What are the Different Kinds of Smoking Pipes?

What are the Different Kinds of Smoking Pipes?

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From experienced cannabis connoisseurs to first time consumers, our cannabis smoking experience is directly affected by the pipe we choose to smoke from.

Every cannabis pipe is different, so stick around if you're interested in learning their unique personalities and why VITAE glass modular bongs have solved every issue presented by other pipe counterparts! 

Spoon Pipes

Spoon pipes are the most classic of all cannabis pipes. They are simple in design and function, yet they will never disappoint at getting their job done. 

Spoon pipes do not include any form of water filtration. Instead, the flower is burnt and the smoke is delivered directly to your mouth. You can easily control the intensity of your hit by limiting the airflow with the carb so that the smoke does not send you into a coughing frenzy, and because of this spoon pipes are awesome for new smokers.  

The Parts of a Spoon Pipe 

Spoon pipes are not very complex, but you can find really cool designs thanks to the artistic touch of colors and patterns you can find in some of them should you prefer a little flare. 

On one end of the pipe, there is a spoon-like opening where the cannabis is packed that is known as the ‘bowl’. Bowls range in size and therefore range in the amount of cannabis that can be placed inside of them.

Below this opening, the inside of the bowl has a pocket of air where the smoke will collect before it is inhaled. To control the flow of smoke and air, spoon pipes feature what is known as a carburetor, or a ‘carb’. 

A carburetor is a little hole on the side of the bowl that you cover with your finger as you light the cannabis. 

When the carb is covered, the smoke collects in the bowl. 

When you release your finger, this allows the air to push the smoke into the next part of the pipe known as the ‘stem’. 

Stems are the pipe portion of a spoon pipe. They attach the bowl to one end and the mouthpiece to the other and keep the cannabis smoke inside of the spoon pipe as it travels from bowl to mouth. 

Stems vary greatly in length and width. Longer and wider stems allow for softer and smoother hits because the smoke has more time to cool off as it travels to your mouth. 

At the end of the stem you have the  mouthpiece opening, the part you pull from.

PROS of a Spoon Pipe 

Spoon pipes are easy to use and a great way for a smoker of any experience level to comfortably smoke. Thanks to the carburetor, you have complete control over the intensity of the hit. 

Spoon pipes are small and handheld, excellent for cannabis-friendly events or travel, and it is a rather enjoyable experience choosing a pipe perfect for yourself when browsing between the endless varieties of colors and shapes. 

Because of their uncomplicated design, spoons are generally the cheapest of all pipes and they can be made from glass, silicone, wood, ceramic, and even clay!

CONS of a Spoon Pipe

A simple pipe is great, but they don't do much at enhancing the taste of the flower or the quality of the hit. 

Because spoon pipes do not use any water, they technically produce the dirtiest of all smoking pipes, and the hit can be hot and hard on your throat. 

These high temperatures can also burn away some of the essential cannabinoids, further taking away from the overall quality of smoke.

Spoon pipes become dirty very quickly. 

They do not have any form of filtration, so resin easily traps and accumulates. This requires a lot of consistent cleaning to maintain a healthy smoking experience. 


Bongs are a far more intricate form of smoking pipe compared to spoon pipes, and they are functional pieces of art loved by the smoking world. 

Bongs take on multiple shapes and sizes, some as large as a couple of feet high, and because of this there are a plethora of different types to choose from. 

But regardless of the type, to be defined as an actual ‘bong’, a pipe must feature the inclusion of water to filter the smoke before inhalation. 

This helps to remove some of the heaviest of particulate matter in smoke and makes bongs the cleanest, healthiest, and most effective way to smoke cannabis. 

The Parts of a Bong

The smoking experience of a bong starts at the ‘bowl’. The bowl is the cylindrical piece you pack with the dry flower which also acts as the carburetor in bongs.

After you light the flower, when you remove the bowl from the downstem, airflow helps move the smoke upwards.

The ‘downstem’ acts as a passageway for the smoke to travel from the bowl and into the bong. 

It protrudes from the outside of the bong, where the bowl is placed, to the inside of the base of the bong where the water is filled.

At the end of the downstem, there is an additional piece known as a ‘percolator’ or 'perc'. The perc creates the bubbles in the water that filter the smoke once the bowl is removed and airflow is opened up. Other bongs have a carb hole that you can use to control the airflow within the water. 

Bongs stand up on their own because of a ‘base’. The base is the bottom of the bong filled with water that holds the rest of the bong up, and these often vary in shape. 

The base of a straight tube bong, for example, is shaped intentionally like a plate because a straight tube would not stand up on its own very well; whereas the base of the beaker bong is the actual bottom of the beaker shape itself!

