Best Places to Smoke in Toronto, Canada

Best Places to Smoke in Toronto, Canada

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Canada is going through a mass of cannabis enthusiasts with many establishments, highly welcoming stoners from all over the world to consume their cannabis without shame or guilt. Since Canada legalized cannabis, there has been a rush of cannabis from different backgrounds. Therefore, both medical and recreational consumers can get high in the sunshine. Thus, read local smoking policies and consume discretely when in public areas. Here are some of the best places to smoke in Toronto Canada. 

Vapor Central 

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Vapor Central is among the best places to have a sesh for several occasions. It's an excellent place to visit when you want to catch a comedy show, see a band play, or pop on a pair of headphones while getting high. It's very affordable to visit, and they have varieties of bongs and vaporizers to use.

Planet Paradise 

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Situated right in the Winchester St, Planet Paradise is an indoor vape lounge that provides a whole new smoking experience. It has live DJs, snack bars, PS4, and arcade.


It also has tons of events such as bingos, comedy night and holiday parties. It also has charging stations for your phone, something I have not yet seen in other vape lounges. 

The Underground Cafe & Social Club 

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Comedy and cannabis work together, and the Underground Comedy Club is the perfect place to visit if you want to have a great time while getting high. The 4:20-generous space can be found right under the Puff Mama head shop in the east end of the city. This place is perfect for those who want to check out the latest cannabis accessories while laughing at some great comedy.  

Cannabis Cooking Company  

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Cannabis edibles were recently legalized in Canada, and individuals can easily make their edibles at home or buy from online retailers. Cannabis Cooking Company presents you with everything you need to know about making your edibles.


It teaches you how to cook using cannabis, gives you the history of cooking with the plant, and how to choose the best strains.

Camping or Cottage Getaway 

Consuming cannabis outdoors is an excellent experience. Stoners can enjoy the fresh air and wide-open spaces, matched with a strain filled with terpenes that will make you enjoy weed from another dimension. Get high with your friends while surrounding the fire, as well as chat while getting lost in the hypnotic flames. You can bring back old memories from your high school days and talk about your wildest experiences while lighting up your favorite strains. However, if you don't like camping, then consider a cannabis-friendly Bud and Breakfast is found in your location so you can benefit from the great outdoors and indoor plumbing.

Camping Toronto


Toronto is filled with different types of stoners with excess retail stores and pot-themed activities to accommodate stoners. Even before the legalization of marijuana in Canada, Toronto functioned as the capital for future developments in the industry, which makes it an essential place for the cannabis community to progress and attract more people into their circle.

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