How to Ensure Smooth Bong Rips for Beginners

How to Ensure Smooth Bong Rips for Beginners

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So, your wanting to try out the great practice of bong rips? Well, you have come to the right place to find out just how to accomplish that for the first time without hacking up a lung in the process. Not only do bongs, or water pipes as you might have heard them referred, take on a whole art category on their own but they also make for smoother hits all together.  

In order to avoid a coughing fit we must first understand what causes them and that is lack of filtration. But how do we accomplish better filtration for our bong? In short, percolators and ash catchers should be your best friends as they will help accomplish filtration with ease. We are going to be discussing those two a little more in detail shortly however, first we need to understand why we should even use a bong in the first place as oppose to a dry pipe or jay. 

Why Should You Try a Bong? 

  • Moisturizing: To be blunt, dry hits are harsh. Water pipes on the other hand, are not harsh because they force smoke to interact with water causing the heated water to turn into water vapor that makes the smoke smoother on your lungs and throat.  
  • Cooling:  The smoke coming out of your bowl is hot and this is due to the fact that some lighters can get up to 3600 degrees Fahrenheit. The water slows down the path to the lungs therefore giving it longer to cool to a room temp before your inhale. 
  • Filtration: The moment the smoke touches the water inside the bong it is filtered. This is why function videos on Instagram are so popular because the more bubbles on the surface area of the water equals more filtration. Water is a polar molecule and that means once the water interacts with smoke it magnetically attracts polar contaminates taking them out of the smoke.  


Now that we know why we should smoke a bong for the first time, lets make that hit smoother shall we? The first way to insure this is from a good percolator , which forces the smoke to travel through water allowing the water to filter chemicals not so good for your body especially if you use a butane lighter. The main purpose of a perc is to cool down the smoke before the inhale making the hit less harsh. Each hole is a diffusion point, which means more holes equals more diffusion. However, it is important to note that it also adds to the drag of each hit and that is dependent on each individuals lung compacity so be careful.  

Ash Catchers 

The other tool to ensuring a smooth first time and every time hit is the ash catcher, which is simply the second step in cooling smoke. They separate the bowl from the bong and keeps the ash from falling directly into your water or from splashing back into your mouth. Trust us, you never want to taste that. Most water pipes come with a built-in ash catcher but if not, don’t worry, you can purchase one in many different shapes and sizes. Be sure you pay attention to weight; you do not want your bong to tip over because the ash catcher unbalances it.  

A couple other things to keep in mind before you take your first hit. 

  • Make sure the water temp is lukewarm and not hot or ice cold as you are getting used to smoking with water. 
  • You get to decide how much of the bowl you want to smoke by how much of it you want to light so do not worry about over packing! 
  • Once you light the bowl, take a long drag but do not use all your air as when you pull the bowl from the bong you will need air compacity to get the smoke into your lungs. 

Now, grab your hemp wick and pack your bowl because you are ready for a smooth first hit! 

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