From out of the base of the bong extends the ‘straight tube’. The straight tube is the extended tube where the smoke passes from the water and up to the ‘mouthpiece’, the place where we insert our lips.

Straight tubes, however, do not always have to be straight. They can feature twists and turns with additional percolators and water chambers throughout for increased filtration and cleaner hits.

In a lot of straight pipes, you will notice what is called an ‘ice catcher’. An ice catcher allows you to toss a few pieces of ice into the straight tube without the cubes falling into the water for a cold and smooth hit. 


Bongs are an extremely effective pipe at getting you high.  

The water and optional ice keep the smoke nice and cool, and this protects the valuable cannabinoids from being burnt away from too much heat. And more cannabinoids equal increased effects!

Not only does the water protect the quality of your smoke, but it also makes bongs some of the cleanest pipes to smoke out of. 

The smoke itself is filtered out, and the water prevents the build-up of as much thick resin that can take away from the flavor and taste of the cannabis flower. 

All of this filtration together makes for one the lightest hits on your throat. But for those of you who enjoy those big, milky pulls; don't worry. You can pack and burn just about any amount of cannabis into a bong as you wish, so light it up!

If you are worried about breaking your bong, you can try out some silicone bong options. But bongs are usually crafted from glass, and glass is the healthiest and highest quality of all pipe materials. 

Cons of a Bong 

The intricacies of bongs can sometimes be intimidating for new smokers, as they appear rather complex to the eye, but they just take a little bit of learning and experience to feel more comfortable using. 

If you aren't sure how much cannabis is right for you, then you may want to steer away from a bong until you are ready for the elevated smoking experience that they provide through their efficiency. 

We love their size and stature, but this makes bongs pretty stand-still, as in you really can't take them anywhere; so make sure you keep your bong in your favorite smoke spot. 

Although bongs do indeed prevent resin build-up, eventually your bong will need to be cleaned.

Cleaning a bong can be tricky thanks to their delicacy and curvatures, and to get it done right it will often involve expensive cleaning products. 

VITAE GLASS Modular Bong

At VITAE Glass we have worked to create the best bong smoking experience possible to get rid of as many ‘bong cons’ as possible with our customizable modular bongs. 

From the base up our bongs have all the parts of traditional bongs, but because they are modular this allows you to form your very own style and create new smoking experiences by adding and changing parts. 

Modular bongs are also meant to make the smoking experience easier and more involved. You can start out with a simple design and work your way up in complexity as you evolve with your bong. 

The ability to disassemble the bong (the real build your bong experience) into multiple pieces also makes them great for traveling. 

Just disassemble it, get it into the box, and you’re ready to go with a secured and protected packed bong. 

Cleaning a bong tricky? 

Not with these, as you can remove each part and scrub away at every inch. This prevents the need for expensive chemicals and you can ensure that every inch of the glass is resin-free. 


A bubbler is a combination of a spoon pipe and a bong, as if the traits of a bong were squished into a much smaller and handheld piece. 

Bubblers are usually fun and artistic pieces, and for a small piece, they can pack a lot of punch. 

Some bubblers have multiple bubble chambers for a great way to get a clean, filtered, and smooth hit in a piece that isn't too large or overwhelming. 

The Parts of a Bubbler 

A bubbler consists of basically the same parts as a bong, as a piece must have a water chamber to be deemed a bubbler. 

The bowl of the bubbler, however, is not removable as they are in bongs. 

The bowl will instead feature the addition of a carburetor for airflow just like a spoon pipe, and the stems of bubblers can be shaped straightforward or feature multiple twists and turns depending on how complex the piece is. 

PROS of a Bubbler 

Bubblers provide an excellent smoking experience, better than a spoon pipe but slightly less intense than a large bong. 

Because a bubbler has water, some with really incredible percolation abilities, the hit will be filtered and cooled for smoothness and protection against too much cannabinoid combustion. 

Effective without being too overwhelming. Soft and clean yet powerful. 

Just right, like the goldilocks of cannabis consumption. 

CONS of a Bubbler

Bubblers can be tricky to fill with water as you have to pour it into the thin mouthpiece. Sometimes, the water can spill out or into the bud if the bubbler is tilted too far over. 

Clearing out the ash in the bowl of a bubbler is also not easy, as you cannot blow the ash out and you must carefully scrape it without spilling water. 

They are really hard to clean, the most difficult of all pipes, and because they are usually only made of glass they can be relatively fragile. 

In the end, they just take a little extra patience to maintain and to pack your flower in versus other pieces, but the benefits in their smoke delivery are well worth it. 

Looking for a smoother, durable, and healthier bong? VITAE Glass is perfect for you. It is designed especially for daily and busy smokers.

VITAE Glass Build a bong


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