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The Best Bongs of 2024, Plus A Bonus - The Smoothest Bongs To Buy

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A good bong makes each puff smoother and more flavorful, like a well-tuned musical instrument. But not all bongs are created equal. What are the best bongs of 2024?

In this vast symphony of smoke and glass, it's easy to feel lost. Should you go for durability or design? Does size really matter? Should you add a perc? And what about materials – glass, ceramic, acrylic... the list goes on! A person can get lost trying to pick just one from all the best bongs.

We'll review the best bongs of 2024 and make recommendations based on preferences, testing, and customer reviews. Our goal is to answer all your questions.

The best bongs of 2024 are …

16 Inch Voyager Bong

GRAV Labs Beaker Bong

Puffco Peak Pro

How We Tested The Best Bongs

We tested these bongs carefully to provide fair and accurate reviews. We evaluated each bong's performance on the following aspects.

The First Smoke

We begin by assessing the initial experience with each bong. We consider factors like packaging, ease of assembly, clarity of instructions provided, and overall first impressions.

During this stage, we also do a smoke test. We check things like drag resistance, smoke quality, production, and flavor quality. It gave us insights into how smooth or harsh the smoking experience might be for users. 

Long-Term Use

In addition to first impressions, it's crucial to understand how these bongs performed over time. We put each bong through its paces to see if they worked well and lasted.

Durability is key here; nobody wants a piece that deteriorates quickly under regular use. By doing this long-term analysis, we can provide feedback not just on immediate satisfaction but longevity too. 

Cleaning Process Evaluation

A critical part of maintaining any bong is its cleaning process, which directly affects its lifespan and performance. In our tests, easy cleaning scored higher points than complicated ones. Complicated procedures require specialized equipment or extensive effort scored less points. The best bongs are the easiest to clean.

Customer Reviews

We conducted thorough research on customer reviews for each bong before using and testing them. These customer reviews provided us with third-party first-hand experience that provided valuable feedback and insight.

Smoking the 16" Voyager Bong
Smoking the 16" Voyager Bong

The Best Bongs to Buy in 2024

For those in the market for a new bong, we've done the research and have identified some of the best options available. We tested and compared some of the top options on the market.

16" Voyager Bong - The Modular Masterpiece

At the forefront is our best-selling modular bong, the 16" Voyager Bong. Based on customer reviews the Voyager Bong is one of the best bongs of 2024 due to its innovative modular design that allows you to build your own bong. Customers liked the extra percs in our 16 inch bongs because they filter well and give smoother hits.

The smoke undergoes extensive diffusion starting from the inline downstem, moving through the honeycomb, and finally reaching the UFO percolator. Due to the multi-stage filtration process, it makes each hit smooth and easy to inhale.

The combination of high functionality and aesthetic appeal makes it a sought-after piece.

The Voyager can be easily taken apart, which is convenient for cleaning and travel. This makes the bong more appealing. Users can easily modify and maintain it. 

Pros of the 16" Voyager Bong Cons of the 16" Voyager Bong
Innovative Filtration System: The Voyager's combination of percolators, including an inline downstem, a honeycomb percolator, and a UFO percolator, creates a high level of filtration. This means the Voyager is the smoothest bong with minimal draw resistance Size and Portability Limitations for Larger Models: While its modular design aids in portability, the tall bong versions of the Voyager (like the 23-inch model) might be less portable and discreet compared to the medium-sized options
Ease of Cleaning and Portability: Its modular design means it can be easily disassembled for cleaning and makes it convenient to store and travel to. This design not only helps thorough cleaning but also allows users to change parts or add new components to the bong Potential Complexity for New Users: The Voyager's advanced features and modular design, while beneficial for customization, smoke purity, and cleaning, might be overwhelming for beginners or less experienced smokers who are not used to handling detachable bongs
Quality Material: Made from non-porous laboratory-grade borosilicate glass, the Voyager Bong is both durable and visually appealing. Its material choice provides fewer cavities for germs and dirt and less absorption of odors or resin Price Considerations: High-quality materials and advanced design mean this is a premium bong. This could be a consideration for buyers who are looking for budget-friendly options

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GRAV Labs Beaker Bong - A Classic Reinvented

GRAV Labs Beaker Bong brings together simplicity and performance. This quintessential shaped glass beaker bong is highly functional thanks to its simple yet effective design. The wide base is stable and holds a decent amount of water to filter your smoke. Additionally, the large chamber allows for building bigger hits [1].

Made with borosilicate glass, the bong is durable and will last a long time. However, the glass is not too thick so the lightness makes this bong easy to move around. The bong's 16 inch size also makes it easy to transport [2].

Cleaning is not as easy as the Voyager Bong as this bong is not detachable, however, due to the lack of percs cleaning is not as difficult as you might imagine. Using isopropyl alcohol once a week and a good shake will do the job.

