Custom Bongs - Build Your Own Bong

Build A Bong That Is Entirely Your Own 

Do you want a truly customized smoking experience that you can take with you anywhere? With our range of build-a-bong pieces and products, Vitae Glass enables you to do just that. Mix and match bases, percolators, mouthpieces, and connector rings on our online bong shop to create the waterpipe of your dreams. Explore our selection of extraordinary products and start building your own custom bong

Build a bong


The Benefits of Building Your Own Vitae Glass Bong

Curious as to why building a custom bong with Vitae Glass will make a difference to your hits and smoking lifestyle? Discover some of the benefits of our detachable bong parts.


High-Quality, Durable Glass Bongs

All great bongs start from high-quality glass. We use non-porous borosilicate material, meaning each piece you purchase from Vitae Glass will remain clear, odorless, and non-absorbent against chemical residues for the duration of its lifespan. Our bongs are also thick and durable, making them highly resistant to accidents or overheating. Each piece is carefully hand-blown, meaning that whichever bong or waterpipe you build with us will be entirely unique to you.


Simple Cleaning Process

Forget about long, tedious cleaning processes that don’t even fully remove all the dirt and gunk from your bong. Constructing your own bong out of easily detachable pieces means that every section can be cleaned more thoroughly and easily. You can even use pipe cleaners or soak different pieces as needed, to ensure every nook and cranny is cleared, ready to be assembled again for a fresh, unobstructed

Easy to clean bong


Travel and Transport Friendly

Bringing a bong with you to other locations might not be top of mind if you are carrying a regular bong. With Vitae Glass, you can easily pull apart your bong, pack it up nicely, and put it back together again when you get to your desired venue. This ensures a less bulky, more convenient way to transport your bong so you can enjoy smoking from wherever and with whoever you

Travel friendly bong


How to Personalize Your Bong


When you build a bong with Vitae Glass, you don’t have to start from scratch. If you are new to smoking and want some ideas on where to begin, we have an assortment of bongs already fitted with percolators and rings, such as our 2-perc bong. Our 16-inch beaker bong is also a great way to get started, allowing you to pop on percolators, connector rings, and swap out mouthpieces as you wish. Alternatively, you can start from the base and work your way up, making a completely customized bong that perfectly caters to your smoking style.