Cannabis Strains And Their Sensory Effects

Cannabis Strains And Their Sensory Effects

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Selecting Cannabis

People are becoming better educated when it comes to cannabis. Recent legal changes making weed legal, even for recreational use, mean that people have the option to visit dispensaries and learn more about weed, and marijuana-derived products.

Cannabis strains can vary greatly. They all have their own characteristics. Some people have a preconception that all weed makes you hungry or sleepy, but this isn’t the case. In this guide, we’re explaining a bit about the way marijuana impacts your body, and this can help you to make an informed decision about which strains might be best for your own needs, whether you want to be more creative, ease your worries, or get to sleep more easily.

How Marijuana Affects Your Mind and Body

Marijuana is made up of a number of compounds, or cannabinoids. These interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system by binding to it. THC and CBD are the two cannabinoids that are most widely known. Science is still evaluating and starting to understand all of the impacts it can have.

Marijuana can be very different depending on the levels of THC and CBD within. CBD does not have any intoxicating effects on the body, but it is a powerful anti-inflammatory. Some people use isolated CBD concentrate for pain relief and for treating mental health issues such as anxiety. Studies have shown it to be helpful for depression and anxiety.

Other effects of cannabis on the mind and body include:

  • Slowing your reaction times.
  • Changing the way you judge different situations, especially in THC-heavy strains.
  • Releases dopamine, and gives you the “high” feeling.
  • Increases blood circulation and widens the blood vessels.
  • Cannabis is known to slow your reaction time, which is one of the reasons you cannot use weed and then drive.

Popular Cannabis Strains And Their Effects

All cannabis has its own unique makeup, with variations in the compounds within. For instance, some will be more intoxicating than others. Cannabis strains are either “Indica” or “Sativa” or a hybrid of the two.

Sativa strains are known for having an energizing effect and giving a “head high”. This can lead to an increase in creativity and help to focus. Indica strains tend to make people feel tired and relaxed, so they may be used more for treating issues with sleep.

Over time, these strains have become well-known for their own unique footprint, and what they do to the body and the brain.

Below, we explore some popular strains and their effects:

Purple Punch

Purple Punch

Purple Kush provides a happy and blissful feel that also helps a lot with managing and reducing pain. The drowsiness that it causes also means people use Purple Punch to treat insomnia.

OG Kush

OG Kush is known for helping people to feel happy and relaxed, known as a treatment for anxiety. It is said to be a cross between Lemon Thai and a Hindu Kush variety. A popular variety that induces feelings of happiness in pretty much everyone who takes it.

Acapulco Gold

Acapulco Gold gets its name from the fact that it comes from Mexico. It’s very well-known, and though it can cause the same level of euphoria as some of the more drowsy options, this does not have the same level of fatigue that some THC-heavy marijuana can.

Unknown strain

Super Silver Haze

If you want a strain that can cause feelings of euphoria without making you tired then Super Silver Haze may be the ideal strain. It is energizing and great for stress relief while some people also say that this strain makes them much more creative.

White Widow

White Widow has a powerful effect on mood, and though it can relax your state of mind it does not tend to make you feel sleepy. For people who want to enjoy the benefits of taking marijuana but don’t want to feel sleepy as a result, White Widow can be a really good option. It is likely you will still feel awake and alert.


Harlequin is heavily on the CBD end of the spectrum. It is a sativa variety of weed. While it can still give euphoric feelings and leave you feeling happy and joyous, it doesn’t sedate too much. On top of that, the fact that it has such high CBD content means it is fantastic for pain and for treating anxiety.

Harlequin is really popular for those who typically feel paranoid when they take THC-heavy weed, as it has the ability to counteract these paranoid feelings.

Northern Lights

Northern Lights is an indica variety that can lift your mood greatly, and help with both stress and depression. However, it is known to have a strong sedative effect, likely to send you to the land of sleep very quickly.

Happy Couple smoking


Knowing about cannabis strains makes a big difference if you are looking to buy something that suits your own needs. For instance, if you are the type of person who can sometimes experience the paranoia that goes along with weed then you may want to get a strain that helps to counteract these issues.

Cannabis is not addictive and generally agreed to be safe in most scenarios, but a good understanding of the sensory effects that all of the different strains have can enhance your experience and ensure you have the best possible time.

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Emily Watson

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