Just remember to cover the opening of both the mouthpiece and downstem joint as the cleaning solution will spill and make a mess if not. The GRAV Beaker Bong does not come with cleaning caps.

This bong doesn't have percolators, only an in-built downstem, so you might cough when smoking.

The bong's ease of use does make it an excellent choice for first-time bong users. A customer mentioned purchasing it as a first bong for her boyfriend, and both were extremely pleased with its performance.

GRAV Labs Beaker Bong
GRAV Beaker Bong is recommended based on its effectiveness and user reviews; this is an independent recommendation and we are not affiliated with the product. 
Pros of GRAV Beaker Bong Cons of GRAV Beaker Bong
Stable and Functional Design: The GRAV Beaker Bong shape with a wider base adds more stability than a straight tube bong Potential Size and Portability Issues: Standing tall at 16.5 inches, the bong might be less convenient for those who prefer a more compact and discreet water pipe
Ease of Use for Beginners: The simple design and lack of additional features, like percs, is great for first time bong users Care and Maintenance: The overall size and structure of the beaker bong might require more effort in maintenance and cleaning compared to modular bongs
Premium Material: Made with borosilicate glass, this high-quality material helps maintain the bong’s clarity and aesthetic appeal over time User Novelty: As the bong is very simple and effective, users may become bored with its straightforward design and function

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Puffco Peak Pro – For Tech-Savvy Smokers

Fancy a tech twist? The Peak Pro's cool design and advanced features heat up waxes and concentrates. It feels like a sci-fi movie for stoners. The Peak Pro is a premium smart dab rig, that delivers incredible flavors - if dabbing is your thing.

The Puffco Peak Pro has an easy-to-use interface with just one button that can be customized using the Puffco Connect app. It also has a patented 3D chamber. The device also boasts laser-cut perc slots for improved water filtration.

Customers say the vapor is good, but don't heat the concentrate too much or the smoke gets harsh. Compared to the original Perk, the Pro can take more concentrate due to a bowl that is 40% bigger [3].

Loading and smoking the Peak Pro is very quick, which is nice if you want to get a quick hit in [4].

If you're looking for a high-tech bong then this is a strong contender for you.

Puffco Peak Pro
Puffco Peak Pro is recommended based on its effectiveness and user reviews; this is an independent recommendation and we are not affiliated with the product. 
Pros of Puffco Peak Pro Cons of Puffco Peak Pro
Advanced Airflow and Heating Technology: The Peak Pro features a 3D chamber atomizer that heats concentrates from the sides, preserving terpenes and cannabinoids for better hits. Additionally, the joystick ball cap enhances airflow and makes it easier to move concentrate around the chamber Potential Learning Curve with Technology: The advanced features and app-based controls present a learning curve for users not familiar with such technology or those who prefer more traditional, straightforward methods
Smart App Capabilities: The Puffco app allows users to check and customize the device's battery settings, heat settings, and temperatures, and even control vapor levels and session durations, offering a highly personalized experience Price Point: Devices with advanced features and smart technology typically come at a higher price point, which could be a consideration for budget-conscious users
Efficient Battery Life and Water Retention: The device heats up in just 20 seconds and offers about 40 sessions per battery charge. It also resolves the issue of water retention, making it easier to clean and maintain without the hassle of leftover water Maintenance and Care of Complex Components: The advanced components like the 3D chamber atomizer and glass bubbler require careful handling and maintenance to ensure longevity and performance

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Tips for Choosing the Right Bong

Choosing a bong that's right for you is all about personal preference. Take into account these elements when selecting the right bong for you.

Ease of Cleaning

A clean bong guarantees pure hits every time; thus, ease of cleaning should factor into your decision-making process too. The best bongs are easy to clean and a joy to smoke. If cleaning is a hassle you're less likely to use the bong as often.

Filtration Features

  • Percs - A good percolator diffuses smoke efficiently making each hit smoother on the throat.

  • Ice catchers - If cool hits are what you're after, a bong with an ice catcher is ideal.

  • Ash catchers - These attachments help keep your bong clean by trapping ashes before they enter the main chamber.

Your Smoking Habits

If you're a frequent smoker, durability should be top of your list. Glass bongs are renowned for their strength and longevity, and could be an excellent choice.

Budget Considerations

Consider your budget carefully. Remember that higher-quality materials may cost more upfront but can save money in the long run because they last longer and perform better. It may be tempting to choose cheaper options, but investing in good materials saves money. They last longer and give better smoking experiences.

The Importance of Size and Design

Consider the size of a bong, as tall bongs make more smoke. However, depending on your lifestyle, they might not be practical or discreet.

A mini bong is a smaller version that is easy to carry and still works well. Small bongs are also great as travel bongs.

