Easy Way to Clean your Bong

Do you dread cleaning you glass? So did we, thats why we made VITAE to be the safest, easiest to clean glass pieces out there! You can save AT LEAST 50% time on the cleaning process, so you can get back to hitting your glass sooner. 

Here's a few quick steps on cleaning your glass:

VITAE Glass cleaning your bong

It really is that simple...

How is it easier:

With the detachable parts and game changing cleaning caps, your cleaning headaches is a thing of the past. No longer will you be using paper towels or your hands to seal up the pieces, simply cap it off, plug it up and you're ready to go.

Cleaning something small beats cleaning a large piece anyday, unless you're a giant, in that case, you would want a big piece. 

Why keep your glass clean:

A clean bong is essential in keeping your hits smooth and refreshing like the day you got it. It is advisable to at least change out your water after every use. Bacteria is known to grow inside the water in less than 24 hours, so change your water folks. 


If you would like a step by step, check out the below manual or read our blogs on cleaning here

VITAE Glass bong cleaning guide