How to smoke a weed pipe

How To Smoke A Weed Pipe: The Best Ways For Glass & Metal Pipes

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Second to sparking a bong, smoking weed from a pipe is probably the most recognized way to enjoy cannabis. However, if you're planning on enjoying your favorite herb from one of these, then you need to know how to smoke a weed pipe properly. It's not as simple as it looks.

With options ranging from sleek, carb-less designs to larger, carb-equipped bowls for group sessions, the variety available caters to both beginners and seasoned smokers alike.

We'll show you how to pack a pipe, light it properly with a butane lighter or hemp wick, cornering, and enjoy a smooth hit without harshness. By the end of this article, you'll be able to enjoy a gratifying experience whether you're smoking a bowl alone or sharing with friends [1][2].

How A Cannabis Pipe Works

All weed pipes are made up of four components that work together to produce the smoke that you inhale:

1. The mouthpiece: This is where you place your mouth and smoke is drawn into your lungs

2. The chamber: This stem connects the bowl and mouthpiece and is usually where the smoke is cooled and filtered

3. The bowl: This holds the cannabis flower that is packed into it for burning

4. The carb hole: This hole in the side of some pipes is used to adjust airflow when inhaling and “clear” the pipe of leftover smoke

Choosing the Right Weed Pipe

If you don't already have one, you'll need to find yourself a weed pipe before you can start lighting up. There are several factors to consider that cater to both functionality and personal style.

Here's a breakdown to guide you through:


  • Glass: Offers a clean taste and allows you to watch the smoke, but can be fragile [9][12].

  • Metal: Durable and less likely to break, ideal for travel, but may affect the flavor if not made correctly [13].

  • Wood: Provides a unique, earthy aesthetic and taste but can be difficult to clean and has a limited lifespan.


  • Carb vs. Carb-less: Carb pipes, often called bowls or spoons, allow for larger sessions and sharing, featuring a small hole for clearing smoke. Carb-less pipes, such as chillums or one-hitters, are designed for quick, discreet sessions.

  • Designs: From artistic and eye-catching glass sherlock pipes to sleek minimalistic spoon pipe designs, you need to choose a cool weed pipe based on your own aesthetic preference [11].

Size and Ease of Use:

  • Bowl Size: Larger bowls pack more cannabis but may be harder to control during lighting [5].

  • Comfort: Ensure the pipe fits comfortably in your hand and is easy to hold leaving your other hand free to light.

  • Maintenance: Can the pipe be taken apart for easy cleaning? Glass pipes can be soaked in isopropyl alcohol, but have difficult-to-reach places within the chamber. Some metal pipes break into parts to clean easier and may require less meticulous care.

Step 1: Preparing Your Cannabis

Before packing your pipe, preparing your cannabis correctly for an even burn is essential to ensure a smooth and enjoyable smoking experience. Here's how to get your cannabis ready:

Grinder with weed inside
Preparing cannabis with metal weed grinder
Grinding cannabis

Grinding for Uniformity:

  • Use a weed grinder with sharp, evenly-spaced teeth to break down your cannabis into a similar consistency. This ensures consistent, even airflow and a uniform burn, which are crucial for a pleasant smoking session [3].

  • Aim for semi-fine ground weed, as it's easier to fit into the bowl and provides the best surface area for an even burn [18].

Whether you're using a glass or metal pipe, preparing your cannabis with care is the first step towards mastering the art of learning how to hit a weed pipe.

Step 2: How To Pack A Pipe

Next, you need to know how to pack your weed pipe correctly to get the experience you want. Here's a step-by-step guide to ensure you get it right:

Packed weed pipes
Metal pipe with cannabis inside
Stylish weed pipe

1. Preparation and Packing:

  • Place a screen at the bottom of the bowl if you're using one. This helps to avoid inhaling small bits of weed [20].

  • Sprinkle ground cannabis into the bowl. While you want your cannabis ground, it should not be too fine to prevent it from being pulled through the pipe during smoking.

  • Start by lightly packing the bottom and gradually increase the density towards the top. This method ensures an even smoke and prevents clogging [3][22].

  • For an extra kick, if your grinder has a kief catcher, sprinkle some kief over your bowl before the final pack [18].

  • Use a tamper tool for a consistent and even pack, ensuring the weed is not too densely packed to allow smooth airflow.

2. Final Touches:

  • Check the packed level; it should not be overpacked as this restricts airflow and makes drawing difficult. The weed should allow for air pockets throughout. This balance is key for a smooth smoking experience [5][25].

If smoking in a group, ensure the bowl is packed enough for everyone in your circle. This communal aspect of pipe smoking is part of the experience, so make sure there's enough to go around [3]. If you're worried about hygiene between users, you can add a mouthpeace pipe filter.

Step 3: How To Light A Pipe and Smoking Techniques

Lighting your weed pipe correctly is not like lighting a cigarette. There is an art to it that if learned correctly, will improve your smoking experience a lot. Here are the techniques to master:

How to light a pipe
How to use a metal pipe
How to hit a weed pipe

Ignition Choices :

  • Use a lighter or hemp wick to light your weed inside the bowl. Hemp wick is preferred for a smoother hit as the ignition temperature is lower resulting in a slow even burn that doesn't scorch your cannabis [2][3][5].

  • Hemp wick, along with wooden matches, can offer a better flavor, avoiding the taste alteration caused by butane lighters [26].

Technique :

  • Hold the pipe up to your mouth, covering any carb hole with your finger or thumb [22].

  • Light the bowl gently to avoid charring the cannabis. Aim to light one side or corner of the bowl to prolong the number of green hits [3][20][23]. This is called cornering.

  • Inhale slowly and deeply as you move the flame around the corners. Hold the smoke in your lungs for a few seconds before exhaling.

