How to get a Stuck Downstem out of a Glass Bong

How to get a Stuck Downstem out of a Glass Bong

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What happens if your downstem is “stuck” to the bong? I have experienced it multiple times and it can be a frustrating experience. After experienced different methods, I have found a solution and I would like to share the best method to remove a stuck downstem out of a bong.

This is the best method to remove your downstem. It's a 2-minute youtube video and it's best to watch the entire video. 

Other methods include heating the joint to pour boiling water. In my opinion, these methods are hit or miss. Plus, you are running the risk of burning yourself in the process.

Now that you remove your downstem successfully. Let's dive in more about what causes your downstem to stick and how you can prevent it from happening again in the future.

How did my downstem stick to the bong?

Cannabis oils & concentrates are sticky by nature and it does not take much sticky residue to buildup between the joint and the glass downstem of your bong. Another common cause surprises the most people is residual moisture can cause a tight seal when the cleaned downstem is wet. The downstem must be thoroughly dry before inserting it back to the bong.

Remove and Clean your downstem

To prevent it from getting stuck with your bong, check out how to clean your downstem here. If you do not have the time, simply remove your downstem from the bong immediately after each session would help too.

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