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Best Places to smoke in Seattle

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Where to smoke in Seattle | VITAE Glass

Washington is among the first states to legalize the use of recreational marijuana. The state still regulates how much cannabis you can buy and where you can smoke; however, the rules on cannabis consumption are still laxer when compared to those of other states. Visit these areas if you want to enjoy your recreational weed.

Chihuly Garden and Glass

Kurt Cobain Riverfront Park | VITAE Glass

credit: chilhulgardenandglass

Stoners love beautiful glass artworks because most great pipes are built from glass. Nonetheless, Chihuly Garden and Glass don't sell bongs, but it offers a great experience of the natural world as envisioned by one of the best glass artists in the world.

The presentations of Dale Chihuly include a large garden where glass serves as the representative of plants. Glass flowers can be seen hanging on the ceiling in bright reds and oranges. At the same time, brilliant blue stems burst out from the ground. It can look strange when you're sober, but it's impressive when you're super high.

Jimi Hendrix Statue 

Jimi Hendrix Statue | VITAE Glass

credit: quirkytravelguy 

This is the best chance for you to light up with Jimi Hendrix. Everyone wants to smoke with Seattle's famous statue of Jimi. Since smoking in public areas is technically illegal, you'll have to light up before heading down Broadway. It's still a very great experience.

LICK Pure Cream

Lick Ice Cream

credit: gcoupon

If you have ever been to Seattle's South Lake Union area, then you'll quickly locate the Yale Avenue and, eventually, land in LICK Pure Cream. This is among the top delectable ice cream shops in the city. It offers a variety of flavors, including bananas foster, blueberry pie, and rim coffee cake, which are very delicious.

Hoh National Rainforest

Hoh National Rainforest | VITAE Glass

credit: At Home In Wild Spaces

Several decades ago, there was a rainforest that linked Alaska to central California. Most of that is nonexistent nowadays, but a small piece still exists at Hoh National Rainforest. The dense forest has massive trees that make it seem like the Amazon. You can expect to see a lot of wildlife in this area. This foliage is so dense that no one will notice if you smoke large quantities of marijuana.

Kurt Cobain Riverfront Park

Kurt Cobain Riverfront Park | VITAE Glass

credit: tripadvisor

Kurt Cobain was a big cannabis enthusiast, and one of his songs was titled marijuana. The entire song contains the word marijuana. The song can still listen online in some streaming platforms. Unfortunately, Kurt died without getting to enjoy legal weed. Stoners can even smoke some weed around Kurt's grave in Kurt Cobain Riverfront Park in his hometown, Aberdeen.

Macrina Bakery

Macrina Bakery | VITAE Glass

Credit: macrinabakery

Macrina is among the top bakeries in Seattle. Everything found in this bakery is manually made and freshly baked. If you feel like eating some delicious treats after getting high, then this is a great spot.

Stevens Pass

Stevens Pass

credit: stevenspass

Rolling up a beautiful mixture of Sativa strains will provide the high needed for you to experience most recreational activities at Stevens Pass. Light up while riding your mountain bike on the trails during sunny days. You can also bring your skis to enjoy the ice in winter. This area is also natural and offers a fantastic view for those who like gazing.

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