it.

Furthermore, if you want to take another smoking session later, anyplace along the East River in Williamsburg is genuine.

The Ramble in Central Park

The Ramble in Central Park | VITAE Glass

This place is good for those who enjoy smoking while walking along the 38-acre stretch of woodland loaded with trails and streams. It has numerous paths which can take you back to the famous and glorious Bethesda Fountain pavilion, so its recommended to finish your high there to elevate the experience.

There you go peeps! New York City, the city never sleeps. What are your favorite places to smoke in New York City?

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