How to Use a Grinder 101

How to Use a Grinder 101

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Many first time smokers come across the common task of needing to break up their bud but do not have the right tools. Are your still using your fingers or scissors for this sticky task? If so, we recommend investing in a quality grinder to make your life much easier. 

What is a grinder? 

A grinder is an apparatus that grind/cut/slice up your cannabis particles into finer pieces which is loved by stoners worldwide. This tool usually comes in a palm-sized cylindrical-shape consisting of two interlocking halves, top, and bottom, that can easily be separated. Also, the metal teeth patterns which grind your weed into fine form are found within the top and bottom.

Vitae Rosewood Grinder

Stoners can place their dry cannabis flower between the teeth of the grinder and twist it in opposite directions to grind. Twisting facilitates the movement of the teeth, holding the dry flower between them and turn it into small, uniform particles. 

Herb grinders, also known as “bud grinders,” have different shapes and sizes. Some come in 3-Piece and 4-Piece designs, with extra chambers and screens that facilitate the removal of your dry herb after it’s been ground. Grinders can be produced from different materials, including wood, metal, or plastic, and come in a variety of color options. 

Vitae Rosewood Grinder

A grinder consists of four components, including the grinder lid (far right), the grinder teeth piece (Right centerpiece), the flower or weed chamber (left centerpiece), and the kief catching chamber (far left). These four pieces are prevalent in a four-chamber grinder. 

Assembling your grinder

Assembling your grinder is easy. Just take the weed chamber and attach it on top of the kief chamber then screw. After that, connect the grinder teeth to the top chamber. Lastly, take the lid and place it on top of the grinder teeth. Here’s how to fully use of grinder;

  1. Open the lid of the grinder, then grab your dry buds and break it up into even pieces uniformly around the grinder teeth. Then evenly place the buds on the grinder teeth. Avoid placing buds on the center of the grinder teeth because its where the magnet holding the lid is found.  

  2. After placing the buds into the grinder teeth, then you can begin the grinding off your cannabis. Place the lid of the grinder on top of the grinder teeth so that the center magnet holds the lid into place. When the cover is balanced, you can begin grinding. Spin the lid carefully several times to ensure that all of the buds are fine enough to fall through the holes in the grinder teeth. 

  3. When the buds are uniform in size to your taste, detach the upper two sections of the grinder by firmly grasping the base of the grinder before twisting off the grinder teeth section and the lid from the bottom of the grinder. Detaching the two upper parts of the grinder, will give you the ground up buds in the flower chamber. The buds will be uniform enough to fit in your joint, bong, and one-hitter.  

  4. To detach the kief chamber from the flower chamber, hold each section firmly, and gently turn until both pieces are separated. This will leave you with a chamber filled with a nice layer of kief. You can add some kief on top of a bowl, joint, blunt, or bong rip to make it more potent. 

We hope you liked this quick tutorial on how to use a grinder and hope you will not need to use your fingers/scissors anymore. For more grinder options, you can check out our grinder selection for some of the best grinders in the world.

The HOJ KLIP grinder picture below is a fully magnetic grinder that slices your buds instead of grinding it. Available here


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