If you are going for a small bong, don't expect to add too many accessories such as ash catchers or additional percs. 

Dry Herb vs Dabs And Waxes

If you're a fan of smoking different cannabis strains then you'll need to make sure your water bong is set up for dry herb.

That means you'll need a glass bowl and additional accessories like a metal weed grinder.

If you enjoy using both dry herb and dabs, choose a bong that can be changed with a quartz banger. This way, you can smoke concentrates, also called dab rigs.

How to Clean and Maintain Your Bong

How to clean a bong

Cleaning your bong is a crucial step to make sure it stays in good shape. Here's how to keep your bong in top condition:

1. Dismantling the Bong

Start by dismantling your modular bong piece by piece. Be gentle so as not to damage any parts, especially if they're made of glass.

2. Rinsing with Warm Water

The next step involves rinsing each part under warm water, which helps remove initial grime and resin buildup. Ensure that the water is not too hot; otherwise, it could fracture the glass.

3. Cleaning Solution Application

You'll need a cleaning solution for more stubborn residue. There are many bong cleaning solutions available or you could make your own using alcohol and salt. Immerse all components into this mix then give them a thorough shake within an enclosed bag - remember safety first.

4. Rinse Again & Dry Thoroughly

After you finish, rinse everything with clean water to remove any leftover cleaner. Make sure to dry your gear completely to prevent mold growth in wet conditions.

Note: Avoid using abrasive materials during cleaning as they may scratch or dull surfaces of your bong.

Health Considerations When Using a Bong

While using a bong can be an enjoyable experience, it's crucial to keep health considerations in mind. Despite the filtration benefits of water pipes, they're not completely risk-free.

Potential Risks and How to Mitigate Them

The heat produced when smoking through a bong may potentially irritate your respiratory tract [5]. To minimize this effect, make sure your bong has a perc and further consider cooling down the smoke with ice or cold water before inhalation.

Cleaning your bong regularly is also essential as bacteria and mold can accumulate over time. An unclean bong might lead to lung infections or other respiratory issues. 

Bongs vs Other Smoking Methods

Using a bong for smoking may be better because it filters toxins and keeps cannabinoids intact.

Studies indicate that smokers who switch to water pipes experience fewer coughing episodes, easier breathing, and reduced throat irritation. This is because the water cools the smoke and filters it [6].

However, it's important to remember that no method completely removes all the risks of breathing in burned plant substances into your lungs. The key is to use moderation.

Note: It’s important to always consult with healthcare professionals for advice on smoking and its potential effects on your health.

The Evolution of Bongs in 2025

In 2025, the bong landscape will change. There is a shift towards modularity, digitization, and new ways to customize your experience with custom bongs. Beyond these, material innovation and processing are also evolving.

In the future, more bongs might be made from laser-cut borosilicate glass instead of blown glass.

With the rise in popularity of vapes and e-cigarettes, electronic compulsion will also become a common feature as bongs evolve. 

Modular Design Takes Center Stage

A defining feature of 2025’s top-tier bongs will be the advantages of modular bongs. You can create a custom smoking device by choosing different parts like bases, percolators, and mouthpieces to match your preferences.

Digital Temperature Control

The 'internet of things' has reached bongs too. You can change the heat level of your smoke to make the flavor stronger using digital temperature control. But digital technology is integrating with bongs in more ways.

E-rigs and lasers are replacing flame combustion sources like lighters and butane torches. Hemp wicks are also being replaced.

For example, Hitoki's high-tech bong uses a laser to burn the weed instead of a traditional flame [7]. Similarly, Puffco's Peak Pro is an e-rig that does not require you to heat up a nail, unlike a traditional dab rig.

The Smoothest Bong And Best Bongs You Can Buy

The best bongs are not just about blowing smoke rings or reaping the benefits of smoking alone. Each piece is a work of art and the best bongs are no exception. Each piece offers different levels of performance with its pros and cons.

We've delved into 2024's best bongs and highlighted their unique qualities. You're now equipped to pick one that suits your style.

The most important things to remember when choosing the best bong for you are:

  1. Bongs that are difficult to clean are not used often and are eventually replaced with easier options.

  2. To make smoking more enjoyable, pick a bong that filters and cools the smoke. This will prevent it from being too harsh and discourage you from using it again.

  3. If you're a newbie to bongs, opt for a bong that is easy to clean and easy to use so you're not overwhelmed.

  4. When deciding, prioritize quality over price, but also take into account your budget.

  5. When choosing a bong, it's important to consider the different designs and styles. Different types of bongs have their own advantages and disadvantages, so take your time and weigh your options.

Lastly, bear in mind the health considerations we discussed. Using the right bong responsibly can make it more enjoyable and safer for you.

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