Hemp wick vs lighter for cannabis

Hemp Wick vs Lighter: The Better Option To Improve Your Smoke Session

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When it comes to smoking cannabis, there are countless methods and tools to choose from. From rolling papers to custom bongs and pipes; each option offers a unique experience that allows smokers to personalize their sessions. But what about lighting your weed? What's the best way? One debate is about using a hemp wick vs a butane lighter.

While lighters have long been the go-to choice for smokers, hemp wick has emerged as a healthier and more sustainable alternative. In this article, we will delve into the benefits of hemp wick, explore its usage, and weigh the pros and cons against a traditional lighter.

So, if you've ever wondered whether hemp wick is healthier than a lighter or want to learn how to use it, read on for an in-depth exploration of this alternative smoking accessory.

Hemp wick wrapped around lighter

What is Hemp Wick?

A hemp wick is a natural alternative to traditional lighters and matches. Made from hemp fibers dipped in beeswax, it provides a clean and efficient way to light up your favorite herb or tobacco.

Why choose hemp wick over traditional lighters? The answer lies in the absence of harmful chemicals. Whereas lighting your bong bowl or pipe with a butane lighter means inhaling hot butane fumes, hemp wick offers a clean burn without the release of combustible chemicals.

Hemp wick is also created from renewable resources, adding to its sustainable appeal. The production of hemp wick contributes less to carbon emissions when compared to manufacturing plastic butane lighters and their disposal in landfills.

How to Use a Hemp Wick

Using a hemp wick is a simple process but does require a few extra steps. Here's how to use a hemp wick effectively:

  1. Prepare the Lighter: Take a strand of hemp twine and wrap it around your lighter, starting from the base. Make your way towards the top, pressing gently so the beeswax coating secures the wick in place.

  2. Light the Wick: Instead of using the lighter directly, light the tip of your hemp wick with the lighter or you can also use a candle. This can be a money-saving trick that also reduces your reliance on lighters.

  3. Ignite Your Herb: Touch the lit hemp wick to your herb of choice. This method avoids the inhalation of butane fumes from a direct lighter flame, promising a cleaner taste and a more enjoyable experience.

  4. Choose Quality Material: Opt for a beeswax-coated hemp wick, as it burns consistently and lasts longer than other types of wax coatings.

By following these simple steps, you can achieve a more pleasant smoking session while also being mindful of your health and environmental impact.

The Benefits of Using Hemp Wick

Not only does hemp wick burn at a lower heat than a traditional lighter, preserving the delicate flavors of your cannabis products, but it also offers smoother hits due to this gentler combustion. This makes it a top choice for lighting cannabis.

Hemp wick lighting bong

1. Healthier Alternative

This natural solution helps protect users from inhaling the unpleasant and harmful chemicals common in regular lighters, reducing the risk of respiratory discomfort. What's more, hemp wick doesn't emit toxic fumes upon burning, thereby offering a safer option to light almost anything.

2. Eco-Friendly & Sustainable

With a markedly lower carbon footprint, choosing hemp over conventional lighter fuels is an act of environmental responsibility as well as personal wellness.

Unlike disposable plastic lighters, hemp wick production is a zero-carbon enterprise, resulting in a biodegradable product that aligns with a reduced ecological footprint.

Smokers who opt for hemp wick can take pride in supporting sustainability efforts with every clean, ecological burn, moving away from the environmental impact associated with one-time-use lighters.

Furthermore, hemp wicks ensure a clean burn with reduced carbon emissions, enhancing the taste and authenticity of the smoking experience without adding unwanted flavors or inhaling flint dust.

3. Enhances Flavor and Experience

Hemp wick lets the true flavors of the herb shine through. With its cooler flame, it conserves more of the plant's cannabinoids, resulting in less acrid smoke and smoother, more flavorful draws.

Lighting your herb with hemp wick means you taste only the intrinsic character of the strain, free from the taint of a fuel-like taste that can compromise your enjoyment.

The natural, unobtrusive scent that comes from the hemp wick's flame adds an earthy ambiance with hints of honey, which only adds to the authenticity and pleasure of your session. Ultimately, hemp wick complements the act of smoking weed by guaranteeing a sustained burn and shielding users from unnecessary chemical exposure.

