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Best Places to Smoke in Las Vegas

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 Where to Smoke in Las Vegas | VITAE Glass

Best Places to Smoke in Las Vegas 

Las Vegas, Nevada, or otherwise affectionately known as Sin City, was the eighth state in the U.S to legalize the use of recreational marijuana. Being dubbed as a “city that never sleeps”, Las Vegas hosts up to 40 million tourists a year and is set to welcome more influx of foreigners as cannabis becomes socially accepted againHowever, if you and a few mates are planning to travel down, buy some buds, roll up blunts and freely smoke along the Las Vegas Strip, hold that thought! Ironically with their array of vices in Casinos and strip joints, the state of Nevada holds a strict enforcement law on cannabis consumption in public places 

Where can I smoke in Las Vegas?  

Cannabis Cup Las Vegas | VITAE Glass 

In recent years, Las Vegas’s involvement in the cannabis industry has been immense; for example they recently successfully hosted Cannabis Cup by HIGH TIMESwhere people gather to celebrate and vote for their favourite cannabis strains. They are also home to annual events like CHAMPS Trade Show, where vendors from worldwide come in to showcase their new functional glass bongs for cannabis consumption.  

Smoking in Las Vegas | VITAE Glass 

One major conflict of interest is that while Nevada has legalized the use and possession of recreational marijuana, you are essentially not allowed to consume any of it in public places — that includes the Uber you ride on, the hotel room you’re going to be staying in, and even in the dispensary you just purchased 1/8th of Blue Dream from. Anyone caught consuming marijuana in public gets slapped a hefty $600 fine! Way to kill your high.

Note: You are NOT allowed to possess any marijuana when entering casinos!

Unless you know of someone who has a private residence in Las Vegas, smoking cannabis in Las Vegas can be quite bothersome. For first timers in the city, do not be deterred by the law in place, all hope is not lost! As the cannabis industry continues to boom in the U.S, more locals and vendors are opening up 420-friendly places in the vicinity, all you have to do is know where to look! 

If going to smoke in Las Vegas, Nevada is part of your next adventure, read on as we bring you a guide on how you can enjoy your cannabis legally and safely.  

Places to stay in Las Vegas: Weed friendly  

The Las Vegas strip can be full of life, but sometimes too much of it can be tiring. Some days you just want to be away from the crowd, kick back and relax your Las Vegas’s finest weed. Therefore it is preferable if you find a 420-friendly lodging in Las Vegas.

Unfortunately, most hotels in Las Vegas do not allow the use of marijuana as these places are wholly regarded as “public premises”. Though it is worth noting that with the legal cannabis market opening up, some hosts on Airbnb have already begun listing their place as “420-friendly”. These listings are usually situated just off the Las Vegas strip.

This is certainly a viable option; keep a lookout for those keywords in the Airbnb listing. If unsure, you could always consider communicating directly with the host to possibly strike a deal in favour of both partiesTo make things even simpler, there are also websites like Trip101 that works similarly to Airbnb, but only offering 420-friendly places close to the Las Vegas Strip.  

Where can I find cannabis in Las Vegas?  

Now onto the main purpose of your trip: The weed. Here we look at a few highly rated dispensaries to look out for if you are in town and want to stash up before hitting the Las Vegas strip:

Tip: Nevada accepts out-of-state medical marijuana cardsif you are looking to save money on buds and get more efficient service, bring along all your paperwork!  

 Planet 13 | VITAE Glass

Planet 13  

The state of Nevada boasts an incredible number of 334 casinos in total— the most in a state, with the US being number one in the world— now they can also claim to have the largest cannabis dispensary in the world.

Planet 13 is an all-access, 24-hour “Cannabis superstore” and entertainment complex. Yes, a complex. This $7.5 million entertainment hub for cannabis enthusiasts is 120,000 feet and is set to be one of the biggest-scale investment in the rapidly-growing cannabis industry.  

 Planet 13 Dispensaries | VITAE Glass

Whether you are looking for unique cannabis strains, or simply just some disposable vape pens and pre-rolls, this luxurious dispensary is going to provide you with a high end experience.

