Best Places to smoke in Sydney, Australia

Best Places to smoke in Sydney, Australia

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Best Places to smoke in Sydney

Sydney has so many natural facilities, including a gorgeous coastline, magical gardens, and striking architecture, and I bet there are even more incredible spots to have fun while in you smoke in Sydney.

So, you're a tourist in Sydney and looking for an inspiring place to smoke; here are the best places to enjoy your cannabis.

Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel

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Located on the sandy shoreline of one of Sydney's most notorious harbor beaches, Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel accommodates stoners looking for endless summers by providing enjoyable facilities.

Stoners can enjoy long summers at the beach club while enjoying seaside weekends sails as you smoke while the sunsets. The sun hits you hard when you smoke at the beachside, and you also get to enjoy the waterfront with friends and family.

At Watsons bay, you can enjoy chilled afternoons in the beautifully crafted hotel's rooms filled with 31 light bathrooms, which can make you lose yourself for days.  Watson bay offers beach life at the maximum, where you can smoke and wash the slow breeze cleanse your mind.

You can also enjoy attending exceptional weddings which are filled with life festivities and motivating group trips. Watsons is a go-to solution for big and small gatherings, or simply those minutes that require some ocean side viewing. If you know Sydney, you know Watsons, then you are well taken care of during your 420 vacation.

Buckley's – Bars with A View

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With the Opera House as your scenery, Buckley's offers all that you love about Australia - incredible specialty brew, natural produce, a great view, and free toking. After taking a few draws on your favorite strain, retreat to Buckley's for a cold craft beer or cocktail mixed with some delicious snacks to fulfill the munchies.

Buckley's is enlivened by Australian produce and an excellent choice of refreshments. Its assortment of drinks is refreshed routinely to guarantee that your taste buds are continually enticed. The wine list consists of grapes from Australia and New Zealand, and beer lovers will also have a wide variety to choose from. 

It is an extraordinary place to smoke, eat, and drink while having a good time with friends. Tourists will also love the beautiful iconic view of the Sydney Harbor foreshore while enjoying their 420 vacations. Buckley's offers updated food menus and live entertainment for those looking for amusement while stoned.

The Republic Hotel and Taylor's Rooftop 

Credit: tripadvisor

When a solitary story pub, The Republic Hotel and Taylor's Rooftop is currently a four-level milestone in the core of Sydney's CBD. On each floor, you'll discover an unmistakably unique foundation, all under the pennant of one Republic.

The Republic Bar offers an after-work special for workers who want to smoke and have a good time while enjoying live sports, cold drinks and bar food.

Credit: Manofmany

Lying on the fourth floor is the Taylor's Rooftop Bar, lifting the top of the Republic Hotel. A vertical garden and the city skyline outline offers a massive spot for partying and other fun activities that can be easily covered by a sheltered retractable rooftop during rainfall.

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