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Cannabis Blending for Ganja Yoga and Deep Healing by Javiera Köstner

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Ganja Yoga | VITAE Glass

When I first landed in California, I was amazed by the tremendous diversity of cannabis strains that were available. On my first trip to a cannabis dispensary, my thought was to get the strongest weed I could find and since strains are classified with their THC % that was my guide.

After a few couch-locking evenings and other random psychedelic cannabis trips, I began to learn that there’s more to this sacred plant than just THC. Not only are there certain strains that pair better with certain activities, focus, exercise, relaxation, sex and sleep, but also that there is an art to generating blends to support these. In this article, I’d like to share with you what I’ve learned in simple terms and how it can help you start experimenting with your own blends.

The first idea is that “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts” can be applied to cannabis strains. For example, a very strong sativa strain, that you normally might find uplifting albeit a bit anxiety-inducing, when combined with a strong body relaxing Indica, will surprisingly still give you that uplifting feel but remove some of the anxiety by balancing out with the body relaxing effects.

Scientifically this is becoming known as the “entourage effect” and its basis is that different strains have very differing cannabinoids ratios (how much of each type of a cannabinoid is in the strain) and terpene profiles (the smell and aroma), that when combined can be additive and produce a “broad spectrum” effect. This effect in turn stimulates your endocannabinoid system in a particular way. My experience is that blends magnify the strain effects synergistically.

What’s the best blend for Yoga?

Cannabis yoga blends provide highs that can help us to steady, center, and enlighten our spirit through every breath while strengthening and stretching our body. My current favorite yoga blend is 1/3 Blue Dream (uplifting sativa) with 2/3 Grand Daddy Purple (deep relaxation indica). I find it provides a balanced high with a heart opening note. A little more of the indica works well for me as the yoga and breathing itself already provide enough activation energy.

Another nice mix is Durban Poison (S) with Northern Lights (I). This blend gives me a more focused vibe providing body awareness with increased relaxation. Durban Poison is a magical strain in its own right, so I recommend you try it separately first.

Finally, a lovely 3 strain blend that never fails to satisfy me is 1/3 of Gelato, 1/3 Underdog OG and 1/3 Jack Tripper. Great blend for yoga and mindful movement as well as going deeper into psychedelic journeying with your favorite music or doing some artwork and creative expression.

How can I make my own blend?

Glad you asked! The first step is to understand that cannabis affects people in very different ways and that you should start by learning how it affects your body. When checking out a new strain at a dispensary you will want to ask the bud tender for strain recommendations. If the place allows it, take the time to inspect the flower and smell it. You are smelling the terpenes in that bud, does the smell appeal to you? Trust your gut on this. When you get home, you’ll want to try each strain, take just a small hit, wait 5 minutes and notice how it feels. You can keep track of these subjective effects in a journal (or spreadsheet if you’re a geek like my partner). 

The second aspect for preparing blends and making the most out of your cannabis experience is to have proper set and setting. Will you be doing yoga with this blend? Or perhaps outdoor hiking, socializing or trying to do some deep journey work in the safety of your home? Also, what is your intention today, what is your heart’s deepest longing? How could this medicine support that?

When you start preparing your blend, hold this intention in your heart. Choose the strains and proportions of each based on it. Smell each strain before and after you grind it. Notice how the smell is amplified and opens up complex aromas. Take your time in this process. Start with 2 or 3 strains to keep it simple, mix them in a separate bowl and notice the combined smell. 

Now it’s finally time to take your blend for a flight. Roll up a joint or fill your pipe/vape and give it a gentle hit. Notice the effects and enjoy your own creation. I find that this mindful blending approach is a way of thanking the spirit of cannabis sativa for providing this healing medicine. I hope it works for you as well!

Where can I learn more about this art?

I usually bring my favorite blend to my Ganja Yoga classes in San Francisco and I’m happy to share my recipes with you. It’s also a great way to learn more about strains as many people in the community have recommendations. Also, in our monthly Conscious Cannabis circles we discuss the power of intention and cannabis blending.


Javiera is Ganja Yoga instructor and Cannabis Guide. Trained by Dee Dussault, author of the Ganja Yoga, she began teaching GY in 2018. She is currently leading the San Francisco Ganja Yoga community as well as holding monthly Conscious Cannabis circles. Javiera's unique style can be described as an all-levels cannabis enhanced slow flow for relaxation and good vibes with a touch of Latino spice.

Recommended for anyone seeking deeper embodiment, relaxation, grounded spirituality and consciousness expansion. This class is 21+ and BYOW. Get tickets and more information here 🡪 

I look forward to seeing you in a class soon!

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