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Comparing 4 Customizable Bongs and Their Benefits

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If you own a bong, you definitely like weed. It’s usually not a casual, sometimes-I-smoke item to own. Bongs are the stoner’s staple. The go-to.  

Smokers love bongs because the added water can filter some of the smoke’s harmful polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons out, leaving you with a cleaner and smoother smoke. 

Customizable Bongs

Aside from that, bongs have plenty of benefits. Here are 4 customizable bongs and their benefits: 

Hoss Bongs

Hoss Glass offers full piece and modular bongs. Choose your base, middle, and top for your customizable bong. 

There are a few different beaker bases to choose from and a straight one. Hoss also has a unique base called the Triple Inline Diffuser base. It incorporates a triple inline percolator to filter smoke and ash. It also doesn’t require a downstem, which means less parts for you to clean. 

Hoss’ middle parts are percolators with vibrant colors. A few of the percolators are tree percs, and give the parts a unique look. Tree percs have glass tubes, called arms, coming from the primary trunk, which makes it look a lot like a tree branch. But, it’s not just for looks. The arms extend from the tube into the water, filtering the smoke and water through them, resulting in a clean, smooth hit for you. 

The top attachments come in a few different designs, including a curved kink top that gives your bong standout look. Hoss also carries a top piece to pop in the freezer before smoking for cold, smooth bong rips. Choose between blue, red, or green liquid. 

One cool thing about Hoss is their blowout section, where customers can purchase bongs that have been lightly damaged (but still functional) at a reduced price. 

Hoss Bongs logo


VITAE Glass bongs are truly custom to your preferences. Build them as tall or as short as you’d like. It’s all up to you. 

All VITAE Glass’ bongs are made of non-porous glass. This means each piece is easy to clean and best of all: it doesn’t trap residue or odors. Our glass is durable and thick, so when accidents happen your bong isn’t shattered. Plus, it’s a lot more resistant to heat than other glass material. 

Every part of your VITAE Glass modular bong is customizable, down to the connector rings. Each piece has a low-key look yet unique look, so it looks nice sitting on your shelves. Choose between your classic beaker style bases, or more one-of-a-kind looks like The Swiss Sphere base, incorporating an eye-catching design in the piece. 

It used to be that bongs were huge, fixed pieces of glass. You couldn’t move them and cleaning them was typically a huge pain. Now, DIY-style bongs with modular pieces are stealing the stoner’s heart. Not only can you choose pieces that work for you to make your perfect bong, but their movable parts make cleaning a breeze. 

We also offer cleaning caps to easily clean your piece. Just add your cleaning solution, cap the mouthpiece and plug the downstem: and you’re off. You can agitate your cleaning solution without flinging it all over the place because all of the openings are tightly plugged. And it’s easy to clean, because every single part is modular and can be taken apart to clean. 

We also make a donation from each purchase to a charity we trust. For example, One Tree Planted is one of our partners. Every glass module sold equals one tree planted. The goal is to plant one million trees by 2025, so help us reforest the world and buy a bong! 

VITAE Glass Bongs

Cheech Glass

We said if you own a bong you definitely smoke weed, and not just in a casual way. Well, if you own a Cheech bong, you’re out-stoning the stoners. 

Cheech Glass is the only glass company licensed and endorsed by the beloved pair themselves: Tommy Chong and Cheech Marin. The pieces are made with high-quality, borosilicate glass.  

Cheech bongs come in many modular parts, the base, percs and mouthpieces are detachable. The pieces also have different designs so you can choose which one you want in your bong. Similar to the Hoss pieces, all parts connect using the traditional plastic keck clips, which can do require some force to get them on and off. 

Any glass on Cheech's online store will have a stoner-friendly design, perfect for any fan. 

Cheech buildabong



The possibilities are endless when it comes to Stax bongs

You’ve got your choice of percolators, bases, and mouthpieces, giving you thousands of ways to build your bong. The design of every Stax piece is the same, your classic glass look. No color, no designs. Just clear glass. Except for the glycerin coil, which goes in the freezer an hour or so before smoking to give you the coolest and least harsh bong rips. 

You’ve got your choice when it comes to attachments. Most of STAX’s bases are straight pieces, with one beaker style and a dual-function base with two mouthpieces on either side. There are a few different percolators to choose from, too. STAX has tree percs, but also carries halo percs that forces smoke through a glass halo and diffuses it through water. 

Like traditional modular pieces, they too use keck clips to assemble together. 


The best bong is the one you can build yourself. Browse custom bongs and stoner accessories at VITAE Glass to find your perfect fit. 

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