Basic Practice - Ganja Yoga by Brittany Russell

Basic Practice - Ganja Yoga by Brittany Russell

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 Brittany Russell Ganja Yoga

Hello VITAE Community! 

My name is Brittany Russell and I am a certified Ganja Yoga instructor. Ganja Yoga has developed into a large community of individuals looking to connect deeper to themselves, the cannabis plant and to their practice. The combination of cannabis and restorative movement can be incredibly healing, as it increases mindful relaxation. Your yoga practice becomes a movement meditation of sorts. You have the ability to be mindful of the sensations you experience in each pose, aware of how your breath revitalizes you on each inhale and exhale, and this mindfulness leads to an evolving consciousness of what you need in order to relax and restore.

I have combined cannabis with all kinds of movement. I combine cannabis and dancing, hiking, swimming, heated yoga classes, Ashtanga classes, Yin yoga and restorative yoga. I also like to change up my method of consuming - sometimes I use flower, a tincture or a topical. I have been exploring a variety of combinations for the past 10 years and I’m still finding new benefits from the plant and movement! Although choosing a combination of movement and cannabis that works for you is a very personal journey – I created the following video to offer a restorative and relaxing yoga posture that I absolutely love to do in my cannabis enhanced practice.

Ganja Yoga Brittany Oakland

This yoga posture’s Sanskrit name is Supta Baddha Konasana a.k.a Reclining Butterfly Pose a.k.a Reclining Bound Angle Pose. Although all those names may stress you out, I assure you the pose will not! This posture has so many benefits – from stimulating the heart, increasing circulation, opening the hips/groin, improving posture and soothing the mind and body. Feel free to follow along with me in the video as I set up this posture. Spark up your VITAE bong and add this to your daily movement to tap in to some deep relaxation and restoration. Enjoy!


Ganja Yoga Oakland is a beginner friendly class. We offer a slow flow restorative yoga practice that incorporates elements of Yin yoga. Ganja Yoga Oakland meets Tuesday night’s and Saturday mornings. Bring your favorite strain and your VITAE piece to our next class and I’ll see you on the mat!

Sound healing workshops, cannabis enhanced dance classes and private lessons are also available! Visit for our current class schedule! Connect with Brittany on insta @elevatedyogini or email

If you’re looking for more resources on combining cannabis and yoga, check out Dee Dussault’s book Ganja Yoga! See you in class soon. 

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