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Best Places to Smoke in Vancouver, Canada

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Best Places to Smoke in Vancouver

Vancouver is famous for two things, including its amazing natural scenery and world-renowned BC Bud. If these two are combined, it results in a paradise for stoners with top quality marijuana and the most beautiful smoke spots in the world. 

Vancouver is highly ranked among the best places to live in for several reasons. Since weed is now legal in Canada, you need to head out and experience some of that beauty and sunshine this place has to offer. 

In this article, we have come up with the best places to smoke in Vancouver. 

Wreck Beach 

Wreck Beach | VITAE Glass


The world-famous clothing-optional beach in Vancouver’s is a special place to sit back and light up in the sun in several ways. Wreck Beach is the biggest naturist beach in North America and is found on the westernmost tip of Vancouver, just a short drive from the UBC Museum of Anthropology. The wreck beach is highly acclaimed by many Vancouverites when it comes to relaxing and smoking a joint while enjoying the sound of the crashing waves and inhaling the misty, salty ocean spray.

Wreck Beach also has a big reputation in Vancouver pot history due to cannabis activist Watermelon, aka Mary Jean Dundson. 

Stanley Park 

Stanley Park

Credit: travelzoo

This is among the most famous locations in Vancouver, which is well-loved by tourists and locals. Stanley Park is considered as a “magnificent, green oasis amid the urban landscape of Vancouver.” 

It has a vast landscape to explore and has excess smoke spots like the Sea Wall, Prospect Point, Second and Third Beach, Lost Lagoon, the Vancouver Aquarium, and more. 

Cypress Mountain Viewpoint 

Cypress Mountain Viewpoint

Credit: experiencevancouvergroup

The Cypress Mountain is excellent for stoners for want to enjoy weed on a high altitude. This place is about a 30-45 min drive from downtown Vancouver. Furthermore, the views of this place can easily be seen as you can take a hit in panoramas of downtown Vancouver, the Lions Gate Bridge, and North Shore. In the summer you can enjoy smoking in warm weather and don’t have to worry about the icy road.

Granville Island 

Granville Island

Credit: tripsavvy

Granville Island is an eclectic little peninsula found below the Granville Bridge. This area attracts the best stoners in the city due to the marina, the restaurants, and tons of places.

The marina highly favors nighttime smoke, but daytime smoking can sometimes be tricky due to the massive flow of tourists and families. Surprisingly, there’s the famous lumpy green hill on the southeastern corner of the island, previously called the Ron Basford Park, that’s usually very cozy. Furthermore, this island offers an excellent experience for those who love laughing due to the pro improv theatre company.  

Cannabis Culture Lounge/ New Amsterdam Café 

New Amsterdam Café

Credit: the chill bud

The Cannabis Culture Vapour Lounge and the New Amsterdam Café are separated by short distances on Hastings St. in downtown Vancouver. 

New Amsterdam Café

Credit: herbanplanet

Many Vancouver stoners consider the Cannabis Culture Vapour Lounge as the home of the Volcano vaporizers. The New Amsterdam Cafe is very cozy and offers a menu board full of delicious meals and some great café which reflects the Dutch coffee shops.

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