Best Places to Smoke in Oakland

Best Places to Smoke in Oakland

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Where to smoke in Oakland | VITAE Glass

Although many people will acknowledge that any place is right enough to smoke weed, some areas are certainly more exciting than others. Oakland has comfortable spots as well as 420 friendly places for cannabis enthusiasts. If you're visiting Oakland and find yourself in urgent need to smoke, then you'll find a lot of comfortable places. Below is a list of the best places to smoke in Oakland.  

Morcom Amphitheater of Roses 

Morcom Amphitheater of Roses | VITAE Glass

Credit: Livingnewdeal

Stoners are regularly encouraged to calm down, take a break, and enjoy the essence of life using the spirit of marijuana. This place is just like its name, and you'll discover the scents of different flowers from roses to the pot. The smell of roses is further enhanced when it's mixed with cannabis, which increases the elevation. Nonetheless, when smoking in the morcom amphitheater of roses, stay away from the water features, or you may be asked to leave.  

Martin Luther King, Jr. Civic Center Park 

Martin Luther King, Jr. Civic Center Park | VITAE Glass

Credit: SF Station

When MLK said he had a dream, a group of stoners smoking weed at the central park was part of that dream. This park is best suited for smoking because it's found just several blocks away from the epicenter of downtown Berkeley. Furthermore, this area has a wide array of cuisines to satisfy the munchies that come after smoking.  

Snow Park

Snow Park | VITAE Glass

Credit: Piedmontexedra

If you're in Downtown Oakland and lazy to stroll to Lake Merritt, you can move to Lakeside Park, which is an excellent spot for smoking. The snow park is filled with several shady trees and a few benches where you can sit, and smoke weed. The lake and cityscape views make this place suitable for those who need to quickly escape the hustle and chaos of downtown before heading back up towards Broadway. 

Albany Bulb 

Albany Bulb | VITAE Glass

Credit: Sf.curbed

This site was previously for hiking and adult playground area. It has many large art installations all spread across the coast to enhance your climbing pleasure. It has an abundance of large formations built from rusted beams or repurposed garbage suitable for any stoner. This location also has enough space for you to light up with your friends.

Lake Merritt Lakeside Park 

Lake Merritt Lakeside Park | VITAE Glass

Credit: Oaklandnorth

The lake is one of the famous places in Oakland, and most residents have light up their joints for at least once. Most stoners in Oakland have their spots around the lake that they are accustomed to visiting in the afternoon. This place has the perfect picturesque, but when you high before you'll realize that the lake is filled with garbage. The lake also has a bird conservatory surrounding it, which offers a ton of wildlife to smoke weed and view. Also, if you want to be adventurous, there are several boats to rent from the lakeside boating center and enjoy the middle of the lake while enjoying your joint. 

These best places to smoke weed in Oakland are always on the rise for people who want to smoke weed all day. Stoners can freely roll up their weed when visiting any of these locations.

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