Best Places to Smoke in Las Vegas

Best Places to Smoke in Las Vegas

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Where to Smoke in Las Vegas | VITAE Glass

The legalization of recreational marijuana in Las Vegas has made the city to become more exciting. However, users can’t freely light up their joints in a casino. There specific rules to follow in Las Vegas when it concerns the smoking of cannabis. In this article we will provide you with the best places where you can smoke cannabis without paying fines — keep reading for our guide to the best 420-friendly places in Las Vegas!

Finding the best places to smoke in Vegas can be somehow challenging due to Legal restrictions on smoking in public places. Nonetheless, there are numerous private residences which permit the smoking of cannabis. Also, some Airbnb’s accommodate weed-friendly tourists who travel distances to enjoy Vegas cannabis. Always check whether the listing says 420-friendly before booking.

Herbology Tours 

Herbology Tours Las Vegas | VITAE Glass

Are you looking for an exciting and informative cannabis experience? Then the Herbology Tours is the place for you.

Herbology Tours is the perfect place for stoners who want to enjoy different cannabis-centered Las Vegas tours.

This place offers cannabis enthusiasts with a delightful mix of craft beers and marijuana.

What could be better than that?


If you want to get the ultimate educational cannabis experience, then Cannabus is the perfect place for you. Cannabus offers stoners with the opportunity to visit cultivation facilities, different production centers for marijuana edibles and extracts. Stoners will also get to visit the best dispensaries in Vegas.

Cannibination museum tour

Cannabition Cannabis Museum

Credit: Cannabition Cannabis Museum

The Cannabition Cannabis Museum is one of the best places in Vegas for the best cannabis experience.

Installation art mixes with trippy funhouse in Cannabition.  This tour will give you a taste of the marijuana journey from seed to harvest. Furthermore, you will be able to discover exhibits on the history and ritual of consuming cannabis.

The aim of Cannibination is to present the culture and history of cannabis cultivation while recreating the sensations of smoking weed with their distinct exhibits.

Stoners can also happily witness the rare cannabis memorabilia, for example seeing the world’s largest bong, which measures a whopping 24 feet!

Cultivating spirits

Cultivating Spirits | VITAE Glass

Credit: cultivating spirits

Cultivating Spirits presents a canna-culinary experience. This location provides the necessary tools for creating a marijuana-infused dinner party. Although public consumption is illegal in Vegas, Cultivating Spirits offers an indoor smoking experience. Their job is to provide stoners with a great 420 experience at your home or 420 friendly rentals.

420 tour Las Vegas

Cannabis Tour | VITAE Glass

Credit: cannabis tours

The 420 tours in Vegas is the best way to begin and end your trip on a high note. 420 Tours Las Vegas is one of the most unique cannabis experiences in the world.

Smoke your weed in style while riding in 420 tours after your flight. When you arrive in Las Vegas, 420 tours guide you into a luxury party bus where the first stop is the best dispensary where you can choose between the best buds.

The 420-cannabis tour is very suitable for smoking, and users can easily light up their joints while enjoying Las Vegas.

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