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Bongs With Cases - 4 Reasons Why Your Bong Needs Protection

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You are reading this because you have either had a heartbreaking experience or want to keep your loyal friend safe at social gatherings. No, we're not talking about your delicate heart, although that needs protecting too. We're referring to the importance of bongs with cases!

Your treasured bong deserves nothing less than a sturdy, safeguarding shell. Trust us, we know that sick feeling of seeing your prized bong in pieces. That's why we're here to tell you why a bong case is an important smoking accessory to have; especially if you have a glass bong!

So, grab your bong and some popcorn, because it's time to unpack bong bags and bong cases to save you heartbreak in the future.

Your delicate bong will be as safe as a kitten in a knitting basket. 

The Necessity of Bongs With Cases

Bong cases keep your bong, dab rig, and glass pipes safe when you're on the go or need to be securely stored. You can also use them to store smoking accessories glass adapters and glass bowls.

But they do more than protect from harm during transit or storage. It's also about keeping your bong in good shape for the foreseeable future extending its lifetime.

The added benefit is they create a smell proof barrier that prevents any pungent odors from escaping during storage. Perfect if you don't want to stink up your apartment.

When picking out an ideal bong bag, ensure it's made from robust materials, has a padded inside, and a dependable locking mechanism.

Don't compromise on your bongs' safety by opting for cheaper options. These are usually weak substitutes that could lead to expensive replacements. 

1. Protection

A good bong case protects your glassware when you transport or store it, preventing damage. It cushions the blow if it falls over, keeping your bong safe.

It does this by keeping your bong secure within that case preventing it from moving around.

A travel bag is padded inside to protect a glass water pipe so that if a drop or knock does occur, the padding absorbs the impact rather than the glass.

2. Portability

Bongs with cases make transporting your bong simpler and more secure. No longer do you have to worry about wrapping it in clothes or towels - simply put it in its dedicated bong protection bag and carry it with you.

Or if you're flying with a bong you now have the peace of mind to store it with your other travel luggage in the hold of the plane.

3. Discretion

In addition to providing physical security, a bong case also offers discretion. In certain situations, it is best to keep bongs out of sight even if they are legal in your area, so selecting a case that offers discretion is essential.

This is important if you're storing your bong at home and want to keep it out of sight of any visiting guest.

Or if you have children - a water pipe should always be kept out of a child's reach so using secure storage cases in this situation is advisable. 

4. Smell Proof

We all know that bongs can get partially smelly, especially if they haven't been cleaned in a while. Bongs with cases are designed to be smell proof, with airtight seals and specialized materials that effectively trap and contain odors.

No matter how potent the aroma of the herb or resin in your used bong might be, a smell proof bong bag keeps it discreet.

Whether you keep your bong at home or take it with you, a smell proof case keeps the cannabis smell hidden. This keeps your privacy and reduces the chance of attracting unwanted attention. 

The Different Types of Bong Cases

You can choose from many types of bong cases, but the most common ones are hardshell cases and soft bags. They are made to meet different needs and preferences.

Hardshell Bong Cases

Hardshell bong case

Hardshell bong cases are sturdy protectors made from durable materials like plastic or metal.

These cases offer superior protection against physical damage due to their robust construction. However, they might be bulkier than their softer counterparts.

For those who prioritize the safety of their glassware over anything else, hardshell cases prove to be an excellent choice.

Durable Construction

The standout feature of hardshell bong cases is their robust build. They're usually made from high-grade plastic or metal to resist impact and prevent damage to your precious gear.

However, we've chosen to construct our bong case from eco-friendly recycled cardboard paper. This doesn't sound all that protective but the construction has been hardened and fortified to provide a similar level of protection as a plastic case.

We've chosen these biodegradable materials as they have a carbon-neutral footprint which aligns with our mission to plant one tree for every bong we sell.

When you invest in a VITAE Glass piece you can enjoy your session knowing you're helping an environmental cause. 

Built-in Foam Inserts

Foam inserts inside these tough shells keep everything snug and secure. This design helps to guarantee that the parts do not shift while being transported, thus diminishing the likelihood of damage.