  • If using a carb, cover it while inhaling the first half of your drag, then release your finger to allow more air to flow through the carb hole while inhaling the second half. This will increase the burn rate and clear any remaining smoke [1].

  • If you're wondering how to use a metal pipe, the technique is the same. Pack the pipe not too tightly, light it with a hemp wick around the corners of the bowl, and inhale slowly so you don't cough.

Maintenance During Smoking :

  • To put out the bowl once you're done, gently tap your pipe into an ashtray. A toker poker can also be used to remove the burnt cannabis. If your pipe comes with a lid, use that to cup and close the holes of the pipe, taking care not to burn yourself.

  • For cheeried bowls that are still smoking after taking a hit, you can snuff the burning cannabis with a toker poker or the end of a lighter [28].

  • Take breaks between hits to avoid getting too high too quickly [5].

Step 4: Inhaling and Enjoying

Most people think there is only one way to inhale the smoke from your weed pipe. This is mostly due to cigarette culture, however, there is an art that when mastered, can significantly enhance your smoking experience.

Woman smoking metal pipe
Woman exhaling smoke
Metal pipe in case

Inhaling Techniques:

  • Mouth-to-Lung: Draw smoke into your mouth first, then inhale it into your lungs. This method allows you to taste the flavor and the smoke to cool before getting the full hit.

  • Direct Lung: Pull the marijuana smoke directly into your lungs without holding the smoke in your mouth. This technique is more suited for experienced smokers seeking a quicker, more intense high [29].

Understanding the High:

  • Each smoking method delivers a unique experience. Pipes tend to provide a hazy high, distinct from the cleaner high of bongs or the buzzy high of blunts. Knowing this can help you choose your preferred method based on the type of high you're after [30].

Maintenance Tips:

  • Keeping your pipe clean is crucial for smoother and better-tasting smoke. Regularly clear the pipe of resin and debris by blowing or tapping lightly. Remember, while resin can be smoked in a pinch, it's mostly tar with minimal THC content [7][26].

Using Different Types of Pipes: Glass vs Metal Pipes

Now that you know how to smoke a weed pipe, you're all set to start using yours. Right? What if you don't have a pipe yet?

When picking out a cool weed pipe there are many different styles of pipes such as Spoon Pipes, One Hitters, and Bubblers. However, they are all usually made from glass or metal.

To help you get the most out of your new skill, if you don't have a pipe yet, here are some essential tips to follow when picking:

Experimentation and Selection:

  • Experiment with different pipes first to find the one you like. Try your friends or other herb lovers to see which you have the best experience with. Make sure to type both glass pipes and metal pipes.

  • Find reputable brands selling weed pipes online and read the customer reviews to get an idea if it's a quality product and if customer service is reputable.

  • Make sure your purchase comes with a warranty to protect you against damage or returns.

Maintenance and Cleaning:

  • Regular cleaning of your pipe is crucial to reduce bacteria and residual build-up, but no one likes doing it. Choose a pipe that's easy and quick to clean.

  • HØJs KØL features a breakable design that splits in half so you can easily clean the chamber and bowl. This will ensure a better smoking experience over time and prolong the life of your pipe.

Protection and Usage:

  • Always use a screen with your pipe if you can. It prevents cannabis from being sucked through the stem and into your mouth, ensuring a cleaner and more enjoyable smoking session. No one likes scooby snacks!

  • Store your pipe in a protective case or bag to safeguard it from impact shocks and bumps. Glass pipes are more delicate than metal and protecting them is essential to avoid any unwanted accidents.

Go Ahead, You're Ready To Light & Hit Your Weed Pipe

Smoking weed from a pipe is a popular method of cannabis consumption, and now thanks to this guide you can properly smoke a weed pipe.

Focus on choosing the right pipe, preparing and packing your cannabis correctly, lighting and smoking techniques by yourself or with friends, and maintenance tips. These steps not only ensure a smoother smoke but also extend the life and functionality of your chosen pipe.

How To Smoke A Weed Pipe FAQs

How to smoke out of a pipe without wasting weed?

By packing your bowl carefully and controlling your inhale, you will maximize the usage of your weed and ensure none of it goes to waste. Take your time, enjoy the process, and savor your weed.

How to smoke weed from a pipe without a carb?

Smoking weed from a pipe without a carb (also known as a choke) is about mastering the inhalation technique. As you light the corner of the bowl control the smoke intake by by taking slow and gentle breaths. If you inhale too quickly, the weed may burn too fast and it might result in harsh, hot smoke. With a bit of practice, you'll be able to enjoy your smoking sessions even without the carb.

How to smoke weed from a pipe without coughing?

Smoking weed from a pipe can often cause coughing, especially for beginners. Start by taking controlled hits reducing the volume of smoke that enters your lungs. Inhale the smoke slowly and then exhale slowly. Keep your throat hydrated. Clean your pipe regularly and choose high-quality cannabis. If you continue to have problems coughing, it may be best to try a different method of consumption, such as edibles or vaping.

How to smoke weed from a pipe without smell?

Smoking cannabis from a pipe will always result in an odor but you can reduce the smell by using a smoke filter, installing air purifiers, and deploying a Smoke Buddy. Some strains of marijuana have a less potent smell than others. Lastly, if possible, exhale the smoke outdoors or through a window.

How to smoke weed in a pipe without a screen?

Smoking weed in a pipe without a screen can be accomplished by taking a small, unground nugget of weed and placing it at the bottom of your pipe's bowl. This will act as a natural screen and prevent the finely ground weed from getting sucked into the pipe and your mouth. Apply heat to the side of the bowl as it allows the weed to burn more evenly and last longer.

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