4. Cost-Effectiveness and Convenience

Hemp wick is more affordable in the long run as it requires a one-time investment and lasts longer than disposable lighters. This makes it not only a cost-effective choice but also a convenient one for on-the-go smoking sessions compared to less reliable matches.

Beyond smoking, hemp wick can be used for various household and DIY tasks such as igniting stoves or candles in the culinary world without the risk of chemical contamination, or for mending frayed cords and wrapping handles for improved grip.

The Drawbacks of Using Hemp Wick

While hemp wick offers numerous benefits for an enhanced and healthier smoking experience, potential users should also be aware of its drawbacks.

Hemp Wick | VITAE Glass

1. Additional Step Required

Using a hemp wick is not quite as simple as flicking the wheel of a lighter. Before one can enjoy their smoke, there is the additional step of wrapping the hemp wick around the lighter, igniting the wick, and then using the flame to light the material.

Moreover, for many, hemp wicks may burn unevenly or at varying speeds, which can be frustrating to manage during use. This unpredictability is due to the natural composition of hemp, which can differ from one batch to another.

Some users may find the transition to hemp wick cumbersome and therefore prefer the immediacy and predictability of using a traditional lighter.

In terms of aesthetics, hemp wick bundles may lack the compact design and immediate allure that characterize standard lighters, potentially dissuading first-time users from making the switch.

It is important to recognize that hemp wick's requirement for a more involved lighting process may not instantly resonate with all individuals, especially those accustomed to the straightforward utility of conventional lighters.

2. Limited Availability

Being a niche product, hemp wick is not always within arm's reach at local shops or dispensaries. Consumers are often directed to online portals or specialty stores, potentially complicating the purchase process.

With variations ranging from small, affordable bundles to extensive rolls, the hemp wick market offers diverse options that might confuse the newcomer.

The scarcity of bespoke hemp wick dispensers in physical stores has even led consumers to craft their DIY versions using items like mason jars. And while online shopping could be convenient, the appeal of a product that one could simply pick up during a regular store visit often trumps that of having to plan for online orders and wait for deliveries.

3. Potential Fire Hazards

It's important to point out that like any flame-bearing item, the hemp wick poses potential fire hazards. Its lower burning temperature offers a controlled flame, but an unattended wick, if not properly extinguished, can lead to accidental fires.

Forgetting to blow out the wick or improper storage next to flammable materials can create risky situations.

While individuals turn to hemp wick to enjoy its clean burn and to avoid the toxins in butane, prudence in its handling is paramount for safe use. When considering switching to hemp wick, users should be well-informed on best practices for managing its flame to ensure their safety is not compromised.

The Benefits of Using A Lighter Instead

While hemp wick has its pros and cons, using a lighter also has its own set of benefits.

Convenience and Accessibility

One of the main advantages of using a lighter instead of hemp wick is its convenience. Lighters are portable and readily available in most stores, making them easily accessible for smokers.

Instant Ignition

With a flick of your thumb, a lighter instantly creates a flame, allowing you to light your bowl without any delay.

Adjustable Flame

Lighters often come with adjustable flames, making them versatile for different smoking preferences. Whether you prefer a small and precise flame or a larger flame for larger bowls.

Wind Resistance

Another advantage of lighters vs hemp wick is their ability to withstand windy conditions. The flame produced by a lighter is usually more resistant to strong gusts of wind compared to the soft flame of a hemp wick.

The Draw Backs of Using Butane Lighters

Butane lighters may release chemicals that taint the purity of inhalation, potentially harming your health. Trace amounts of butane can linger and be inhaled, posing risks to lung health.

The combustion process in butane lighters also produces undesirable chemicals. Drawing these into your lungs can result in an unpleasant taste and contribute to respiratory issues.

Consumers should be aware of these issues - for the sake of both their smoking experience and their long-term well-being.

  • Lighter usage can introduce butane fumes to the lungs.

  • Trace chemicals can taint taste and overall experience.

  • Health risks may include respiratory issues.