Versatility in Sizes

You can find hard case options suited for various sizes of bongs. You can find ones that fit small bongs and tall bongs. So whether you have a compact piece or an elaborate setup, there's likely a case out there designed just right for it.

Potential Drawbacks

While they excel in protection, hardshell cases tend to be bulkier than soft bags. But if safety is your top priority when transporting your glass bongs - this minor inconvenience may not seem like much of an issue after all.

If you're looking for a hardshell bong case, we recommend the ones provided by 420Science.

420Science is recommended based on its effectiveness and user reviews; this is an independent recommendation and we are not affiliated with the brand. 

Soft Bong Bags

Soft bong bags

In contrast, soft bong bags are typically lighter and more portable but provide less protection compared to hardshell. These bags are made of flexible materials like canvas, nylon, or neoprene. They usually have padded interiors for extra cushioning when carrying things. Typically these bags resemble a duffle bag.

If you value convenience and portability over absolute protection then consider getting a soft bag case. It provides ample security while ensuring your piece remains easy to carry around.

When deciding, keep in mind that both options have different strengths that fit different needs. 

The Advantages of Soft Bong Bags

A key benefit is their lightweight design which makes carrying around easy while on the move. Plus, they are less bulky than hardshell counterparts, making storage more manageable when space is at a premium.

Many soft bong bags come with adjustable straps too – offering you convenience and comfort during transport. 

Potential Drawbacks of Soft Bong Bags

Soft bong bags are useful, but they may not protect as well as hardshell cases during transportation. Soft bong bongs are better suited for use as bong storage when your water pipe is not being used.

420Science also has a great selection of soft bong bags to choose from.

420Science is recommended based on its effectiveness and user reviews; this is an independent recommendation and we are not affiliated with the brand. 

Protecting Glass Bongs with Cases

Bong cases are crucial for preserving the integrity of your glass bongs. They safeguard them from unexpected impacts, scratches, and even breakage. This is particularly true if you own one of our high-end modular bongs.

Silicone bongs and plastic bongs typically don't need as much protection as dropping them rarely results in breaking. 

Selecting The Right Case For Your Bong

The right case will depend largely on your specific needs and preferences. Factors such as size, design of your bong, and how frequently you travel can all influence this decision.

If portability ranks high in priority for you then opt for a lightweight yet sturdy option that comes with handles or straps for easy transport. 

Cleaning And Maintenance Of Bong Cases

Keeping your case clean helps it last longer and protects your equipment better.

For regular cleaning, use a mild detergent and avoid soaking it completely. This is especially important for materials like nylon or fabric, as they may take longer to dry. 

Bongs With Cases: Customer Stories

When it comes to practical examples, we've got some fascinating case studies. These stories highlight the benefits and challenges users face when using bong cases. 

The Story of Jake: A Traveling Smoker

Jake is an avid traveler who often takes our 16 inch bong, Voyager on road trips. But without a proper case, he faced difficulties keeping it safe during transit.

Once he started using a hardshell case, however, his traveling experience improved dramatically.

He could carry his bong with ease and had peace of mind knowing it was protected.

Mary’s Experience: From Breakages to Safekeeping

Mary owned several beautiful glass pieces but found herself constantly replacing them due to breakage accidents at home.

After purchasing her first bong bag, she noticed fewer instances of damage because her items were now safely stored away when not in use.

Bongs With Cases; Perfect for Traveling and Storage

Bongs with cases are an essential accessory for any serious smoking enthusiast. These protective cases help transport your bong while keeping it safe and discreetly hiding odors.

The bonus is that they extend the lifespan of your bong, saving you from the gut-wrenching sight of your prized possession in shards.

Whether you opt for a hardshell or soft bag, the key is to choose robust materials, a padded interior, and a reliable locking system. Don't skimp on quality – it's a small investment that pays off by keeping your treasured bong safe, secure, and ready for use, whether at home or on the go.

Remember, a protected bong is a worry-free bong smoker. 

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