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How to Store your Flower

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Apart from knowing where to source for good quality weed, the next thing any smoker should know is to properly store and preserve the potency of your favorite cannabis strainsYou do not want your buds to dry up and lose its flavorsor worse when it becomes moldy and unsmokable. Granted, if you got your flower from a quality source, they already come in nice tiny jars. But if you are dealing with a bigger quantity, you’ll need an upgrade.

Main things to consider: 

-Smell/Light proof 

These are the basic requirements for a container to function as a stash jar. Stash jars need to be airtight and ideally be able to contain the smell too 

A basic mason jar works fine but do note that cured cannabis is not a fan of sunlight. Prolonged exposure to sunlight will dry up your stash quickly. If you are using any clear glass containers, make sure to store them in a cool, dark place.  

-NO plastics  

Glass jars are the best, metal ones are okay, but never ever store your precious flower in plastic containers. There is static in plastic containers and the material itself has corrosive effects that might contaminate your buds after prolonged storage.  

Contaminated buds not only lose potency, but smoking it may also lead to serious health issues. 

-Is it the right size for your quantity? 

Not the most important, as long as you have enough space to store all your pot. But if you are on your way to becoming a quality grower or a true cannabis connoisseur, size matters. 

Storing quarter ounce in a huge 2L jar is going to potentially trap more oxygen whenever you open the jar; oxidation is going to make your flower age faster, defeating the purpose of a stash jar. Get a container that fills your weed nicely to the brim  

As a company that produces bongs that are easy to clean  & travel-friendlyhere are our staff picks for stash containers that we feel perfectly complement our pieces 


Can Lock 

Price: USD$10 

Canlock | VITAE Glass

Can Lock is a handy glass jar that comes with a unique vacuum pump lid that is bound to keep your flower sealed with freshness intact. They currently only offer the jars in one size, which can hold up to 14 grams of herbsEach container is accessorised with an optional red band in the cap that helps you differentiate between two jars of strains!  

Why we love it: 

It’s lightweight and sleek design makes it a perfect companion for any sort of travellingAlso, who doesn’t love peeking through their glass jar to appreciate the beautiful herbs stored inside?  


Price: USD$15-$22 

Jyarz | VITAE Glass

Jyarz stash jarcome in 3 portable sizes to meet your quantity needs. Each container also comes with an exclusive TripleBlockTM design for your dry herbs: A silicone gasket underneath its screw-on cap to ensure a perfectly airtight seal, lined with aouter covering made out of recycled HPDE plasticspecifically chosen for rugged use while keeping your herb fresh 

The most important aspect of this design is its ability to contain the dank door and at the same time keep out harmful UV lights for your cannabis. The outer covering comes in various colorways for you to choose from, and it’s bound to funk up your outdoor adventures wherever you bring it.

Why we love it:

JYARZ is an eco-conscious company that is dedicated to saving the oceans by using only recycled and recyclable materials (Recycled milk jugs! How cool is that?)and also pledging 1% of every sale to nonprofit organisations researching on issues associated with ocean plastic trash.  

Similarly at VITAE Glass, for every glass piece purchased you are planting a tree in collaboration with, an organisation focused on global reforestation. #smokeforacause 


Price: USD$49-$99 

Coto | VITAE Glass

For those who enjoy the finest things in life, or if you have a bigger budget to splash on a worthy showpiece. The attention to detail on this Coto made KnoxTM Locking scent-proof jar is immaculate.

Why we love it: 

For USD$99, you are getting a quality 4”x 4” anti-static glass jar wrapped in fine American hide-leather sleeve that seals with a polished Black Walnut CapOne final touch is a clasp that locks your jar securely and perfect for on the go. Beautiful.  

This holiday season, if you have travel plans and wish to enjoy your smokes while exploringconsider pairing a piece of VITAE glass with a quality stash jar. It’s going to keep your buds & lungs green and happy.

Looking for a smoother, durable, and healthier bong? VITAE Glass is perfect for you. It is designed especially for daily and busy smokers.

VITAE Glass Build a bong

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This article is written by Ashton Leow, a cannabis and soccer enthusiast


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