  • Combustion produces harmful substances that may be inhaled.

  • Regular use contributes to long-term exposure to these chemicals.

Comparison: Hemp Wick vs Butane Lighters

So in the battle of hemp wick vs lighter, who wins? It's imperative to consider all the facets, such as cost, convenience, safety, environmental impact, and flavor preservation. Each of these will help you make the best decision that aligns best with your preferences and values.


From a financial perspective, hemp wick has the edge over butane lighters. Its extended burn time makes it a long-lasting investment compared to disposable lighters that must be frequently replaced. With options to purchase in bulk, consumers find that a spool of hemp wick can translate to notable savings over time.


Hemp wick incorporates a level of inconvenience into the smoking ritual. You have to unwrap it, then wrap it around a lighter if you want. You have to have a flame source to ignite it.

It can be simpler to skip all this and just flick a wheel to get a flame right away.


Coated in beeswax, hemp wick promotes a steady burn while mitigating the release of toxins. Compared to butane lighters, which can emit harmful gases and present risks of burns from hot butane, hemp wicks eliminate many of these safety hazards.

However, proper handling is crucial to reduce the risk of accidental burns and to ensure that the wick is effectively extinguished after use.

Environmental Impact

Hemp wicks boast significant environmental advantages over butane lighters, primarily because they are made from a renewable resource and are biodegradable.

Unlike plastic lighters that contribute to pollution and contain non-recyclable components, hemp wicks leave a minimal carbon footprint.

They do not generate carbon emissions during use, and even after their lifecycle, they do not linger in landfills the way plastic lighters do.

Flavor Preservation

For cannabis connoisseurs, hemp wicks serve as the custodian of flavor. By burning at a lower temperature, hemp wicks enable a combustion process that preserves the intricacies of the tasting notes and scents.

Butane lighters, with their hotter flame, can jeopardize the delicate terpenes and aromatic compounds. The gentle touch of a beeswax-coated hemp wick ensures purity and the true expression of the herb, making every inhalation a truer reflection of nature's intent.

Choosing the Right Option for You

When it comes to lighting cannabis, the choice between hemp wick and a traditional butane lighter relies heavily on individual values and needs.

Those who prioritize a cleaner combustion process might lean towards hemp wick for its ability to provide a chemical-free experience. On the sustainability front, the hemp wick shines brightly, crafted from the renewable hemp plant.

However, convenience seekers must bear in mind that hemp wick still requires an initial flame, demystifying the preference as an individual choice.

Personal Preference

Some consumers might gravitate towards the ritualistic aspect of lighting a hemp wick, while others prefer the immediate flame a lighter provides. Health benefits currently lack a clear consensus in scientific research, which places greater emphasis on subjective inclination.

Whether you value tradition, health implications, or the untouched flavor of your smoke, your chosen method should align with your personal smoking philosophy and lifestyle.

Occasion and Setting

Hemp wick's benefits come to light in settings where a slower pace is desired. If you're enjoying a relaxed smoke session at home or with friends, using a hemp wick can enhance the experience.

On the other hand, if you're on the go or in a rush, a lighter may be the more practical choice. Its convenience and ability to swiftly light your desired smoke can be more fitting for outdoor adventures or quick breaks. Lighters are also wind-resistant, making them ideal for outdoor use.

Ultimately, the occasion and setting will play a key role in determining which option suits you best.

The Case For Hemp Wick

The debate between hemp wick and lighters boils down to personal preferences and values.

Hemp wick offers a cleaner and more sustainable option, with the added benefit of preserving the flavor of your smoke. It appeals to those who prioritize eco-friendliness and a slower, more intentional smoking experience.

Lighters, on the other hand, provide convenience and immediate ignition, making them a practical choice for those on the go or in a hurry. While they may not be as sustainable, their widespread availability and wind-resistant nature make them a reliable choice for outdoor use.

In the end, the choice between hemp wick and lighters depends on what matters most to you – sustainability, flavor preservation, convenience, or a combination of factors. Whichever you choose, the most important thing is to enjoy your smoke session responsibly and in a way that aligns with your values and lifestyle.

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