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How to be a Productive Smoker

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Wake & Bake is a term used to describe the art of smoking or consuming cannabis first thing in the morning. For as long as the history of cannabis smoking goes, waking and baking are one of the most coveted cannabis traditions 

Wake & Bake | VITAE Glass


While it sounds like a lot of fun starting your day with a nicely packed hit or a doobieit is said consuming marijuana as soon as you wake up gets you the highest it takes a bit of discipline to fully enjoy the benefits of wake & bake. In this modern society where everything is so fast-paced, it is important to maintain productivity throughout the day!  

Why do people do it?

Not all cannabis users wake & bake, in fact only 22% of pot smokers in the United States do. But those who practice this sacred ritual of lighting one up before everything else, it is mostly for therapeutic purposes. Some people need surge of focus and energy before a long shift at work, while some need their creative juices to start flowing to get things doneLike drinking coffee in the morning, it is one-way Cannabis smokers use to “clear” up their minds.  

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3 P’s to Wake n Bake 

Plan your schedule beforehand 

Planning is always crucial, more so when you smoke cannabis. Before you take a rip, plan out your day. Are you going to be swamped with tasks, or can you afford to relax a little? This helps to determine how much you should smoke 


Not only plan out the day but make it a habit to write down and prioritize the important tasks on hand first. Sounds simple enough, but remember films like “Dude, Where’s My Car?”, or Harold & Kumar. Sometimes, things slip out of your mind when you smoke.  

Pair it with a power breakfast 

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, make it count! Besides, when cannabinoids enter your system, it aids in stimulating your appetite and promotes better digestive health. A perfect way to kickstart your day is to replenish the nutrients that have been used to repair your body the night before.  

25 Easy Breakfast Recipes | VITAE Glass


25 Easy Breakfast Recipes 


Essentially, if you must wake & bake, most definitely choose a good Sativa strain. If you are using an Indica strain to start the day and expect to be productive, you are possibly doing it wrong! The amount of cannabis you should smoke first thing in the morning varies from person to person, and it takes a few trial and errors to get the “perfect quantity” for each individual. But the takeaway from this is to always revolve your more important plans around your cannabis use, not the other way around.

VITAE Glass Wake and bake

Take a hit, eat your breakfast, and have a productive day ahead!

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This article is written by Ashton Leow, a cannabis and soccer enthusiast


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