Tip: If you know a local, bring him along! Locals are entitled to 20%* discount at the store. Also, they run special deals from midnight-8am daily. 

*offer stands as of 01/23/2020. For more details, check out their website.  

 Reef Dispensaries | VITAE Glass

Reef Dispensaries 

Founded by an American rapper and entrepreneur Berner, Reef dispensaries has chain stores across Arizona and Nevada. Their flagship store is located near the stripdealing with both retail and cultivation on cannabis. Thanks to Berner’s affiliation with Wiz Khalifa (he is signed to Taylor Gang Entertainment), Reefer dispensaries offer an exclusive line of Tryke and Khalifa Kush products.   

 Reef Las Vegas | VITAE Glass 

Everything is systematic in Reef dispensary; you walk along a row of long tables with jars of beautifully grown cannabis buds, accompanied by friendly staff to guide you along the way. The whole experience draws resemblance like walking into a Apple Genius bar.  

Do note that not all of their stores open 24/7! 

 Reef Dispensaries Las Vegas | VITAE Glass

NuWu Cannabis Marketplace 

Said to be the first legal cannabis consumption place in Las Vegas, the NuWu Cannabis Marketplace is host to at least 200 brands of Nevada made marijuana products. With 16,000 square feet of shop space, there is plenty of legroom for fellow cannabis newcomers and enthusiasts alike to mingle.  

Plan a half-day trip there so you have ample time to be immersed in the thousands of products they have in store. However if time constraint is an issue, NuWu Marketplace has the perfect solution for you to still enjoy Nevada’s finest, with minimal fuss 

 Nuwu Las Vegas | VITAE Glass

Getting high in Las Vegas

For true cannabis enthusiasts who have minimal interest in risking chips on the poker table or getting drunk at a nightclub, there are some interesting cannabis-related activities in Las Vegas that can help broaden your knowledge for this magical plant, and perhaps widen your cannabis social circle too: 

Herbology Tours 

Herbology Tours Las Vegas | VITAE Glass

Herbology Tours offers an unique educational experience for consumers who are keen to explore the world of legalized marijuana in Las Vegas. Joining a tour would also mean you avoid the troubles of sourcing for your own buds and then finding a private location to smoke.  

Smoke Weed Las Vegas | VITAE Glass 

If you are a new tokerhop on the tour to learn more about the healing properties of marijuana and how you can properly consume. For experienced cannabis users, this is a chance for you to truly witness how the whole cannabis cultivation process works.

With 25 years of experience in the touring, entertainment and cannabis industriesHerbology Tours promises to take you on a journey to “Become Highly Educated”.

What to look forward to?  

Despite the lack of public places to enjoy cannabis in Nevada, the state still managed to rake in a whooping $30 million in marijuana taxes during their first six months of recreational marijuana legalization. You can almost be certain that more places are going to open up for public consumption in the near future.  

However at this point, locals continue to advocate for the cannabis plant by organizing private cannabis clubs where people gather to enjoy a good smoke and have some laughs.

Stay high, but enjoy safely 

One key factor to consider before you start your cannabis adventure in Las Vegas: it pays to be discreet when consuming cannabisLocal authorities remain vigilant in cracking down the use of marijuana in public places, and we all know spraying some deodorant & chewing gum would not help cover the strong stench that lingers after a joint or a blunt.  

Thankfully, in the world of legalized recreational marijuana there are plenty of alternatives to get high without smelling like you just came out of a hotboxSwitching to edibles is an increasingly popular option for many cannabis users, as it eliminates the odor completely.  

Vape pens and dry herb vaporizers are also great ways to enjoy your cannabis when you are in this part of town, although these devices still let out some smell and smoke. In any case, do practice caution and make sure you are in a legal spot before taking a hit.  

Lastly, “Whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”. It remains federally illegal to cross states in possession of marijuana. Take plenty of photos, spread plenty of good vibes in Las Vegas, but finish up your buds before you leave!

This article was written by Ashton Leow, a soccer enthusiast and cannabis advocate.

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