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How to Practice Yoga with Cannabis

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Hello VITAE Community!

My name is Brittany and I am a certified Ganja Yoga instructor. I attended Dee Dussault’s very first Ganja Yoga Teacher Training back in January 2018 and I have been floating on a cloud ever since! I began my love of movement at a young age through dancing. I’ve had the opportunity to study and teach dance over the past 10 years. Creating and sharing dance has brought so much joy to my life and it has been an integral part of my own journey to where I am now.

I have been combining cannabis with dancing for several years and noticed an increase in body awareness, a genuine relationship with my self-expression through movement, plus, cannabis makes dancing even more fun! So naturally, as I dove deeper into my yoga practice, cannabis came along too. The plant and practice work harmoniously to decrease anxiety, reduce inflammation, elevate mood, provide deeper connection to our inner voice and support optimal function of our mind, body and spirit! The benefits of the two are vast and are also beautifully personal to each of us. A few reasons why I have enjoyed cannabis enhanced yoga are:

Ganja Yoga | VITAE Glass

Ganja Yoga has helped me mindfully relax!

If I asked you to relax right now you may find a comfortable seat, close your eyes, take some deep breaths and say, “Ok, I’m relaxed.” As you tap in further, you may start to recognize that there is tension in your lower back, maybe the shoulder or your jaw. Perhaps you do not feel physical tension, but the mind is swirling with responsibilities and attachments. Are we truly relaxed in this moment? We can hold on to tension in many forms, sometimes without realizing it, due to overexertion and stress. We are all experiencing stress in our lives to some capacity, many of us at a chronic and overwhelming rate. The combination of cannabis and restorative movement can be incredibly healing, as it increases mindful relaxation. Your yoga practice becomes a movement meditation of sorts. You have the ability to be mindful of the sensations you experience in each pose, aware of how your breath revitalizes you on each inhale and exhale, and this mindfulness leads to an evolving consciousness of what you need in order to relax and restore.

Ganja Yoga classes and events create community!

I have watched many friendships form in class and made friends of my own. I’ve heard from countless students that the Ganja Yoga community is comforting and healing, a place where you can connect with like-minded individuals. You can just be you. You are enough, just as you are right now. You can decide how much cannabis you consume (or if you consume any at all) and at what pace you move or what variation of the yoga pose you take. This community is here to encourage you to personalize your practice, tune in to what you need from the plant and the movement. One of the most enriching pieces of teaching cannabis enhanced yoga is being able to hold a space for all of us.

Ganja Yoga | VITAE Glass

Ganja Yoga classes are fun!

There is a lot of healing energy in laughter, moving your body, listening to music, eating good food, having insightful conversation and sharing your authentic self with others. Yoga is seriously important to me, but my yoga practice doesn’t have to be so serious all the time. Having fun in Ganja Yoga has increased my sense of belonging in my yoga practice. I feel excited to practice yoga, to connect with others, to learn more about myself! Whether you attend a cannabis enhanced event or prefer an at home practice, you are sure to reap more benefits of yoga if you’re having fun doing it. 

Ganja Yoga Oakland is a beginner friendly class. We offer a slow flow restorative yoga practice that incorporates elements of Yin yoga. Ganja Yoga Oakland meets Tuesday night’s and Saturday mornings. Bring your favorite strain and your VITAE piece to our next class and I’ll see you on the mat!

Sound healing workshops, cannabis enhanced dance classes and private lessons are also available! Visit for our current class schedule! Connect with Brittany on insta @elevatedyogini or email

If you’re looking for more resources on combining cannabis and yoga, check out Dee Dussault’s book Ganja Yoga! See you in class soon.

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