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Best Places to Smoke in Denver

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Colorado is among the first states to legalize recreational weed. Although there are several laws which restrict the consumption of marijuana in several places, there still exists tons of sites where you can smoke. Denver is the highest place where people can enjoy weed. As proof, here are the best places where you can freely toke up in Denver.

El Chapultepec

El Chapultepec | VITAE Glass

This famous restaurant which also functions as a jazz club is found in downtown Denver. It operates all through the week and serves both American and Mexican dishes on their unique paper plates.

Despite it not being recognized as an official smoking lounge, the owners are quite lax when it comes to smoking.

If you are discreet, then you won't have any problems while watching live music.

iBake Denver

Ibakedenver | VITAE Glass

iBake Denver was initially been the first social club in the US which allowed the smoking of legal marijuana. Individuals will have to be 21 or older before gaining entry. Individuals will also need to pay a certain fee per day to gain access to TVs, video games, movies, and a ton of fellow weed enthusiasts while lighting up your bong.

Club 64

Club 64 | VITAE Glass

Club 64 is a members-only cannabis club that offers a great experience for enthusiasts. This spot offers weekly scheduled events, private locations for members to chill, VIP weed tours, and many more weed-focused events to make your smoking experience more fun. 

Confluence Park

Confluence Park Denver | VITAE Glass

If you like smoking outdoors, you may want to try Confluence Park. This location is one of the best venues for free outdoor fun due to its strategic location.

Confluence park also offers fun activities like kayaking, biking, hiking trails, and more outdoor activities.

The legalization of recreational weed in Denver, means there are more than enough spots to get high with your bong while relaxing at Confluence Park.

City Park

Denver City Park | VITAE Glass

City Park is another suitable location to toke up your bong. The urban park offers several cool spots including the Denver Zoo, the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, and the City Park Golf Course.

Those who like using their bongs outdoors can find a quiet and relatively private place for a low-key, relaxing smoke on the low at City Park.

Summit Recreational Retreat

The Summit Recreational Retreat can be attended by all types of bong enthusiasts. It offers daytime and nighttime chill. Bong enthusiasts can choose from different packages, including a Cannabis Concierge to guide you on your weed journey.

Studio 420

Studio 420 | VITAE Glass

Studio 420 offers weed-friendly and tobacco spots for those who like to smoke. Located in downtown Denver, this mom-and-pop shop sells a lot of cool paraphernalia.

Bong users will like the secret back room of the store, which allows the smoking of weed. This secret room is also filled with dab rigs, TV, bongs, snacks, and ice cream to give you the best weed experience ever. Nonetheless, Studio 420 is among the top smoking places in Denver.

Denver definitely has a piece in my heart. I can't wait to go back and check out the cannabis scenes there since I find something new and exciting every time.

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