"Interchangeable glass that can be customized into the perfect set that you'll fall in love with"

What is VITAE?

VITAE (V-TIE) comes from ancient latin meaning…. LIFE & EXISTENCE. LIFE is UNIQUE, TRANSFORMATIVE, and to be  EXPERIENCED FULLY.

VITAE Glass is an environmentally conscious company that plants trees for every piece of glass sold. We have a range of modules which allows you to build your own bong(s) that is perfect for your own lung capacity. Not smooth enough, add more percolators to your setup. Want something that hits hard, go with a straight tube and build it as high as you want. The skies the limit when you use VITAE. 

Your problem:

Have you ever come home from a long day at work to a dirty bong, dreading the cleaning process or even worse, broken one while cleaning? What about wanting to take it somewhere but you do not have a bong bag thats big enough. Ever wanted to hit a different piece but don't want to spend money on buying a whole new piece just to have it underperform on you? We have and that's why we created VITAE glass.


At VITAE, we have created the ability for you to create your own custom bong, with functionality that matches its unrivaled looks. With quality craftsmanship and engineering, every bong is designed to be easy to clean and transport, a visual showpiece, and provide a transformative smoking experience, 

We have curated a line of interchangeable parts for you to create YOUR own unique set, allowing you to mix and match to your heart's content. The patented rings come in colors that complement the designs, making securing the pieces easy, seamless, fun and appealing – no one would know the pieces can be separated! 

Each piece, from the bases, percolators to the mouthpieces are individually hand-blown and made from thick, durable borosilicate glass. Our boxes are designed to not only ensure your piece is delivered safely but is made from recycled materials and engineered for you to reuse and carry your VITAE glass worry-free.

With many pieces to choose from and a range of customization options, you can create something that is genuinely unique to yourself.. Share pieces with your friends and explore the possibilities together.

Why have one bong, when you can have many, at a fraction of the price. 

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