Top 5 customizable bongs

Top 5 Customizable Bongs And Their Benefits To Personalize Your Smoking Experience

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Are you looking to take your smoking experience to the next level with a bong that's as unique as you are? Customizable bongs offer the perfect solution, allowing you to create a personalized piece that suits your exact preferences and style.

With options like interchangeable components, mix-and-match parts, and easy-to-clean designs, customizable bongs put you in control of your smoking setup.

In this article, we'll explore the top 5 customizable bongs on the market, whether you're looking to build your own bong from scratch or simply want the flexibility to switch up your setup, these bong brands have you covered.

Customizable Bongs

Aside from that, bongs have plenty of benefits. Here are 5 customizable bongs and their benefits:


VITAE Glass offers a revolutionary approach to customizable bongs with our modular design. Build them as tall or as short as you’d like. It’s all up to you.

Our bongs are made from non-porous, laboratory-grade borosilicate glass that is easy to clean and provides smooth hits; it doesn’t trap residue or odors. We also offer cleaning caps to clean your piece easily. Just add your cleaning solution, cap the mouthpiece, and plug the downstem: and you’re off.

You can shake your cleaning solution without flinging it all over the place because all the openings are tightly plugged.

The detachable nature of VITAE Glass's customizable bongs makes them easier to clean, store, and transport than traditional bongs. And if accidents do happen, your bong parts won't all shatter. Replace the one that broke and your bongs are as good as new.

VITAE Glass allows you to personalize your smoking experience by choosing from various bases, mouthpieces, percolators, and connector rings. The 16-inch Voyager Bong is the most popular choice with every part of the modular bong customizable, down to the connector rings.

Each piece has a low-key yet unique look, so it looks nice sitting on your shelves.

For every modular bong sold, VITAE Glass pledges to plant one tree per module with a goal of 1 million trees by 2030 [19]. By choosing VITAE Glass, you enjoy a high-quality smoking experience and contribute to a more sustainable planet.

We're committed to reducing single-use plastics and non-recycled materials in our bongs, making them an eco-friendly choice for cannabis enthusiasts.

Hoss Bongs

Hoss Bongs

Hoss Glass offers full-piece and modular bongs. Choose your base, middle, and top for your customizable bong.

There are a few different beaker bases to choose from. Their unique Triple Inline Diffuser base incorporates a triple inline percolator to filter smoke and ash, eliminating the need for a downstem and reducing the number of parts to clean.

The middle sections of Hoss bongs feature percolators in vibrant colors. Some of these percolators are tree percs, with glass tubes called arms extending from the primary trunk, resembling a tree branch. But, it’s not just for looks. The arms extend from the tube into the water, filtering the smoke and water through them, resulting in a clean, smooth hit for you.

Hoss offers top attachments in various designs, such as a curved kink top that gives your bong a standout look. They also have a top piece that can be placed in the freezer before smoking to provide cold, smooth bong rips. You can choose between blue, red, or green liquid for this freezable top.

One cool thing about Hoss is their blowout section, where customers can purchase bongs that have been lightly damaged (but still functional) at a reduced price.

Cheech Glass

Cheech Glass

Cheech Glass offers a range of customizable bongs that allow you to personalize your smoking experience [25]. Cheech Glass is the only glass company licensed and endorsed by the beloved pair themselves: Tommy Chong and Cheech Marin. The pieces are made with high-quality, borosilicate glass.

The modular design of Cheech bongs enables you to choose your preferred base, percolators, and mouthpieces. With various designs available for each component, you can create a unique bong that suits your style and preferences [27].

Assembling your Cheech bong is easy, thanks to the detachable parts that connect using traditional plastic keck clips. However, some force may be required to attach and detach the components.

As pioneers in advocating for medical marijuana pipes and accessories, Cheech Glass has gained popularity across Canada and internationally.

Whether you're a fan of Cheech and Chong or simply appreciate well-crafted smoking accessories, Cheech Glass offers a range of customizable bongs that combine quality materials, innovative design, and the iconic Cheech branding.



STAX, the modular bong system from Grav Labs, allows you to customize your smoking experience with interchangeable components. With a wide variety of bases, percolators, and mouthpieces to choose from, you can create a unique bong that suits your exact preferences.

The design of every STAX piece is the same, your classic glass look. No color, no designs. Just clear glass. Except for the glycerin coil, which goes in the freezer an hour or so before smoking to give you the coolest and least harsh bong rips.

Most of STAX’s bases are straight pieces such as the straight flare foot base beaker base, or the unique turbine base that creates a whirlpool effect. There are several percolator options, including tree percs, coil percs for smooth hits, circle percs, and halo percs.

STAX mouthpieces come in a range of designs to suit your style. The angled mouthpiece provides a comfortable smoking angle [41], while the triple pinch and trumpet mouthpieces offer a classic look. For a standout appearance, opt for the helix mouthpiece with its eye-catching spiral design.

Like traditional modular pieces, they too use keck clips to assemble together.

Weeday Bongs

Weeday Bong

Weeday is the newest brand on the block offering a range of customizable bongs that feature plastic modular designs to personalize your setup. The detachable nature of Weeday bongs eliminates cleaning headaches, its easy-clean technology and ergonomic design ensure every hit is fresh and ready for your next session without stubborn residues or odors.

Weeday's dishwasher-safe bongs make cleaning even easier.

The anti-splash design effectively blocks water from reaching your mouth, UV-treated silicone covers for enhanced protection with style, and a patent-pending ergonomic design for comfortable grip and improved control.

The Era of Personalized Bong Options

Customizable bongs have revolutionized the smoking experience, offering cannabis enthusiasts the freedom to create a personalized piece that caters to their unique preferences.

From the modular designs of VITAE Glass and Stax to the iconic branding of Cheech Glass, there is a customizable option for every smoker. These innovative brands have made it easier than ever to enjoy a high-quality, tailored smoking experience.

When it comes to finding the perfect bong, the best choice is the one you can build yourself. Browse custom bongs and stoner accessories at VITAE Glass to discover the ideal components for your personalized piece.

With the ability to customize your bong, you can elevate your smoking sessions and enjoy a truly unique experience that reflects your style and preferences.

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