Best Places to Smoke in Denver

Best Places to Smoke in Denver

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Where to smoke in Denver | VITAE Glass

The state of Colorado first legalized the consumption of recreational cannabis back in 2012. Now, they are home to at least 1000 dispensaries (Rec. and medical combined) across the state. It was revealed there are more licensed shops that sell weed in Denver than famous franchises like Starbucks and McDonald’sThis phenomenon could also be a testament that local pot smokers in Denver are generally more inclined to pair their cannabis with exercise or outdoor activities instead of munching on a burger, and it is not difficult to understand why.

The city of Denveror “Mile High City” is elevated at exactly 5,280 ft above sea level (which converts to 1 mile, thus the nickname) and is situated near the famous Rocky Mountainsspectacular creation of Mother Nature. Since the city is located near a mountainous range, locals enjoy a comfortable mildly-dry climate with as many as 300 days of sunshine throughout the year, more than the likes of San Diego and Miami Beach.

Smoking in Denver | VITAE Glass

Denver Zoo | VITAE Glass

Denver not only offers sweeping views, but also a city full of culture that you can immerse yourself in while you are highWhether is it taking a stroll in one of the 200 parks in the city, or enjoying the bustling vibes in one of the largest downtowns in the United States, Denver city has plenty of exciting activities for adventurous cannabis smokers (21 & above) to participate in.  

Even though the legalization of medical and recreational marijuana has been in place for 8 years now, there are still plenty of grey areas in terms of publicly consuming cannabis in DenverOver here, smoking cannabis ivery much still prohibited in most public placesDo not be discouraged by it though, as there are alternatives to enjoy your pot discreetly without risking a run-in with the law.  

Bud + Breakfast | VITAE Glass

Bud + Breakfast: Wake & Bake haven

But if smoking sneakily is going to spike up your anxiety and paranoia levels, calm down. Denver has plenty of “ bud & breakfast places littered across the city. Bud & breakfast essentially works like a bed & breakfast, but there is a chance you might be served a morning bong hit instead osunny-side-up eggs for breakfast.

These accommodations might have their cannabis to offer, or have a BYOC (bring your cannabis) policy. Either waythese places are 100% 420-friendly and great for meeting like-minded cannabis smokers or have a private solo sessionHere are some of our recommendations when looking for cannabis-friendly lodges in Denver, Colorado: 

The Adagio 

USD$229 per night

The Adagio | VITAE Glass

The Adagio House | VITAE Glass

Located in the heart of Denver’s Capitol Hill neighborhoodthis Victorian-style bud & breakfast house offers six uniquely decorated suites that are comfortable and private. While the price of the rooms might be a little steep, The Adagio is committed to providing patrons with the best Bud & breakfast experience for its money worthFurthermore, it is a very convenient location if you decide to visit the Denver Art Museum or the Denver Zoo. From complimentary wake & bake breakfast to 4:20 happy hour appetizers and all-day munchies, visitors are bound to leave on a HIGH note.

Arrowhead Manor 

USD$152 per night

Where to smoke in Denver | VITAE Glass

Arrowhead Manor | VITAE Glass

Another pot-friendly B&B is the Arrowhead Manor. If visiting the Red Rocks Park Amphitheatre is on your itinerary, this might be the perfect location for you to stay. Situated in the greater Denver area, this 420-friendly mansion offers a sanctuary for smokers to enjoy. All rooms come with a private stone bath, and more pricey suites come with amenities like a private hot tub or private deck for you to enjoy your cannabis with little fuss.  

420-friendly “Public spaces” in Denver 

Indeed, the consumption of cannabis in public locations is still frowned upon by the local authorities, but this has not stopped some shop owners from making their commercial space 420-friendly. These handfuls of innovative and courageous businesses have managed to turn their place into social pot havens in recent years and more shops are set to follow suit soon.

iBake Denver | VITAE Glass

iBake Denver

iBake Denver | VITAE Glass

For a monthly membership fee of just $5 (daily memberships available too), iBake members get to enjoy this exclusive private lounge for cannabis advocates. This NON-reoccurring membership also entitles you to in-store discounts for glass products and participation in cannabis-related events hosted by iBake Denver. Being one of the first licensed places in Denver that allows social consumption of cannabis, smokers do not have to worry about infringement with the law when toking in the lounge. However, this place has a BYOC (Bring your cannabis) policy.  

Note: You must be 21 & above to sign up for the membership!  


Studio420 | VITAE Glass

The shop name is a giveaway; studio420 is another premier members-only private cannabis lounge for cannabis advocates. This space also doubles as a heady glass and tobacco shop so you need not worry if you run out of rolling papers. The same people running the studio also run the 420 Bus Tours, a mobile cannabis lounge. As with iBake, Studio420 is for adults 21 & up and has a BYOC policy. Membership prices start from $10 (for daily entry fees). 

Spectra Arts Space 

Spectra Arts Space | VITAE Glass

Spectra Arts Space does not identify themselves as a pot-haven, but more so a location for local artists, chefs, and musicians alike to gather and celebrate their works. It is essentially an art gallery located in South Broadway, but they regularly open up their private backyard for cannabis consumption. If you are a fan of heady glass, Spectra Arts Space proudly showcases local glassblowing artists and their beautiful creations.  

Urban Sanctuary 

Credit: usdenver

Urban Sanctuary is neither a member’s lounge nor a pot-friendly gallery, but more a commercial space for hire to host private events. With the legalization of recreational cannabis in the state, Urban Sanctuary has managed to incorporate the use of cannabis in its mission to promote holistic wellness 

It is a popular place for health and wellness practitioners to come in, gather and share their ways to the community. Be it weekly yoga classes or massage workshops, Urban Sanctuary offers various opportunities for people to learn more about finding zen within.

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